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Registreredes profil

For European democracy asbl

Identifikationsnummer i registret: 81061756787-14
Registreringsdato: 26-09-11 23:17:17

Seneste ændring af oplysningerne om denne organisation 06-10-14 12:40:44
Seneste årlige opdatering 06-10-14 12:40:44

Registrerede: Organisation eller selvstændig

Organisationens navn: For European democracy asbl
Retlig form: nonprofit organization


Kategori III –Ikke-statslige organisationer
og mere præcist: Ikke-statslige organisationer, platforme og netværk og lignende

Juridisk ansvarlig

Efternavn, Fornavn: Troy Davis
Stilling: Secretary General

Fast ansvarlig for forbindelser med EU

Efternavn, Fornavn: Troy DAVIS
Stilling: Secretary General


Organisationens hovedadresse: avenue Clémentine c/o Vallens 21
1190 Bruxelles
Telefonnr.: (+33) 786739901
Faxnummer: (+) 
Andre kontaktoplysninger: secrétariat français
31 Boulevard de la Marne
67000 Strasbourg

Mål og opgaver

Organisationens mål og opgaver: To promote a polycentric structure of the EU, to avoid hyper-centralisation in Brussels, to counter the pro-centralisation efforts and propaganda of anti-Strasbourg initiatives and activists.

To promote decentralisation and multilinguism, to promote a European Union which has a meaning, which is based on values and meaningful historical symbols such as Strasbourg, the symbol of historical reconciliation which is still valid today in a world of strife and conflict, to prevent the growth of a "pensée unique" in Brussels promoted by too close and too frequent contacts between various institutions which should act as counter-powers, to promote checks and balances in the EU, to prevent the incredible waste of money in Brussels, resulting from overbuilding, when it would be possible to save hundreds of millions of Euros by concentrating activities in Strasbourg, since that would allow the transfer of newly emptied EP buildings to the Commission, thus allowing the European taxpayers to save hundreds of millions of Euros by not building new buildings, and which would also save huge amounts of CO2 since the back and forth would be reduced or eliminated, and the CO2 emitted in constructions would be avoided as well.

To avoid what no one in Europe really wants, an even more centralized EU, even more cut off from ordinary citizens, on the edge of the continent, in a city which is a symbol for strife between linguistic communities in

To reduce the real physical risk to MEPs, assistants and visitors since the premises in Brussels are quite unsafe compared to Strasbourg given the multiple aggressions in Brussels and the multiple armed robberies inside the EP buildings since 2009.

To reduce the further destruction of old buildings in Brussels and the disfigurement of the city by the building of huge towers as the Commission plans, which would be unneeded if a large portion of the EP staff were transferred to Strasbourg.

To avoid spending billions more in Brussels as the need for

To provide a better quality of life to MEPs, assistants and staff in Strasbourg, a beautiful city with wonderful surroundings.

To remind the younger generation of the true meaning of the construction of the European Union, which was to create lasting peace in Europe, and to use that as a springboard to do the same on a global level, as the first words of the Schumann declaration of 9 May 1950 reminds us about: "World peace....", and which Strasbourg remains the best physical symbol for, more than the capital of Belgium in any case.

To promote closer cooperation and a physical link to the Council of Europe, Europe's largest intergovernmental organization encompassing 47 countries and 800 people, which acts very efficiently to promote democracy, human rights and the rule of law, which are the basis of the European project, but which is often lost and which people have forgotten with the over emphasis on the Brussels based economic and technocratic activities of the EU.

To promote the clear and simple idea that Europe has 3 capitals and that each capital is the seat of one of the 3 powers according to Montesquieu, hence that 3 capitals for 3 powers represents an accurate, clear and short description of the architecture of Europe, the rest being tacked on. If this were universally taught, anyone starting from the age of teenagers would understand the basics about the EU and this clarity would be a boon to European democracy, since over complication is anti-democratic and only serves to obfuscate reality.

To promote all these ideas in all circles, pro and anti-European, in all member states, at all levels, and to awaken the general public, the media and politicians that they have been manipulated by a handful of selfish politicians seeking to centralize for their own selfish goals, without the long term considerations of what is best for citizens, and without heed to incredible economic waste that putting everything in Brussels would cause
Organisationen har interesser på:
  • europæisk plan

Antal personer, der udfører aktiviteter, der falder ind under åbenhedsregistrets anvendelsesområde

Antal personer: 5
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Personer akkrediteret ved Europa-Parlamentet

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De vigtigste EU-initiativer, der blev dækket af aktiviteter, der falder ind under registrets anvendelsesområde, foregående år:

Participation aux Journées Portes Ouvertes du Parlement Européen à Strasbourg et à Bruxelles. Participation à diverses conférences et séminaires, participation aux séances plénières.

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  • Generelle og institutionelle spørgsmål


"Fysiske personer" i alt: 8
Antal medlemsorganisationer 2
Medlemsorganisationer (Antal personer) :
  • Pan Europe Alsace (40 Medlemmer)
  • ASED (10 Medlemmer)
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Finansielle oplysninger

Regnskabsår: 01/2013 - 12/2013
Samlet budget: 200
heraf offentlig finansiering:
- fra europæiske kilder:
- Offentlige kontrakter:
- Tilskud:
- fra nationale kilder:
- fra lokale/regionale kilder:
anden finansiering: 200
- tilskud:
- medlemsbidrag: 200
Anslåede omkostninger forbundet med organisationens direkte lobbyvirksomhed i EU-institutionerne i det pågældende regnskabsår: < 50000  €
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