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Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Serbia

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Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Serbia


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Resavska, 13-15
11000 Belgrade

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Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Serbia (CCIS) is the largest independent nation-wide business association in Serbia with over 150 years of tradition. It is established by Law (OJ 65/2001, 36/2009, 99/2011) with a view of articulating and supporting common interests of the Serbian business community. Members of the CCIS are enterprises, sole traders and all other forms of business. The membership is divided into 15 sector-based associations and further on in around 200 subsector-based groups. Additionally, the members are also active through number of boards (i.e. environment, SME, technological innovations). The CCIS lies at heart of national Chamber system comprised of 19 regional chambers and it runs 5 representative offices abroad (Austria, Germany, Italy, Russia and the EU office in Brussels).
The main Chamber activities involve business interest representations vis-à-vis public authorities, articulation of common interests in diverse business community, providing expert support to companies, nurturing good business customs and practices and offering alternative dispute settlement mechanisms, rendering powers conferred by the State, etc. The fundamental orientation of CCIS is to create recognition of Serbia as the country's market economy, investment opportunities, open borders, ready to competitively integrate into the European mainstream. A long tradition lasting for more than 150 years, the available resources and modern organization that builds - guarantee a professional and efficient support to the economy.
Chamber of Commerce and industry of Serbia is a national leader in representing the general interests of economy and its needs. Our aim is to encourage the creation of strong competitive climate and legislature beneficial for profitability and growth of its members, to effectuate better business conditions for the businesses in Serbia regardless of their size and activity in order to open international markets for them and improve standards and contribute to the development of the overall economy of the Republic of Serbia.
Business community in Serbia recognizes accession to the EU as a key element in transformation of business environment in Serbia, the region and the continent. CCIS seeks to contribute to this process by balancing the needs of the economic and legal dimension through facilitating effective communication between business community on the one side and decision makers in Belgrade, Brussels and elsewhere, on the other. Additionally, the Chamber invests significant efforts in supporting businesses in building up its own capacities for improving competitiveness in the European framework, and thus maximizing benefits from EU integration process.
As of 2005, the CCIS has been building its capacities in EU affairs, namely to bridge the gap between decision makers in EU integration, both from Serbian and EU side, and business community.
Today, these capacities include:
• Advisor to the President on EU affairs, providing strategic guidance and ensuring support of top management;
• EU Integration Centre, as the main coordinating body in the Chamber, also providing specific EU-related expertise to other departments and business community;
• EU Expert Team, consisted of experts from different Chamber units, Chamber system and the business community organized according to EU acquis chapters and associated with negotiation structure of the Government and
• The Representative Office of the CCIS in Brussels established in 2004 as a liaison office between the Chamber and its members, on one side and the EU institutions on the other side, with the particular interest in activities related to the process of Serbia’s accession to the EU and regulatory and policy developments with impact on business environment in Europe.

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• Following the activities of the Delegation to the EU-Serbia Stabilization and Association Parliamentary Committee (D-RS);
• Monitoring of the activities and maintaining communication with the officials and policy advisors within the DG NEAR, DG CONNECT, DG JUST, DG MOVE, DG ENERGY, DG ENVI; DG GROWT, DG AGRI;
• Monitoring legislative activities of the EP Committees – IMCO, ENVI, AFET, INTA, ECON, ENVI, INTRE, TRAN, AGRI, PECH

The Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Serbia closely monitors the process of Serbia’s Accession Negotiation with the EU and coordinate its activities with governmental bodies through 29 of 35 Chapters of the acquis in order to represent and advocate the interests of its members in this process, while has delegated its representatives to over 20 Negotiation groups set up by the Serbian Government.
Along with this CCIS also coordinate and monitor activities regarding implementation of Stabilisation and Association Agreement, and participate in the work of its subcommittees and other relevant bodies within Stabilisation and Association Process.
The CCIS provide the advisory services to its members for participation in different EU programmes such as COSME and HORIZON 2020, as well as participate within SEKO institutional mechanism for programming of EU pre-accession assistance (IPA).
2014 the CCIS has organised, independently and in cooperation with relevant institutions and bodies of Republic of Serbia, dozens of TAIEX workshops, seminars, round table discussions and forums where over 5000 entrepreneurs and business representatives, as well as representatives of government institutions, agencies and bodies and other stakeholders had the opportunity to get acquainted with the proposals, solutions, measures and steps in different policy areas within the European integration process of Serbia.
Also, in 2014 the CCIS has started an initiative of presenting the negotiating chapters to the business community titled "What do we negotiate about", with the main aim to inform the business representatives about the changes in the business environment in the process of Serbia's accession to the European Union.
The Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Serbia is part of different project initiatives, as leading organisation or partner within the consortium.
The list of projects is following:
• Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Serbia is part of the consortium which implements the project EEN Serbia – European Enterprise Network. The EEN services are devoted to SMEs and are available to other business institutions, research centres and universities throughout Europe;
• EUROMED Invest Academy Serbia;
• EUROMEDINVEST Support to Business and Investment Partnerships in the Southern Mediterranean;
• SMART INNO - Smart Network and Sustainable Innovation Cluster to increase RDI Competitiveness of SMEs in the Adriatic;
• EASYCONNECTING - Europe-Adriatic Sea-Way Freight;
• EMDC Euro-Mediterranean Development Center for Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises;
• NO-BLE ideas Young InNOvators Network for SustainaBLE Ideas in the Agro-Food Sector.
The list of published publications, with the emphasis on the EU integration process is:
• 100 questions and answers on European Union for farmers;
• 100 questions and answers on European Union for businessmen.







The main activities of the EU Integration Centre within Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Serbia are:
• Advocating for business friendly EU accession agenda, through communication and active engagement in EU accession institutional setting (in Belgrade and Brussels);
• Advocating Serbian business community before EU institutions;
• Providing support to business community in implementation of EU business rules laid out in EU legislation and policies;
• Providing support to business community to benefit from EU programmes and initiatives;
• Educational activities aimed at helping business community implement EU rules and standards and participate in EU programmes and policies;
• Facilitating integration of Serbian business in the network of European business associations.

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Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Serbia implements multilateral co­operation through its membership in different international chamber associations:
• International Chamber of Commerce (ICC);
• Eurochambres;
• Associations of Balkan Chambers (ABC);
• Associations of Mediterranean Chambers of Commerce and Industry (ASCAME)
• The Forum of the Adriatic and Ionian Chambers of Commerce;
• The Forum of Chamber of Commerce of CEFTA Region;
and various regional initiatives:
• Central European Initiative (CEI);
• The Black Sea Economic Cooperation (BSEC);
• Danube Initiative.
On sector level, many Chamber associations and groups are members of the European sectorial associations:
• European Apparel and Textile Confederation;
• European Association of Pharmaceutical Full-line Wholesalers (GIRP);
• Confederation of European Security Services;
• International Associations of Dietary/Food Supplement Associations.


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