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IBM Corporation

Numéro d'identification dans le Registre : 7721359944-96
Date d'inscription : 08/01/2009 22:55:00

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IBM Corporation



    Catégorie de l'enregistrement

II – Représentants internes et groupements professionnels

Sociétés & groupes


New Orchard Road, 1
10504 Armonk, New York

(+914) 499 1900


Brussels Office:

Liam Benham
Vice President, Government and Regulatory Affairs, Europe
IBM Europe
Ave. de Cortenbergh 116
B-1000 Brussels, Belgium

    Personne juridiquement responsable

Madame  Virginia Rometty

Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer

    Personne chargée des relations avec l'UE

Monsieur  Liam Benham

Vice President, Government and Regulatory Affairs, Europe

    Objectifs et missions

IBM is a global technology and innovation company headquartered in Armonk, NY. IBM offers a wide range of technology and consulting services; a broad portfolio of middleware for collaboration, predictive analytics, software development and systems management; and the world's most advanced servers and supercomputers. Utilizing its business consulting, technology and R&D expertise, IBM helps clients become "smarter" as the planet becomes more digitally interconnected.

IBM in Europe:

IBM is just as much at home in Europe as anywhere else in the world. For more than a century, we have been working in Europe on innovation that matters to Europeans. Four of our European-based lab scientists have been awarded Nobel prizes for physics and a substantial number of our 6809 patents filed in 2013 were filed at the European Patent Office in Munich.
IBM is present all across Europe and our team here is as large as our team in the United States. We continue to invest in Europe: in cutting-edge research and new data center facilities, creating jobs across the continent and fostering a new generation of scientists and technology experts.
IBM plays an active role in Europe’s digital ecosystem, partnering and sharing resources, technology and know-how with start-ups and SMEs, enabling them to be more competitive and innovative. Having been actively involved in the EU’s FP7 research programme, we are now launching collaboration in numerous Horizon 2020 projects – all in an effort to create and innovate for the benefit of Europeans.
In Europe, public services, governments and companies – large and small – work with us to provide more forward thinking, more effective, healthier and safer services to their citizens & customers.



IBM has a wide interest in public policy. Here below a non-exhaustive list of the main EU initiatives followed during 2014:
- General Data Protection Regulation (Proposal COM(2012) 11 final)
- Proposal for a Directive concerning measures to ensure a high common level of network and information
security across the Union (COM (2013) 48 final)
- Horizon 2020 package
- ERDF regulation
- EU-US Trade Negotations (TTIP) & other EU FTAs' negotiations
- Communication from the Commission to the European Parliament and the Council on the Functioning of the Safe Harbour from the Perspective of EU Citizens and Companies Established in the EU COM(2013) 847 final
- European Cloud Computing Strategy, Communication COM(2012) 529 final
- Proposal for a Directive on conditions of entry and residence of third-country nationals in the framework of an
intra-corporate transfer ( COM (2010) 378 final)
- Proposal for a Directive amending Council Directives 78/660/EEC and 83/349/EEC as regards disclosure of nonfinancial and diversity information by certain large companies and groups

    Nombre de personnes participant aux activités décrites dans le champ ci-dessus


IBM employees whose job description includes substantial EU advocacy activity.

    Personnes accréditées pour accéder aux bâtiments du Parlement européen

Prénom Nom Date de début Date de fin
Nicholas Hodac 13/01/2015 08/01/2016
Elisa Molino 11/04/2015 09/04/2016

    Domaines d'intérêt

  • Affaires économiques et financières
  • Affaires générales et institutionnelles
  • Affaires intérieures
  • Audiovisuel et médias
  • Budget
  • Commerce
  • Concurrence
  • Consommateurs
  • Culture
  • Développement
  • Douanes
  • Éducation
  • Élargissement  
  • Emploi et affaires sociales  
  • Energie
  • Entreprises
  • Environnement  
  • Fiscalité
  • Justice et droits fondamentaux
  • Marché intérieur 
  • Politique étrangère et de sécurité 
  • Politique régionale  
  • Recherche et technologie   
  • Relations extérieures   
  • Réseaux transeuropéens  
  • Santé publique   
  • Société de l'information    
  • Transports  

    Composition et affiliation

American Chamber of Commerce to the European Union
European Services Forum
Open Forum Europe
CSR Europe
Lisbon Council
German Marshall Fund
European Internet Forum
Transatlantic Policy Network

    Données financières

01/2013  -  12/2013

>= 1 250 000  € et < 1 500 000  €

21 920 841 €

15 507 559 €

2. Estimated costs
IBM has declared the financial support it provides to all networks, trade associations, coalitions and think-tanks that assist IBM in representing itself to the European Institutions - whether or not these organizations have themselves registered as part of the Transparency Register.
With respect to direct representation costs IBM has identified the individuals who have a responsibility to represent IBM to the European Institutions and the percentage of the time they spend in direct representation of IBM's interests.

3. Amount and source of funding
Following the guidelines published by the European Commission, the financial information provided concerning Grants is extracted from the 'European Financial Transparency Register' - - for the year 2013 (most recent available information).

Due to the size and complexity of IBM operations across Europe, IBM has not compared these figures with what is included in any of its otherwise publicly available financial information.

    Code de conduite

En s'enregistrant, l'organisation a signé le code de conduite du registre de transparence.