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Den registrerades profil

IBM Corporation

Id-nummer i registret: 7721359944-96
Registreringsdag: 2009-01-08 22:55:00

Uppgifterna om den här organisationen uppdaterades senast den 2013-12-30 14:56:31
Den senaste årliga uppdateringen gjordes den 2013-12-30 14:56:31

Registrerad: organisation eller egenföretagare

Namn eller företagsnamn: IBM Corporation
Förkortning: IBM
Associationsform (rättslig ställning): Corporation
Webbplats: http://www.ibm.com


Sektion: II – Företagsegna lobbyister samt bransch- och yrkesorganisationer
och närmare bestämt: Företag och koncerner

Juridiskt ansvarig

Efternamn, förnamn: Virginia Rometty
Befattning: Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer

Fast anställd med ansvar för EU-frågor

Efternamn, förnamn: Liam Benham
Befattning: Vice President, Governmental Programs, Europe


Huvudkontorets adress och telefon: New Orchard Road  1
10504 Armonk, New York
Telefon: (+914) 499 1900
Fax: (+) 
Andra adressuppgifter: Brussels Office:

Liam Benham
Vice President, Governmental Programs, Europe
IBM Europe
Ave. de Cortenbergh 116
B-1000 Brussels, Belgium

Mål och uppdrag

Organisationens mål och uppdrag: IBM is a globally integrated enterprise that targets the intersection of technology and effective business. The company seeks to be a partner in its clients’ success by enabling their own capacity for distinctive innovation. To help clients achieve growth, effectiveness, efficiency
and the realization of greater value through innovation, IBM draws upon the world’s leading systems, software and services capabilities.


The company’s major operations comprise a Global Technology
Services segment; a Global Business Services segment; a Systems and Technology segment; a Software segment; and a Global Financing segment.

IBM’s research and development (R&D) operations differentiate the company from its competitors. IBM annually spends approximately $6 billion for R&D, focusing its investments in high-growth, high-value opportunities.

In addition to producing world-class hardware and software products, IBM innovations are a major differentiator in providing solutions for the company’s clients through its growing services activities. The company’s investments in R&D also result in intellectual property (IP) income of approximately $1 billion annually. Some of IBM’s technological breakthroughs are used exclusively in IBM products, while others are licensed and may be used in either/both IBM products and/or the products of the licensee.

IBM’s ability to deliver differentiating innovation to its clients is being greatly enhanced by the company’s global integration which is simultaneously giving the company better economics and deeper capabilities, while eliminating redundancies that were built up over fifty years as a growing multinational enterprise. The company operates in 170 countries, with approximately 69 percent of its employees outside the U.S. As a globally integrated enterprise, the company organizes work based on the right costs, the right skills and the right business environment, integrating deeply with its partners, suppliers and clients. Being global is about gaining access to talent and skills and then scaling them globally to develop new, distinctive capabilities. The company’s integrated operations enable IBM to be the most efficient, responsive and globally integrated enterprise — able to instantly leverage its expertise and capabilities — anywhere, at any time.


In IBM’s view, today’s networked economy has created a global business landscape and a mandate for business change. Integrated global economies have opened markets of new opportunity and new sources of skills. The Internet has enabled communication and collaboration across the world and brought with it a new computing model premised
on continuous global connection. In that landscape, companies can distribute work and technology anywhere in the world. Given these opportunities, IBM is working with its clients to develop new business designs and technical architectures that allow their businesses the flexibility required to compete in this new landscape. The business is also adjusting its footprint toward emerging geographies, tapping their double-digit growth, providing the technology infrastructure they need, and taking advantage of the talent pools they provide to better service the company’s clients.
Organisationens intressen är:
  • Globala

Antal personer som sysslar med verksamhet som faller under öppenhetsregistrets användningsområde

Antal personer: 7
Kompletterande upplysningar: IBM employees carrying out advocacy activities and whose core task is interfacing with EU institutions.

Personer med ackreditering till Europaparlamentets byggnader

Förnamn Efternamn Startdatum Slutdatum
Corinna Schulze 2014-02-05 2015-02-03
Nicholas Hodac 2014-01-16 2015-01-14


De viktigaste EU-initiativen som omfattades av verksamhet inom öppenhetsregistrets användningsområde under föregående år::

IBM has a wide interest in public policy. Here below a non-exhaustive list of the main EU initiatives followed during 2013:
- General Data Protection Regulation (Proposal COM(2012) 11 final)
- Proposal for a Directive concerning measures to ensure a high common level of network and information
security across the Union (COM (2013) 48 final)
- Horizon 2020 package
- ERDF regulation
- EU-US Trade Negotations (TTIP)
- Proposal for a Directive on conditions of entry and residence of third-country nationals in the framework of an
intra-corporate transfer ( COM (2010) 378 final)
- Proposal for a Directive amending Council Directives 78/660/EEC and 83/349/EEC as regards disclosure of nonfinancial and diversity information by certain large companies and groups

Intresseområden för meddelanden om samråd och färdplaner

Organisationens intresseområden:
  • Allmänna och institutionella frågor
  • Audiovisuella frågor och medier
  • Budget
  • Ekonomi och finans
  • Energi
  • Folkhälsa
  • Forskning och teknik
  • Handel
  • Informationssamhället
  • Inre marknaden
  • Inrikes frågor
  • Konkurrens
  • Konsumentfrågor
  • Kultur
  • Miljö
  • Näringsliv
  • Rättsliga frågor och grundläggande rättigheter
  • Regionalpolitik
  • Skattepolitik
  • Sysselsättning och arbetsmarknadsfrågor
  • Transeuropeiska nät
  • Transporter 
  • Tullar
  • Utbildning
  • Utrikes- och säkerhetspolitik
  • Utrikespolitik/Yttre förbindelser
  • Utveckling
  • Utvidgning


Uppgifter om organisationens medlemskap i en eller flera föreningar/sammanslutningar/federationer eller nätverk, även informella och uppgifter om dessa kontakter.

American Chamber of Commerce to the European Union
European Services Forum
Open Forum Europe
CSR Europe
Transatlantic Business Council
International Chamber of Commerce
Lisbon Council
German Marshall Fund
European Study Group
European Organisation for Security (EOS)
European Internet Foundation
Transatlantic Policy Network

Ekonomiska uppgifter

Räkenskapsår: 01/2012 - 12/2012
Uppskattning av utgifter med koppling till den direkta lobbyverksamheten vid EU:s institutioner under det räkenskapsåret: >= 1000000  € och < 1250000  €
Belopp och källa för finansiering från EU-institutionerna under budgetåret n-1 för registreringen
Upphandling: 0 €
Bidrag: 14 128 348 €
Andra ekonomiska uppgifter eller kompletteringar som organisationen har uppgett ur öppenhetssynpunkt:

2. Estimated costs
IBM has declared the financial support it provides to all networks, trade associations, coalitions and think-tanks that assist IBM in representing itself to the European Institutions - whether or not these organizations have themselves registered as part of the Transparency Register.
With respect to direct representation costs IBM has identified the individuals who have a responsibility to represent IBM to the European Institutions and the percentage of the time they spend in direct representation of IBM's interests.

3. Amount and source of funding
Following the guidelines published by the European Commission, the financial information provided concerning Grants is extracted from the 'European Financial Transparency Register' - http://ec.europa.eu/beneficiaries/fts/index_en.htm - for the year 2012.

With regard to Procurement, the European Commission website does not provide separate figures for IBM legal entities.

IBM has not compared these figures with what is included in any of its otherwise publicly available financial information.


Genom sin registrering har organisationen också undertecknat öppenhetsregistrets uppförandekod.