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Gas Infrastructure Europe

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Gas Infrastructure Europe



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Avenue de Cortenbergh, 100
1000 Brussels

(+32)2 2090500

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Jean-Claude Depail


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Thierry Deschuyteneer

Executive Secretary

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Gas Infrastructure Europe (GIE) is an association representing the sole interest of the infrastructure industry in the natural gas business such as Transmission System Operators, Storage System Operators and LNG Terminal Operators.

GIE has currently 68 members in 25 European countries. One of the objectives of GIE is to voice the views of its members vis-à-vis the European Commission, the regulators and other stakeholders. Its mission is to actively contribute to the construction of a single, sustainable and competitive gas market in Europe underpinned by a stable and predictable regulatory framework as well as by a sound investment climate.


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Energy Union
Energy and Climate policy
Security of Gas Supply; European Energy Supply Strategy
Internal Gas Market implementation; Network Codes development
Gas Target Model; Bridge to 2025
LNG access conditions and transparency
Gas storage access conditions and transparency

GIE Annual Conference
REMIT implementation (as RRM for LNG and gas storage)



Gas Regulatory Forum (Madrid Forum)

Gas Coordination Group


European Energy Forum

GIE objectives comprise but are not necessarily limited to those listed:

• Promoting a safe and reliable European natural gas transmission, storage and LNG system suitable for meeting present and future needs;
• Promoting the development of a fully operational European internal gas market for transmission, storage and LNG;
• Promoting interoperability of the European systems to enhance cross-border gas exchanges;
• Promoting market solutions;
• Contributing to the setting of a stable public policy framework;
• Voicing the opinion of the TSOs, SSOs and LSOs in Europe with respect to the previous points thus representing the sole interest of infrastructure operators.

Therefore, GIE’s aim is to promote the natural gas transmission, storage and LNG industry, to play a key role in making natural gas the cornerstone of the European energy policy and to contribute to the European security of supply.

GIE will pursue – through regular meetings with the authorities and organisations concerned – lobbying activities at the European institutions and organisations, the public authorities and other organisations active in the natural gas sector.

GIE was formally established in 2002 as a legally independent and non-profit association (GTE). In 2005 it was renamed as GIE. Its Secretariat is based in Brussels (Avenue de Cortenbergh 100). The GIE President is Mr Jean-Claude Depail.

GIE is the umbrella organisation for its three subdivisions:

• GTE - Gas Transmission Europe representing the Transmission System Operators (TSO)
• GSE - Gas Storage Europe representing the Storage System Operators (SSO)
• GLE - Gas LNG Europe representing the LNG Terminal Operators (LSO)

GIE internal work is made through different working groups and task forces. GIE is currently working on numerous topics regarding European energy and climate policy, depending on the EU agenda. Some of the matters GIE is working on are:

• 2030 Energy & Climate Framework
• Implementation of the TEN-E guidelines (Regulation 347/2013) and Connecting Europe Facility
• Implementation of the Gas Security of Supply Regulation 994/2010/EU
• Clean Power Package for Transport
• Following European Parliament processes for the legislative proposal indirectly linked to gas infrastructure
• Role of Gas Infrastructure in the long-term/low-carbon economy (GIE is a founding member of the GasNaturally initiative), in particular integration of gas and renewables and Renewable Energy Strategy
• ENTSOG Network Codes, particularly in relation to storage and LNG
• Good Guidelines Practices for Storage System Operators
• Gas Target Model and Bridge 2025
• REMIT implementation
• Risk Assessment and EPCIP

GIE also organises a yearly conference which has developed into an important discussion forum and the main arena to meet all key players in the gas infrastructure world. About 400 delegates are participating to the GIE Annual Conference.

GIE is also an official participant of several institutional processes such as the following:

1. The European Gas Regulatory Forum (Madrid Forum), which was set up to discuss issues regarding the creation of a true internal gas market. The participants include national regulatory authorities, Member State representatives, the European Commission, transmission system operators, gas suppliers and traders, consumers, network users, and gas exchanges. Since 1999 the Forum meets once or twice a year in Madrid and is is chaired by the European Commission.

2. The Gas Coordination Group which is established on the basis of Regulation (EU) No 994/2010, according to Commission Decision of 11 August 2011

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The GIE Brussels office has currently a team of 6 people:

1 Executive Secretary : Mr Thierry Deschuyteneer

3 Vice-Executive Secretary : Ms Boyana Achovski, Ms Marion Nikodym and Mr Robert Jan Maaskant

1 Senior Assistant : Ms Maire-France Engels

1 Assistant : Ms Marta Woźniak

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Boyana ACHOVSKI 09/10/2015 11/09/2016
Marion NIKODYM 11/09/2015 09/09/2016


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See the list of GIE members at :

GIE is a founding member of GasNaturally (


01/2014  -  12/2014

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Gas Infrastructure Europe (GIE) is a non-profit international organisation under the Belgian Law (AISBL). GIE is supported by its members. The vast majority of the income received by GIE comes from the annual membership fees paid by its members. Each member company pays the same fee.


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