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Movement International de la Jeunesse Agricole et Rural Catholique

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Movement International de la Jeunesse Agricole et Rural Catholique


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Rue Joseph Coosemans, 53
1030 Brussels

(+32) 485368474

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MIJARC Europe, the International Movement of Catholic Agricultural and Rural Youth, is an international non governmental and non profit youth organization with a Christian identity, which is runned by young people and for young people living in the rural world.

As a European umbrella organization that gathers around 130.000 youngsters from all over Europe, MIJARC is a training and education movement, which targets young people coming from and living in rural areas.

The aim of our organisation is to defend the future and the interests of the rural world and the persons who live in it,specially youth, motivate them to contribute for a sustainable rural development.

By promoting training and education in the rural environment, MIJARC Europe aims also to provide tools to rural youngsters to fight social exclusion and to improve their opportunities as well as to empower them to be active citizens, making their voice heard towards decision-makers.

At European level, we aim at represent the interests of rural youngsters towards the international organizations, the church and the public opinion.


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MIJARC Europe organize seminars, training sessions and summer camps to implement the policies and the decision making processes of the EU-institutions.
A MIJARC Europe seminar is an activity which aims to gather participants from all our member movements in order to “See, Judge and Act” on a specific topic included in our Action plan. MIJARC Europe is coordinating all the phases of the project and ensuring the communication between all the partners. Additionally, MIJARC Europe is responsible for the constitution and follow-up of the Think Tank which should be responsible for the development of the content of the seminar, facilitating the meeting and writing the report.
2014: Eating, Producing and Deciding: our choice and our voice for the future agriculture in Europe
2013: Rural Youth Leading the Change in Society
2012: MIGRATION - Challenge for European Rural Development
2011: Human Rights - Think Globally, Act Locally: make rural youth promote Human Rights in rural Europe

The summer camp is organised by MIJARC Europe since 2008 and it has been proven to be a very successful way to involve more actively rural young people from local groups of our members in the (net)work of MIJARC Europe.
Through non-formal education methods (working groups, icebreakers, energizers, pedagogical games, field visits, debates, brainstorming, plenary sessions with experts, sharing of knowledge and best practices, movies) and informal moments (thematic evenings), participants will learn more about specific topics concerning MIJARC Europe. Through various forms of non formal and informal education it will raise awareness about rural areas in Europe and build a sense of tolerance and mutual understanding of the problems of youngsters leaving in rural areas. We believe that by this project we can empower young people to take an active role in the development of their own countries.

2014: Better together - we care about rural areas

2013: Building Bridges for a more Inclusive Rural Europe

2012: Let’s talk about diversity!

2011: Rural Youth Attitude for European Development







MIJARC Europe works on 3 main topics defined by its General Assembly from 2013 to 2017, on which it is our goal to lobby, making European rural youth voice be heard at European level:

- Agriculture;
- International development;
- Youth sector.

This year most of the lobby work was concerning agriculture, development of the rural areas and youth participation.

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  • Bezpečnosť potravín
  • Humanitárna pomoc
  • Mládež
  • Poľnohospodárstvo a rozvoj vidieka
  • Rozširovanie
  • Rozvoj
  • Spravodlivosť a základných práv
  • Zamestnanosť a sociálne záležitosti
  • Životné prostredie

    Členstvo a príslušnosť k organizácii

115 800

Mouvement Rurale de la Jeunesse Chrétienne (MRJC)(15000),
Katolische Landjugendbewegung Deutchlands (KLJB)(70000),
Juventude Agrária e Rural Católica (JARC)(300),
Movimiento de Jovenes Rurales Cristianos (MJRC)(1000),
Movimiento de Joves Cristians de Comarques (JARC)(100),
Katholieke Landelijke Jeugd (KLJ)(27000),
Edukacja I Rozwoj (EiR)(100),
Youth Movement for Development of the Rural Areas in Bulgaria (YMDRAB)(300),
APSD-Agenda 21(500),
Center for Rural Development (BUJRUM)(200),
Gozo University Group (GUG)(200)
Land Jugend Austria (LJ) (800)
KIM Hungary (200)


MIJARC Europe is member of MIJARC World, the European Youth Forum and the European Coordination La Via Campesina.
It is also partner of Rural Youth Europe and FIMARC.
MIJARC Europe is represented on the Advisory Council on Youth of the European Youth Foundation (Council of Europe).

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01/2013  -  12/2013

< 9 999 €

115 031 €

80 270 €


80 270 €


34 761 €

7 244 €

17 650 €

4 125 €

2 178 €

3 564 €

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