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Fundatia Dezvoltarea Popoarelor

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Fundatia Dezvoltarea Popoarelor



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Fundeni Road, 180
RO-077085 Bucharest

(+40) 212552258

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Domnul  Calin Pop

managing director

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Domnul  Calin Pop

managing director

    Obiective şi misiuni

17 years after having been created (1996), the Foundation the Peoples Development (FDP), stays loyal to its mission in offering social, educational and professional integration opportunities to persons living social risk situations. According to the vision of FDP, every person is able to render valuable the talents it has been endowed with.
FDP has its headquarters in Bucharest and three other branches around the country (Arad, Cluj and Dâmboviţa). It has been performing its activities throghout four regions of România (Bucharest Ilfov, West, North-West, South-Wallachia).

FDP interferes, in an integrated manner, at communty level, with three major objectives:
• preventing school abandonment
• promoting sustainable employment
• development of social economy initiatives

The working method of FDP considers the positive approach, by involvement and active participation, as capable to render the person valuable, no matter how difficult its situation might be. Our working principles are:
• centrality of the person
• starting from positive
• doing together
• subsidiarity
• partnership

Inside the country, FDP is a member of the FONPC Federation (NGOs for Children), FDP is one of the founders of the VOLUM Federation, that has been supporting the development of volunteering in Romania and an observer member of APARTE, the network that gathers organizations raising funds form the comunity.

  • european
  • regional/local


Starting with 2013, for a two years duration FDP implements the project ”BEAMS Breaking down European Attitudes towards Migrant/Minority Stereotypes”, financed by the European Commission - Directorate-General Justice; Priority reference 4.3 Combating racism, xenophobia and antisemitism (RXAS), having as main Partner the Veneto Region. The partnership includes 15 non-profit public and private organizations from 11 EU Member states. The project aims at analyzing the nexus between the most widespread popular culture production to understand how stereotypes are defined and used to create public opinion. It also focuses on concrete and effective awareness raising pilot actions targeting the young generations and for the appropriation of tools, capacities and attitudes to debunk stereotypical and discriminatory depiction of minorities by creating new cultural productions as a result of a deeper understanding of the issue at stake.

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Fundația Dezvoltarea Popoarelor (The Peoples’ Development Foundation, FDP) is a nongovernmental organization founded in 1996, whose mission is that of offering socio-educational and professional integration opportunities for persons in situations of social risk, especially children and young persons. FDP is present in four regions of Romania. Its central location is in Bucharest, and its three branches are located in Arad, Cluj and Dambovita.
From the outset, FDP was active in supporting the most vulnerable social groups from the Romanian society: abandoned children, HIV positive children/young persons, Roma people, disabled persons, un-employed, being centered on the personal intervention and investing mainly in education as a unique possibility to induce sustainable development.

Since 2009, FDP implemented projects financed by the European Social Fund, through the Operational Sector Program of Developing Human Resources, having three strategic projects and two grant projects in development involving 12 partners: local and European NGOs and public authorities. The most important results to be reached by implementing these projects are:
• Six regional centers of employment services created in urban locations (Bucharest, Arad, Cluj, Dambovita, Olt, Gorj) and 13 rural centers in Arad and Dambovita
• Over 3,600 people unemployed or seeking employment, including persons with disabilities receive integrated services aimed at finding a job: counseling, vocational training and labor mediation
• The start-up of two social enterprises: Project Mosaic, Bucharest – making ceramic mosaic and SC FDP Store Team, Cluj – producing PVC windows and manufactured products, by which 18 persons with special needs were employed.
• Over 1200 children at risk of early school drop-out will benefit from services designed to reduce that risk
• Identifying some clear measures of reducing early school dropout through developing a “after school” programme which will be implemented locally through the creation of eight centers in Bucharest, Cluj, Dambovita and Galati, set to be inaugurated in September 2013, where 160 children at risk of school dropout will benefit from services.
FDP has implemented starting with 2010 the project aiming the voluntary repatriation and the social integration of 50 families that have lived in Triboniano Nomad Camp Milan, Italy. The project was implemented in partnership with the Italian organization AVSI ( and financed by the Milan Municipality. The project was presented as good practice project at the Second Annual Convention of the European Platform against Poverty and Social Exclusion, in Brussels, on 5-7 December 2012.

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  • Audiovizual şi mass-media
  • Comunicare
  • Educaţie
  • Justiţie si drepturile fundamentale
  • Ocuparea forţei de muncă şi afaceri sociale
  • Sport
  • Tineret

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FDP is a member of relevant networks both at the national (Romanian Federation of NGOs from Child Protection - FONPC, Romanian Federation of the organizations that support volunteering – VOLUM and The Romanian Social Enterprises Network - RISE) and international levels, such as AVSI network, that connects 60 associations and non-profit organizations from all over the world, to which FDP is linked since its creation, becoming AVSI’s partner for project implementation in Romania and Eastern Europe.

    Date financiare

01/2010  -  12/2010

1.239.570 €

1.052.595 €


1.052.595 €



186.975 €

55.953 €


30.524 €

41.283 €

8.187 €

51.028 €

< 50.000  €

FDP has its annual financial accounts audited by buy an authorized company.

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