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II - Intézményen belüli lobbisták és szakszervezetek/gazdasági/szakmai szervezetek

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Eversheds House
70 Great Bridgewater Street
Manchester M1 5ES

(+44345) 0179229

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Frank Brehany

Consumer Director

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Frank Brehany

Consumer Director

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The Holidaymaker or Traveller:

The primary function of the Organisation is to assist holidaymakers or travellers who have suffered as a result of travel problems. It is a further aim to act as a resource, provide information, advice and assistance to those who use our services. It is a further goal to promote better health and safety warnings for the holidaymaker or traveller. The Organisation will seek to, where possible, to guide the holidaymaker or traveller toward options to resolve their complaints.

The Holidaymaker or Traveller’s Health & Safety:

The Organisation will seek to create a wider dialogue through National or International Medical & Environmental agencies or bodies. Such contact is to be designed with the aim of improving hygiene, sanitation, and safety standards both within the UK and in other countries. In addition, through the assistance of such experts and bodies, to promote the goals of sustainable tourism.

The Travel Industry:

The Organisation will seek to ensure that all Travel Arrangers, Providers or Organisers be honest in their brochures or through selling by other methods. It is the aim to promote the provision of reliable and appropriately trained resort representation. It is the goal of the Organisation to encourage the Industry to promote a fair and timely handling and redress of complaints.

The Travel Debate:

The Organisation aims to facilitate an open and frank exchange of views on a wide range of travel opinion. Such debate to be open to governments, travel providers, lawyers, health & safety experts, holidaymakers or travellers.

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    A nyilvántartás hatálya alá tartozó tevékenységek

1. Package Travel Directive - To promote fairness within the new Directive and to ensure that Consumers not only receive financial protection but also protection from the purchase of and failures of Health & Safety within the Holiday Product;

2. Ships Safety - To promote a greater awareness of the Consumer experience (disappearances, crime & its investigation, illness, health & safety, cctv, ships design & evacuation etc), with the goal of bringing a balanced & effective regulatory regime where there is either none or where it is considered necessary for enhancement beyond self-regulation;

3. Aircraft Cabin Air Quality - To highlight and open the discussion with a broad cohort on the need to deal with the escape of toxic fumes into the commercial aircraft environment; to develop that discussion toward an International Protocol to deliver change, restitution and a better regulatory environment to promote a safer flying experience for all.

4. Carbon Monoxide & Fire safety - To highlight the danger of CO and to promote an EU-wide Public Information Campaign of awareness in domestic and holiday properties. To deliver the Consumer experience of CO & Fire and contribute to the discussion of Regulatory change within the holiday environment.

5. Safety in Holiday Accommodation - HolidayTravelWatch has for the last 20 years highlighted and campaigned on improved safety in holiday accommodation. It considers that there is an overall detriment in Consumer Protection in the Holiday Accommodation product by land or sea and will seek the introduction of legislative protection for the benefit of Consumers

(Note: In all areas, we work with fellow campaigners who have complementary goals to our own. Note also, as issues become identified, we shall extend this list as and when they become evident).

To achieve our goals we:

1. Respond to Consultations;
2. Attend Stakeholder Meetings;
3. Assist in impact studies;
4. Meet with EU Civil Servants and Cabinet Members of various DG's
5. To meet with members of EASA, EMSA or attend/participate in EU sponsored events, such as the EU Maritime Day







The primary focus of HolidayTravelWatch is the collation of data and Consumer experiences. The Organisation compiles that data and submits reports both in and out of Consultative periods, which present the Consumer travel experience. The Organisation further presents the Consumer experience and detriment suffered, through meetings with UK Members of Parliament, House of Commons Select Committees and by attending various political functions at Westminster. Presentations are made to professional conferences, for example, The Chartered Institute for Environmental Health, Cranfield University, Royal Aeronautical Society, local Trading Standards, Environmental Health. Cooperation is given to EU sponsored inquiries and meetings are held with EU Commission Officials. Work is also carried out on Standards; this is achieved through representations or committee membership via CEN, BSI and ASHRAE Standards Bodies. Further reports have been or are being submitted to the FAA, CASA, UNWTO (2015), UK Government Departments & The Australian House of Representatives

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The primary lobbying activities are carried out by Mr Frank Brehany on behalf of HolidayTravelWatch.

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    Tagság és részvétel

HolidayTravelWatch supports the aims of Tourism Concern

HolidayTravelWatch supports the aims of CO-Gas Safety

Mr Frank Brehany serves on the ASHRAE SSPC 161 Cabin Air Quality Committee which meets twice a year in the USA.

Mr Frank Brehany is a member of the UK BSI ACE/1 Committee.

Mr Frank Brehany serves on the CEN/TEC 436 Cabin Air Quality Committee which meets twice a year in the EU.

HolidayTravelWatch supports individual ships safety campaigners in the EU

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05/2013  -  04/2014

6 500 €

A szervezet nem kapott pénzügyi támogatást az EU intézményeitől a legutóbb lezárt üzleti év folyamán.

HolidayTravelWatch very occasionally receives Consultancy Fees from TV Companies (this is not an annual receipt). HolidayTravelWatch is licensed by the UK Claims Management Regulator (Licence Number CRM2162). Providing services to Solicitors is our principal commercial activity. Due to the substantial changes in the UK legal market, the Organisation has secured a new partnership and was acquired by Clear Start Partnerships Limited (August 2015). HolidayTravelWatch remains as an Independent company and both companies are member companies of Fairpoint Plc which has an AIM listing on the London Stock Market. Case Transfer activities are openly declared to Consumers and full details are provided within the webpages of HolidayTravelWatch. HolidayTravelWatch currently deals with some 30,000 individual holiday complaints each year. Currently, HolidayTravelWatch empowers some 97.5% of holidaymakers to self-resolve their holiday complaints. Of the remaining 2.5%, these represent the more difficult cases and whilst we try to help them self-resolve, those that are incapable of such opportunities import a greater difficulty and represent a low chance of self-resolution and are therefore offered a Case Transfer. All our services are free to Consumers. The following are the links to those pages that guide Consumers on this service:

Introduction Page:

How recommendations are made to Transfer Cases:

Holiday Complaints, The Claims Management Rules & Your Rights:

The total budget for all of the Organisation's activities in the year's 2014 & 2015 is estimated to be €450,000pa. Our total spend on political lobbying (both at Westminster, EU & USA) for the 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014 financial years was €3,200 to €5,500 pa. Our estimate on total spend for political lobbying for the 2015/16 financial year is a maximum of €6,500.

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HTW - Code of Conduct of the Transparency Register & Code & Obligations of UK Ministry Justice. Frank Brehany - SRA of England & Wales & voluntarily Nolan Principles of Standards in Public Life.