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META Group S.r.l.

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META Group S.r.l.


Limited Liability Company

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Umberto Tupini, 116
00144 Roma

(+39) 0744248220

(+39) 0744248046

Sede operativa in Italia:
Via Francesco Mancini, 23
05100 Terni
Sede operativa in Belgio:
Avenue des Arts, 12

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META is an international, dynamic and independent group dedicated to the creation and growth of Knowledge Intensive Companies, for the wealth of open, entrepreneurial regions. META works together with: policy makers and public executives that are focused on innovation and in promoting entrepreneurial activity to increase regional growth and competitiveness, entrepreneurs that are building and developing their businesses, researchers willing to exploit there research activities and investors interested in​ seed and start up capital. To render the Knowledge to Market process effective and profitable is our mission!

META believes that:

•combining know-how and enterprise culture is the recipe for long term prosperity; knowledge intensive entrepreneurship is the key for social well-being and success of a region;
•knowledge intensive entrepreneurs are those who start out from an idea to satisfy a necessity. In a market of considerable dimension they are capable of attracting the right people, know-how and funds to turn opportunities into successful businesses;
•a knowledge intensive region, based on prime performance qualities, is capable of constructing and reinforcing an entrepreneurial and innovation culture, thus facilitating the creation and constant updating of companies to open up new horizons and a clientele of global spectrum;

Knowledge intensive companies in knowledge intensive regions is our vision.



META Offers...

To European Commission, International Institutions, National and Regional Authorities

Research, strategies, plausibility studies, technical assistance and training – a policy capable of seizing opportunities and accepting the challenges of globalisation, one that can field instruments which will stimulate research and innovation, one which will carry out efficient initiatives for the growth of knowledge intensive entrepreneurship, can be the difference between a declining community and a community in constant growth.

META, thanks to important field experience in the international scope, offers a complete set of activities:

•Research, definition of strategies and technical assistance in the field of innovation and entrepreneurship through study, analysis of context, selection of best examples and exchange of good practices;

•Feasibility studies of operational tools such as science parks, accelerators and venture capital funds;

•Detailed design and implementation of measures, along with the definition of indicators for monitoring and evaluation;

•Training of regional governments officials on innovation and enterprise.

Entrepreneurship – development of new companies can be accelerated by acting on two levels: on the one hand, evaluating the entrepreneurial idea and modelling the personal advantages of the entrepreneur, on the other hand, forming a favourable economic and social context.
META performs the following actions:

•Acceleration and promotion of entrepreneurship;

•Collaboration with would be and new entrepreneurs in the composition of the team, the transfer of know how, the experience build-up and the formation of global contacts;

•Auditing of innovations for existing enterprises and their groupings;

•Projecting, execution and development of spaces and services, dedicated to innovative enterprises.

Financial engineering – access to financial resources represents an opportunity and a challenge for the development of knowledge intensive enterprises, especially in the first years of their existence.
META is constantly taking part in the definition of new instruments, designed to respond to the financial needs of the innovative environment. Thanks to years of experience in the field, META has a unique ability to come up with ideas and execute customized solutions of seed capital funds, also developed in partnership with international investors.

META also possesses a wealth of operative experience in fund management and is a public and private investor referral partner for those who are interested in the growth and acceleration of innovative enterprises.

To would be entrepreneurs, researchers, enterprises and investors

Business accelerator – entrepreneurs and researches who are willing to turn their idea and their business into a successful enterprise, will find, in Startupsvillage© a global dimension business accelerator that will stimulate and accompany them, thanks to the use of its proprietary instruments on-line and off-line, as well as by hosting them at various dedicated facilities.

Based on the experience, accumulated by META thanks to its cooperation with hundreds of researchers and thanks to a consolidated network of cooperation and international contacts, Startupsvillage© is capable of offering the best solutions for the global development of enterprises.

Startupsvillage© has at its disposal methodologies, instruments and experts to evaluate the level of maturity of a business idea and the possibilities of presenting it to potential investors.

Seed capital – knowledge based enterprises must be able to rapidly grow to seize the opportunities offered by the global market and thus need investors, who are capable of long term perspectives, to immediately evaluate the potential of an idea and an entrepreneur “who could change the

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    Členstvo a príslušnosť k organizácii

META is an active member of the following organizations:
TII - the European Association for the Transfer of Technologies, Innovation and Industrial Information - is one of the longest-standing, voluntary, independent associations representing the innovation support and technology transfer professions in Europe.
ProTon Europe is an International not-for-profit association of European Knowledge Transfer Organisations.
The International Network for Small and Medium Sized Enterprises-INSME is a non profit Association open to international membership.
Its mission is to stimulate transnational cooperation and public and private partnership in the field of innovation and technology transfer to SMEs.
The International Association of Science Parks.
The European Business & Innovation Centre Network was set up in 1984 as a joint initiative of the European Commission, European industry leaders and the first pioneering Business and Innovation Centres. EBN is now the leading pan-European network gathering 200+ Business & Innovation Centres (BICs), and similar organisations such as incubators, innovation and entrepreneurship centres across enlarged Europe.
Global Entrepreneurship Week (GEW) is the world’s largest celebration of the innovators and job creators who launch startups that bring ideas to life, drive economic growth and expand human welfare.
The European Association of Development Agencies (EURADA) has a membership of about 150 regional development agencies from across the European Union. Agencies from almost all the Member States of the EU are EURADA members.
EAI is a membership-driven, grassroots ecosystem of leading ICT organizations and individuals focused on facilitating and advancing innovation in Europe.
VISION2020, The Horizon Network is a collaboration platform for research organisations and companies participating in the 'Horizon 2020' EU funding programme.

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