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British Chamber of Commerce in Belgium

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British Chamber of Commerce in Belgium

Company limited by guarantee (non-profit), UK


II – Internt ansatte lobbyister og brancheforeninger



Great Queen St, 16
Covent Garden
WC2B 5AH London

(+32) 25409030


All correspondance to be addressed to our Brussels office:
Boulevard Bischoffsheim 11
1000 Brussels
Tel. +322 540 9030
Fax. +322 512 8363

    Juridisk ansvarlig

Glynis Whiting


    Person med ansvar for forbindelser med EU

Glenn Vaughan

Chief Executive

    Mål og opgaver

The British Chamber’s mission is to be the essential network for international business in Belgium.

British by name and origin, the British Chamber is in reality a truly international and independent organisation providing a unique networking platform for business people.

NETWORKING - As one of the most diverse and international chamber in Europe, networking is at the heart of everything we do.
- We are a network of 260 companies and 2000 active business people;
- Two thirds of our members are non-British companies;
- Members range from large multinationals to small services companies and entrepreneurs;
- We hold over 100 events a year with business and institutional speakers.

PROFILING - The British Chamber provides a platform to profile and promote member businesses and build relationships with a wide range of potential clients and stakeholders.
- High level meetings/networking with senior business and government figures;
- EU Policy briefings;
- Keeping up to date with latest business developments;
- Marketing for members.

INSIGHT - Our programme of informal and in-depth briefings by leading figures allows our members to gain insights into business and policy developments at both national and EU level.
- Our events cover a range of topics from high level politics through technical legislative dossiers to practical issues relating to doing business in Belgium;
- We have specialist committees on business development, EU and ICT;
- We also hold a number of briefings with national and regional decision makers and senior Belgian business representatives;
- a particular feature of our briefings is their informal setting.

  • europæisk plan
  • verdensplan
  • nationalt plan


The British Chamber organises around 120 events per year of which around 80 are related to the EU. Around 40 comprise briefings by senior speakers from EU institutions, governments and parliamentarians covering all policy fields of interest to businesses (e.g. trade, environment, internal market, competition etc).

We also currently have eight task forces which arrange smaller briefings on specific subjects and legislative dossiers. These cover:
- health, consumer and social policies
- energy, environment & transport
- financial services
- business security (counterfeit, intellectual property, borders and customs
- innovation
- food security, sustainability and safety
- trade and competition

    Antal personer, der deltager i de aktiviteter, der er beskrevet i feltet ovenfor


This includes CEO, a full-time head of policy, policy executive (from 2014), junior support staff and the partial contribution of other permanent staff.

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    Medlemskab og tilhørsforhold

We are a member of COBCOE, an independent non-profit organisation representing 35 British chambers of commerce in 32 countries across Europe. Acting as an umbrella organisation, COBCOE works with member chambers to advance international trade and business with the United Kingdom. As such, it gives a voice to about 10,000 businesses, mainly located outside of the UK, from all sectors of trade and industry involved in business with the UK.

Our aim is to protect and promote the interests of our constituent chambers - and their business members - through representation, cooperation and trade stimulation. To do this, we liaise closely with governments and organisations including the Confederation of British Industry (CBI), Institute of Directors (IoD), and British Chambers of Commerce (BCC) to ensure that our members’ needs and concerns are addressed.

    Finansielle oplysninger

01/2013  -  12/2013

300.000 €

0 €

0 €

The British Chamber of Commerce in Belgium does not undertake any representational activities. However, our member companies will, from time to time, use the events arranged by our EU Committee for their own representational activities. Therefore, in the interests of transparency and in recognition of the fact that we do provide a platform for our members to interact with EU policy-makers, we list below all of the costs associated with the operation of our EU committee in 2011.

All costs in EUR

Event costs (venues etc) 75000
Salary costs 155000
Overheads 70000

TOTAL 300000

We would suggest that of these costs, one-sixth (around EUR 50,000) could be reasonably said to be costs directly related to representational activities by our individual members through chamber activities.

The basis for the estimate of costs given is that the chamber's activities provide three equally important benefits for its members – networking, profiling and insight (as set out above). We therefore take one-third of costs as being related to profiling. In the case of EU committee activities, profiling normally includes market positioning (toward clients) as well as interest representation. We thus estimate that up to one-sixth of EU committee costs could be seen as related to the latter.


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