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American Chamber of Commerce to the European Union

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American Chamber of Commerce to the European Union

AmCham EU

Association sans but lucratif (a.s.b.l.) – Non-profit association

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II - Företagsegna lobbyister samt bransch-, näringslivs- och yrkesorganisationer

Bransch- och yrkesorganisationer


Avenue des Arts, 53
B-1000 Brussels

(+32) 2 513 68 92

    Juridiskt ansvarig

Susan Danger

Managing Director

    Person med ansvar för EU-kontakterna

Andreas Galanakis

Policy Director

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AmCham EU speaks for American business committed to Europe on trade, investment and competitiveness issues. It aims to ensure a growth-orientated business and investment climate in Europe. AmCham EU facilitates the resolution of transatlantic issues that impact business and plays a role in creating better understanding of EU and US positions on business matters.

Our aim is to ensure a growth-oriented business and investment climate in the European Union. We are committed to transparent and open communication and inclusive dialogue between our members and European policy makers.

For a full list of our members please visit our web site: http://www.amchameu.eu/?tabid=107


    specifika verksamheter som registret omfattar

Risk assessment, management and communication in the
agro-food sector

Sanitary and phytosanitary obstacles to trade

Discriminatory taxation in the Agro-Food sector

Sustainability aspects of international trade in
agricultural products

Chemical legislation (REACH, etc.)


Resource efficiency and Waste

Conflict Minerals

Air quality

Due process in competition law enforcement

Merger control review

International relations and the EU’s competition policy

Technology transfer rules

The EU Common Consolidated Corporate Tax Base

Aggressive tax planning and double non-taxation

Banking taxation; financial transaction tax

Country-by-country reporting

Value-added Tax

Consumer Product Safety

Contractual law (in coordination with the Legal Affairs
Task Force)

Enforcement of existing regulations in consumer affairs

Transatlantic convergence and extraterritoriality of
financial services regulation

Reform of financial markets and products

Banking Union

Capital Markets Union

Union Customs Code

Customs valuation

Customs-related issues

Customs infringements

Outcomes-based approaches to foster sustainable
health systems

Resilient and future-proof health technologies

Predictability and level playing field in the Single

Digital Single Market

Data Protection

Emergence of Data-Centric Services


International/Global Issues

Corporate social responsibility

Future of pensions

Working Time Directive

Better regulation and better implementation of existing
regulation (including EU-US Regulatory Models and
Impact Assessments)

Changes in the EU institutions (e.g. Comitology and
European Elections)

Transparency (e.g. the Joint Transparency Register)


Value of IP, freedom of licensing for innovation and creativity in the twenty-first century

Revision of Community trademark regulation and directive

Trade secrets

Fighting counterfeiting and piracy

TTIP (IP Aspects)

Defence, industrial and procurement Issues

Smart borders

Transport security

Security industrial policy

Hotel fire safety

Promote value of global and free trade

Support effective conclusion of ongoing trade talks

Coherency between trade and other policy areas

EU Energy Policy, Infrastructure and European Competitiveness

EU Transpot Policy: Infrastructure and European Competitiveness

Climate Change

Full details of AmCham EU's activities, including events and publications are available on our website:





Commission Civil Dialogue Group on International Aspects of Agriculture
Commission Trade Contact Group
Commission Electronic Contact Group
Commission RoHS Methodology/ Substance Restriction working group
Commission Platform for Tax Good Governance
Commission VAT Expert Group



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100%: 0   75%: 0   50%: 8   25%: 10



Susan Danger, Managing Director
Andreas Galanakis, Policy Director
Anna McNally, Communications Director
David Hastings, Policy Officer
Roger Coelho, Policy Manager
Stephanie Schretlen, Senior Policy and Communication Officer
Ania Szatkowska, Policy Officer
Pierre Bouygues, Policy Officer
Adriaan Scheiris, Policy Officer
Ava Lloyd, Policy Officer
David Hastings, Policy Officer
Maggy Peeters, Events and PR Manager
Conny Dekens, Office Manager
Marykate Collins, Communications Officer
Elizabeth Hartman, Communications Officer
Rosaria Sciaccaluga, Operations Assistant
John Weemaels, Operations Assistant
Thibaut L'Ortye, Assistant to the Managing Director

As advised by the Transparency Register Secretariat, members of staff spending less than 25% of working time involved in the activities falling under the scope of the register are not included in the FTE calculation.

    Personer med ackreditering till Europaparlamentets byggnader

Förnamn Efternamn Startdatum Slutdatum
Margriet Peeters 15/10/2014 13/10/2015
Ava Lloyd 21/01/2015 19/01/2016
Adriaan Scheiris 10/10/2014 08/10/2015
Stéphanie Brochard 04/06/2015 02/04/2016
Bouygues Pierre 15/10/2014 13/10/2015
Andreas Galanakis 10/10/2014 08/10/2015
David Hastings 10/10/2014 08/10/2015
Roger DA SILVA COELHO 10/10/2014 08/10/2015
Susan Danger 10/10/2014 08/10/2015


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For a full list of our members please visit our web site: http://www.amchameu.eu/?tabid=107

AmCham EU is member of the following associations: Center for European Policy Studies
European Policy Center
American Club of Brussels
European Center for Public Affairs
US Chamber of Commerce
AmChams in Europe
Business Alliance for TTIP

Our member companies engage in further networking activities in their own capacity.

    Ekonomiska uppgifter

01/2014  -  12/2014

>= 900 000 € och < 999 999 €

Ingen finansiering från EU-institutionerna det senast avslutade räkenskapsåret.

AmCham EU estimates that the amount declared above represents the proportion of the overall cost budget of the organisation falling under the scope of the register.

Further costs are dedicated to activities such as information gathering and distribution, policy monitoring, issuing of studies, preparation and editing of publications, organisation of networking opportunities among our members.


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