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II - Företagsegna lobbyister samt bransch-, näringslivs- och yrkesorganisationer

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East 52nd Street, 40
NY10022 New York

(+1212) 8105300

35 Square de Meeus
1000 Brussels

(+32) 2 402 4900

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David Blumer

Senior Managing Director, Head of Europe, Middle East & Africa (EMEA)

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Joanna Cound

Managing Director, Head of Public Policy, EMEA

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BlackRock’s mission is to create a better financial future for our clients. We operate our business with a fiduciary mindset - which means putting our clients’ interests first. It is from this perspective that BlackRock supports the creation of a regulatory regime that increases transparency, protects investors, and facilitates responsible growth of capital markets, while preserving consumer choice and assessing benefits versus implementation costs

Specifically in EU affairs, our organisational goals are to:

- Positively contribute to legislation and regulations affecting Europe's end-investors

- Distinguish our firm as a trusted resource that policymakers can turn to as an informed market participant

- Demonstrate thought leadership that adds to the European policy debate


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We follow legislative issues which we feel will have an impact on end-investors – a (non-exhaustive) sampling of some of the EU issues we have been focused on in recent years can be found below:
Funds issues: AIFMD, UCITS, ELTIFs, MMFR
Securities issues: MiFID, MAD, Benchmarks
Prudential issues: CRD IV, Solvency II
Market Infrastructure issues: EMIR, CCP Recovery and Resolution, CSDR
Corporate Governance
Long-term Finance/ Capital Markets Union







European Parliament Financial Services Forum (EPFSF)

We have in the past had colleagues from our company serve on Expert Groups chaired by the European Commission or Consultative Groups chaired by the European Supervisory Agencies (ESMA, EIOPA, EBA), however, at the time of this update, we do not have any who currently serve in that capacity.

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The EMEA Government Relations and Public Policy team comprises 6 persons, whose jobs contain both an internal and external element. Furthermore, our remit is to engage with not only EU policymakers, but national policymakers and regulators, as well as international organisations. We draw on a wide range of expertise from our colleagues throughout the business, but are the primary persons involved in policy engagement, drafting of materials for submission to the EU institutions, and internal activities that relate to activities covered by the Register.

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Anahide Pilibossian 04/09/2014 02/09/2015
Joanna Cound 04/09/2014 02/09/2015
Martin Parkes 04/09/2014 02/09/2015
Stephen Fisher 04/09/2014 02/09/2015
Carey Evans 04/09/2014 02/09/2015


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Confederation of British Industry (CBI)
European Capital Markets Institute (ECMI)
European Parliament Financial Services Forum (EPFSF)
European Fund and Asset Management Aassociation (EFAMA), as well as contingent national bodies:
-the Investment Association (IA),
-Irish Funds Industry Association (IFIA)
-Association fo the Luxembourg Funds Industry (ALFI),
-the German Investment Funds Association (BVI),
-Assogestioni, and
-The Dutch Fund and Asset Management Association (Dufas)

the Forum of European Asset Managers (FEAM)
Institutional Money Market Funds Association (IMMFA)

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12/2013  -  12/2014

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