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Access Info Europe

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Access Info Europe

Access Info

Association, registered in Spain


III - Ikke-statslige organisationer

Ikke-statslige organisationer, platforme og netværk og lignende


Cava de San Miguel 8, 4º centro
28005 Madrid

(+34) 913 656 558

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Daniel Bezares


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Helen Darbishire

Executive Director

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Access Info Europe is a human rights organisation dedicated to promoting and protecting the right of access to information in Europe as a tool for defending civil liberties and human rights, for facilitating public participation in decision-making and for holding governments and intergovernmental bodies accountable.

Access Info's mission is that the right of access to information be enshrined in law and work in practice.

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Access Info Europe acts to promote and protect the right of access to information (freedom of information).

This includes the right of access to EU documents as established by Article 15 of the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union.

The main legislative files that Access Info follows are:
* Regulation 1049/2001 on Access to EU documents
* Directive 95/46/EC on personal data protection
* Directive 2003/98/EC on the re-use of public sector information
* Rules on the functioning of the Transparency Register

Access Info also supports initiatives to increase public participation in decision-making at the EU level.

We work with the Alliance for Lobbying Transparency and Ethics Regulation (ALTER EU) to also follow ethics rules, notably:
* Code of Conduct for MEPs
* Code of Conduct for Commissioners

* Access Info runs the website, an online platform where citizens can file access to documents requests to any EU institutions. All responses and requests are published online and in real-time. Access Info also regularly files information requests of our own.

* Access Info uses the data generated through to analyse compliance with the right of access to EU documents by various EU institutions, and to propose recommendations for improvement.
Recent reports (for example on the Council of the European Union or the European Central Bank) can be found at
In 2015 we plan to launch a report focusing on the European Parliament and another one focusing on the European Commission.

* Transparency of the European Commission
- Campaigning against the EC's postal address policy adopted on 1 April 2014, whereby access to documents requests are rejected if citizens fail to provide a personal postal address.
- Campaigning to increase the transparency of EU Commissioners’ expenses:
- Letters sent to EU Commissioners proposing improvements to the transparency of EU spending and of the decision-making process. These can be found on Access Info's website at

* Transparency of Media Ownership: Access Info Europe and the Open Society Media Program continue to campaign for improvements in Europe as part of the "Transparency of media ownership" project. This invoves advocacy directed at the EU institutions and also to the Council of Europe and other inter-governmental bodies. For more information:

* Transparency of Company Ownership: Access Info will follow the implementation of the Anti-money laundering Directive, focusing on the question of "legitimate access" to beneficial ownership information and calling for public registers.

* Support for campaigns to make the negotiations on the future Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) open and transparent: And support for other transparency campaigns initiated via

* To read our EU Transparency priorities, please visit:


* Access Info is part of the Steering Committee of ALTER-EU since October 2011 and as such is engaged in campaigns to reform the EU Transparency Register, to re-balance expert groups in the European Commission, and to strengthen ethics regulation in the EU.
More details can be found here ( and on the ALTER EU Transparency register page:

* Follow-up to the ‘Politics for People’ campaign: As part of the ALTER EU coalition, the campaign was successful in securing commitments from the 2014 European Parliament Election candidates that they would defend citizens against the excessive influence of corporate lobbies and big businesses if elected: ALTER EU and Access Info will continue to work together with the MEPs that pledged to improve EU ethics and transparency over the next legislative term.

* Lobby Transparency Now! Campaign: As part of ALTER-EU, Access Info will work on a pan-European campaign involving member groups. The objective is to campaign so that a high-quality mandatory lobby register is adopted by the EU institutions (and ideally implemented on the national level as well).





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The following persons are involved in promoting the transparency of the EU on a regular basis:

Helen Darbishire
Pamela Bartlett Quintanilla
Andreas Pavlou

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We do not have member organisations.


Freedom of Information Advocates Networks (
European Civil Liberties Network (
United Nations Convention against Corruption Coalition (
European Coalition for Corporate Justice (
Citizens for Europe
Transparency, Accountability and Participation in Post-2015 Coalition
Coalición Pro Acceso

    Finansielle oplysninger

01/2014  -  12/2014

>= 50.000 € og < 99.999 €

388.172 €

63.345 €

Ingen støtte fra EU-institutionerne i det seneste afsluttede regnskabsår.

63.345 €

324.827 €

140 €

324.687 €

A summary of Access Info Europe's annual accounts can be found at We are currently awaiting approval from our board of the 2014 accounts, which will be uploaded to our website shortly.

Access Info operates on the bases of grants and donations. We do not accept anonymous donations over 100 Euros.

Under Access Info's transparency policy, anyone may file a request for further information about our finances and the bills and receipts related to our expenditure for each year are available for inspection in the Access Info office in Madrid.

*** The online form would not allow us to name all individual funding sources (505 error), but these are included in our annual report for 2014, which is published on our website: ***


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