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Registreredes profil

WUSME World Union of Small and Medium Enterprises

Identifikationsnummer i registret: 45492036487-31
Registreringsdato: 27-08-11 16:28:19

Seneste ændring af oplysningerne om denne organisation 28-08-14 09:22:31
Seneste årlige opdatering 28-08-14 09:22:31

Registrerede: Organisation eller selvstændig

Organisationens navn: WUSME World Union of Small and Medium Enterprises
Forkortelse: WUSME
Retlig form: Civil Society Organization - non for profit


Kategori II – Internt ansatte lobbyister og brancheforeninger
og mere præcist: Brancheforeninger

Juridisk ansvarlig

Efternavn, Fornavn: Norbert Knoll - Dornhoff
Stilling: General Sercretary

Fast ansvarlig for forbindelser med EU

Efternavn, Fornavn: Gian Franco Terenzi
Stilling: President


Organisationens hovedadresse: Garas utca Budapest 22
1026 Budapest
Telefonnr.: (+361) 315 10 59
Faxnummer: (+) 
Andre kontaktoplysninger:

Mål og opgaver

Organisationens mål og opgaver: Mission Statement
1st General Meeting 23rd April 2010 in San Marino

Our commitment to serve Global SMEs

One of the priorities of the new World Union of SMEs will be to provide widespread information and foster awareness among the different national institutions of the countries belonging to the WORLD UNION as regards the true needs of micro-, small & medium enterprises which represent the basis of the economic fabric of all societies. The new Association shall develop strategies able to back the growth of this major economic sector and identify annual activities to be realised, to facilitate relations to the national associations and create moments of encounter that represent chances and opportunities of integration between the actors from different countries and geographic areas.

Our Mission

As our mission the UNION will assist Member Institutions in their dealings with national policy and represent the interests of SMEs at International and UN- Organisations based on professional analysis of actual situations and the challenges and problems of SMEs in the 21st Century. Thus the UNION will efficiently contribute to present proposals for solutions and reforms on regional level that can improve the business environment for SMEs in the sense of the World Bank Group “Ease of Doing Business”.

Establish itself as the premier international organisation advocating the interests of micro-small and medium enterprises (SMEs) at relevant international fora, before all national, regional and international bodies and with leading media that shape public opinion.

Perform as a strategic resource for SMEs and the organisations that represent them world-wide, with focus on those in developing and less developed economies. Facilitate access of SMEs to know-how and best practices, through training, technology transfer and other business development services that will enable SMEs to develop their techno-economic capability, modernise their management skills, support proper use of the intellectual property system, improve their information system and knowledge of e-business.

Foster international cooperation, encourage SMEs' linkages among SMEs and Governments, institutions, initiate formation of business alliances; and create mechanisms to facilitate cost-effective international networking and international trade opportunities for SMEs to enable them to reap the benefits of globalization.

Provide leadership and be a catalyst for building a supporting and synergistic network of civil society institutions so as to make SMEs competitive, sustainable, environmentally friendly, socially responsive, culturally sensitive and ethical in their business relationships.

Our Values

The WORLD UNION SMEs trusts in the principles of freedom and responsibility of entrepreneurs and in developing the environment and social conditions world wide by market mechanisms and social partnership. The implementation of the principle of subsidiarity, the limitation of bureaucratic obstacles to economic development and the protection of free competition based on efficiency are the main targets of the UNION.

Our Inter-related Thematic Priorities

1. Trade and quality production Capacity-Building

• Enhancing the capacity of SMEs and women entrepreneur supporting
Organisations especially in developing countries and
countries with economies in transition to help SMEs to upgrade
production to competitive quality standards and to participate in global

• Assisting in the diffusion of modern and relevant technologies, through the UNIDO network of technology centres, support for technology management programmes, and road-mapping and foresight.

• Supporting the creation of export consortia, a specialized form of SME network.

• Designing and implementing national and regional commodity-based trade capacity-building programmes, in cooperation with international partner agencies such as WTO, UNIDO, ITC, FAO and
Organisationen har interesser på:
  • verdensplan

Antal personer, der udfører aktiviteter, der falder ind under åbenhedsregistrets anvendelsesområde

Antal personer: 50
Supplerende oplysninger: Office Bearers:
Presidente: Gian Franco Terenzi (San Marino – Europa)
Soita Shitanda (Kenya – Africa)
Mohamed Tajudin Alias (Malesia – Asia)
Akram Mendame (Gabon – Africa)
J.S.Juneja (India – Asia)
Robert Holtz (Francia – Europa)
Celso Cardenas (Paraguay – America)
Rodrigo Varela (Colombia – Americhe)
Li Zi Bin (Cina Asia)
Presidente Commissione Questioni Finanziarie:
Sun Xiu Chun (Cina – Asia)
Presidente Commissione Questioni Sociali:
Katarina Jagic (Croazia – Europa)
Presidente Commissione Questioni Economiche:
Joseph Kyalangilwa (RDC Congo – Africa)
Commissione Questioni Finanziarie:
Presidente: Sun Xiu Chun (Cina –Asia)
Segretario: Margit Batthyany (Ungheria – Europa)
Raul Uranga (Svizzera – Europa)
Sakho Tibou (Guinea – Africa)
Arun Agrawal (India – Asia)
Commissione Questioni Sociali:
Presidente: Katarina Jagic (Croazia – Europa)
Nicolas Magotswe Simani (Tanzania – Africa)
Segretario: Serges Lupuke Wabenga (RDC Congo – Africa)
Donatien Beya Tschidibu (Germania – Europa)
Muhammed Hussein (Somalia – Africa)
Silvia Morosanu (Romania – Europa)Commissione Questioni Economiche:
Presidente: Joseph Kyalangilwa (RDC Congo – Africa)
Robert Krapfenbaueri (Austria – Europa)
Loretta Menicucci (San Marino – Europa)
Segretario: Kathy Marhoffer (Austria /Pana – Americhe)
Muhammed Naeem (Pakistan – Asia)
Viene confermato Norbert W.Knoll-Dornhoff (Austria) quale Segretario Generale del WUSME.

Personer akkrediteret ved Europa-Parlamentet

Ingen akkrediterede


De vigtigste EU-initiativer, der blev dækket af aktiviteter, der falder ind under registrets anvendelsesområde, foregående år:

Information of WUSME Members about SME policy of the EU and about SME oriented programs. Development of projects in Asian and African Countries for applications for funding by the European Investment Bank (EIB). Missions to African Countries, e.g. Republic of Gabon in February 2011 in cooperation with the local mision of the European Union.

Interesseområder for e-mails med underretning om høringer og køreplaner;

Organisationens interesseområder:
  • Beskæftigelse og sociale anliggender
  • Budget
  • Energi
  • Erhverv
  • Forbrugere
  • Forskning og teknologi
  • Generelle og institutionelle spørgsmål
  • Handel
  • Humanitær bistand
  • Indre Anliggender
  • Informationssamfundet
  • Klima
  • Konkurrence
  • Landbrug og udvikling af landdistrikter
  • Miljø
  • Økonomi og finans
  • Retlige Anliggender og grundlæggende rettigheder
  • Skat
  • Told
  • Transeuropæiske net  
  • Uddannelse
  • Udvidelse
  • Udvikling


Information om foreninger eller sammenslutninger, organisationen er medlem af, og/eller netværk, den indgår i .

Finansielle oplysninger

Regnskabsår: 04/2010 - 04/2011
Anslåede omkostninger forbundet med organisationens direkte lobbyvirksomhed i EU-institutionerne i det pågældende regnskabsår: < 50000  €
Beløb og finansieringskilde ved støtte fra EU's institutioner i regnskabsåret n-1 i forhold til registreringtidspunktet
Offentlige kontrakter: 0 €
Tilskud: 0 €
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