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Numărul de identificare din Registru: 4293010684-55
Data înscrierii: 27/11/2008 09:52:28

Informațiile privind această entitate au fost modificate ultima dată la: 13/02/2015 10:37:39
Data ultimei actualizări anuale: 13/02/2015 10:37:39
Data-limită pentru următoarea actualizare: 13/02/2016

    Solicitantul înregistrării: Organizaţie sau persoană care desfăşoară activităţi independente


aisbl registered in Belgium

    Secțiunea de înregistrare

III - Organizaţii neguvernamentale

Organizaţii neguvernamentale, platforme, reţele şi organizaţii similare

    Date de contact

Rue Joseph II, 166
1000 Bruxelles

(+32) 2 234 38 60

    Persoana care deţine răspunderea juridică

Doamna  Heather Roy

Eurodiaconia Secretary General

    Persoana responsabilă de relațiile cu UE

Doamna  Heather Roy

secretary general

    Obiective şi misiuni

Eurodiaconia is a federation of organisations, institutions and churches providing social and health services and education on a Christian values base in 23 European countries, territories and regions. We have three strategic aims: to ensure quality of life for all in a social Europe; link institutions of diaconia, social initiatives, and churches in Europe; and to be and enhance networks of competence.

Eurodiaconia is a member of the Social Platform. Rather than being merely interest representatives, NGO members of the Social Platform represent a structured voice of engaged citizens and civil society. They present the diversity of voices across Europe, channel viewpoints and values of thousands of people working at a grassroots level in the political decision-making process. Additionally, they make people and local organisations discuss European decision-making and propose appropriate measures to address these concerns.

In that respect, NGOs member of the Social Platform build European solidarity and help reduce the gap between politicians and citizens by enabling local organisations and people to participate in European decisions which have an impact on their lives.

Eurodiaconia is committed to transparency about EU interest representation. Eurodiaconia believes that this register fails basic transparency standards and that it does not provide EU lobbying transparency. When registering, we have therefore chosen to give all relevant information that we consider necessary for lobbying transparency. A credible EU lobbying transparency register should include names of individual lobbyists and the issues that they try to influence, provide precise and comparable financial information on lobbying, and have effective sanctions to ensure the accuracy and completeness of the information disclosed. In an effort to arrive at a more objective way of calculating lobbying expenditures, we follow guidelines that result from consultations with public interest organisations, professionals working on lobby transparency as well as experts of US lobby disclosure legislation. Our registration is therefore providing a more comprehensive calculation of our expenses for activities that aim to influence the policy formulation and decision-making processes of the European institutions, and a list of those who, on behalf of Eurodiaconia, carry out such activities.

Our registration is based on the guidelines for transparent registration developed by the Civil Society Contact Group and ALTER-EU. Find the guidelines on or

  • european
  • naţional

    Activități specifice care fac obiectul Registrului

Meetings with MEPS and Commission Official, letters, hearings in the European Parliament on:
Social and health policy
Europe 2020
European Semster
Economic Governance
Roma Inclusion
Youth Inclusion
Social Services
Extreme Poverty/Homelessness
Funds for Social Inclusion
Regional Cohesion
Public Procurement
Debt/Credit issues/Consumer policy

Meetings and Seminars for members with input from MEPs and Commission officials
Press Releases
Information on our website
promotional mailings



Stakeholders on E@SI funding for European Networks
European Platform Against Poverty
Roma Platform


Social Economy Intergroup
Public Services Intergroup
Extreme Poverty and Human Rights Intergroip
Child Rights intergroup


On behalf of Eurodiaconia, the persons listed below have had, during the reporting period, four or more contacts with members or officials of the EU institutions with the objective of influencing the policy formulation and decision-making processes of the European institution.

Laura Jones, policy officer:
Dossiers:State aid, public procurement, European Social Fund, healthy ageing and elderly care, quality in social services, social innovation, social business, social impact measurement.
Worked as assistant to MEP Terry Wynn (UK) in the European Parliament from 1/05 to 6/06

Clotilde Clark Foulquier, policy Officer
Dossiers: Poverty and social exclusion, Europe 2020 and the European Semester, Homelessness, over-indebtedness and financial inclusion.

Catherine Mallet, policy Officer
Dossiers: Migration, Roma, active inclusion, child poverty, and volunteering.

Heather Roy, Secretary General, overall policy co-ordination and representation.

    Numărul de persoane implicate în activitățile descrise în caseta de mai sus

100%: 6   25%: 1



6.1 FTE plus one person working on a consultancy basis 2 days a month for accountancy.

    Persoane acreditate să acceadă în clădirile Parlamentului European

Prenume Nume Data de început Data de sfârșit
Clotilde Foulquier 15/11/2014 13/11/2015
Theresa Schlage 21/04/2015 17/04/2016
Stephan Burger 28/10/2014 24/10/2015
Alexander Elu 21/04/2015 17/04/2016
Catherine Storry 15/10/2014 13/10/2015
Heather Roy 14/11/2014 12/11/2015

    Domenii de interes

  • Afaceri economice şi financiare
  • Afaceri generale şi instituţionale
  • Afaceri Interne
  • Buget
  • Comerţ
  • Comunicare
  • Concurenţă
  • Consumatori
  • Cultură
  • Educaţie
  • Justiţie si drepturile fundamentale
  • Ocuparea forţei de muncă şi afaceri sociale
  • Piaţă internă
  • Politică regională
  • Sănătate publică
  • Tineret

    Membri și afiliere



Social Platform. European-Anti-Poverty-Network (EAPN).
Social Services Europe
European Alliance for Volunteering

    Date financiare

01/2013  -  12/2013

< 9.999 €

773.716 €

618.884 €


309.442 €

PROGRESS/E@SI programme

309.442 €

154.832 €

17.173 €

137.659 €

Following the guidelines of the EU Civil Society Contact Group and the Alliance for Lobbying, Transparency and Ethics Regulation in the EU, Eurodiaconia has calculated that it spent an estimated €20,465 in 2008 on activities carried out with the objective of influencing the policy formulation and decision-making processes of the European institutions.”

NGOs member of the Social Platform funding are used to help reduce the gap between politicians and citizens by enabling local organisations and people to participate in European decisions which have an impact on their lives. NGOs do so through their participatory structures and by organising working groups, seminars, workshops in which participants from all over Europe gather and propose appropriate measures to address their concerns. In that respect, their bottom-up and participatory approach build European solidarity.

    Cod de conduită

Înregistrându-se, organizaţia a semnat Codul de conduită al Registrului de transparenţă.