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Edison Spa

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Edison Spa


Società per Azioni

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II – Företagsegna lobbyister samt bransch- och yrkesorganisationer

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Foro Buonaparte, 31
20121 Milano

(+39) 0262221


Please use the following contact details:

Edison Spa
Public and Regulatory Affairs
EU liaison Office
Avenue des Nerviens, 3
1040 Bruxelles (B)
T: 0032-(0)2-7371570
F: 0032-(0)2-7371575
E: bruxelles@edison.it

SVP of Public and EU Affairs: Mr. Marco Margheri
Contact person: Ms. Simona Goodwin

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Lescoeur Bruno

Chief Executive Officer

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Marco Margheri

SVP Public and EU Affairs

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Edison (www.edison.it) is one of the oldest energy companies in Europe. It is a leader of the national energy market in Italy as well as being very active in the sector of electricity and gas in several European countries. Edison is involved in ambitious investments projects , in partnership with major stakeholders, reflecting its commitment to the establishment of a new way of generating energy. Edison is committed to several energy sources (from CCGTs to renewables) as well as being a part of several projects of highest strategic importance to the EU. Such projects as the first LNG offshore terminal built in Rovigo or the GALSI pipeline between Algeria and Italia, illustrate Edison’s commitment to R&D. As the newest addition to the EDF group, Edison plans to further develop this policy.
For more information please check www.edison.it or contact bruxelles@edison.it

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  • Globala
  • Nationella


Edison has been collaborating with the European institutions since many years, offering its experience as a leader in the energy market, for a more in depth elaboration of community legislation. For this purpose, Edison elaborates analysis, studies and positions which are shared with community institutions and stakeholders involved in the European debate and in the elaboration of proposals and decisions on the various dossiers

Edison has also initated an ambitious investment plan in energy infrastructures, in the electricity sector as well as in the natural gas sector. Many aspects of these investments have implications linked to community law and in some cases are under the complete competency of the EU institutions. Edison’s Institutional Relations Department has the task of effectively and appropriately interacting to guarantee to the European commission and the institutions involved punctual and broad information on the evolution of the dossiers, as well as elaborating subjects that fall directly under community competency.

The Brussels office actively collaborates with the various stakeholders and representative organizations and interacts when necessary with community institutions also to represent the positions of the organizations.
For more information please go to www.edison.it or contact Bruxelles@edison.it

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Edison participates in various organizations of interest representation in Italy as well as in Europe. The sharing of information through the presence of Edison representatives in committees and working groups contributes to an informed internal debate.
On a purely informational basis, below are listed some of the most important organizations Edison is working closely with :

- Assoelettrica / UNEI / Eurelectric
- Confindustria / Businesseurope
- Eurogas
- Efet
- Recs
- GII (Gruppo Iniziativa italiana)

Edison also participates in the activities of the Industry Advisory Panel of the Charter Energy Treaty.

For further information please check www.edison.it or contact bruxelles@edison.it

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01/2013  -  12/2013

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The Brussels office of Edison are completely integrated within the public and European Affairs departement of Edison SpA. The office is under the administrative direction of Edison SpA, headquartered in Buonaparte 31 - 20121 Milan. The numbers previously cited in option II correspond to the indicative value of the direct activities of the EU office of the society, calculated according to the criterions and the indications furnished in the Code of Conduct of the present Register. Associative costs are not included if there are not directly sustained by the operational unity and directly reported to the activities of establing relations with European institutions.
For more information please check www.edison.it or contact bruxelles@edison.it


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