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University of Pavia

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University of Pavia


Public University

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IV – Tankesmedjor, forskningsinstitutioner och akademiska institutioner

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C.so Strada Nuova, 65
27100 Pavia

(+39) 0382984201

(+39) 0382984633

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Fabio Rugge


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Sofia Baggini

Head of Research Office

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The university of Pavia, which boasts a centuries-old tradition of study, is considered both in Italy and abroad to be a university of excellence and aims to maintain its record of excellence while adjusting to changes brought in by the recent reform in the Italian university system.
• Overall quality
With the current level of competition between universities, the deciding factor is the overall quality as regards education, research, services and the quality of life the students enjoy in their host city; not forgetting the value of the qualifications acquired on completion of studies, a facilitated entry into the world of work and last, but not least, the quality of leisure time with recreational, sport and cultural activities all on offer.
• Education : student-centre
The quality of education is guaranteed by ample equipment and services which are constantly being improved (didactic laboratories, computerised libraries etc.) and by the opportunities offered for the students’ cultural development. Fortunately, the University of Pavia does not suffer the overcrowding which penalises other universities and thus can guarantee an excellent teacher-student ratio with the possibility of carrying out experiments in state-of-the-art laboratories, yielding very positive results on completion of the students’ professional training.
Research: excellent results
The University of Pavia enjoys international prestige in many areas of research: the excellent results achieved bear witness to this, as does collaboration with the most qualified research centres worldwide, the recognition given to the University teaching staff and the appeal which our University has for researchers in Italy and abroad. All of this can be attributed to the constant improvement of the structures and the increase in resources.
• Pavia, centre of excellence for under and post-graduate training
On the basis of an agreement supported by the Ministry for Universities and Scientific and Technological Research, the University of Pavia, in association with the Borromeo, Ghislieri, Nuovo and Santa Caterina Halls of Residence, and ISU, has opened the University Institute for Advanced Studies (IUSS) which foresees the experimentation of under and post-graduate advanced training courses with the Advanced University School (SUS), the Advanced School of Integrated Training (SAFI), and the European Schools of Advanced Studies (ESAS).



Collaborative Project:

- Horizon 2020: RIA, IA, MSCA, ERC

- FP7: Cooperation, Capacities, Euratom;

- ERC Starting Grants - Advanced Grants;

- Marie Curie Actions;

- Life + Programme;

- Cost Programme;

- NATO PSP Programme;

- CEI Central Europe Initiative;

- Erasmus Mundus

- Erasmus Intensive Programmes

- Erasmus Networks

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Administrative Staff: 885
Temporary Staff: 11
Managers Directors:6
Temporary Managers Directors:1

Full Professor: 265
Associate Professor: 267
Temporary Researcher:39
Temporary Professor:50

Readers :31

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  • Informationssamhället
  • Kultur
  • Livsmedelssäkerhet
  • Miljö
  • Regionalpolitik
  • Utbildning


1 954


International networks:

JTI: Joint Technologies Initiatives


- IMI;


- EUA;

- Coimbra Group;





National Networks:



- Forum delle Relazioni Internazionali

- Invest your Talent

- CUCS - Coordinamento Universitario per la Cooperazione allo Sviluppo

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