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AVSI Foundation

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AVSI Foundation



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via Legnone, 4
20158 Milan

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Giampaolo Silvestri


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Dania Tondini

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AVSI Foundation is an international, non-profit, non-governmental organization (NGO) founded in 1972, with headquarters in Milan, Italy and an office in Washington, DC.
Globally, AVSI’s mission is to support human development in developing countries according to the social teaching of the Catholic Church, with special attention to education and promotion of the global dignity of every person.

Since 1991, AVSI has been registered as a PVO with USAID, and is officially recognized by the Italian Government and the European Union. AVSI holds general consultative status with the UN Economic and Social Council, New York, with UNICEF, New York, with the UN Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO)in Vienna; AVSI is an accredited participant of the UN Global Compact and is listed in the ILO Special List of NGOs.
At present, AVSI is operating in 30 countries in Africa, Latin America, Eastern Europe and Eurasia, the Middle East and South-East Asia in the following sectors: social and educational, distance support, urban development, healthcare, work, agriculture, food security and water, energy and environment, humanitarian emergency, migrations, international adoptions.
More than 60 organizations now make up the informal AVSI network, which works systematically on the implementation of projects, common reflection on development, to share methods and experiences. The network includes founding members and participating members, but also partners. A network bound by operative friendship.

Drawing on AVSI’s methodological approach that focuses on the needs of the person in his/her entirety and on partnerships with local institutions, AVSI’s programs and those of networked organizations often extend into more than one sector and across the divisions of civil society, business, and the state. This cross-sectoral and community-level approach makes each intervention more effective and sustainable.
AVSI, relying in a particular way on its personnel in the field working side by side with local partners, holds education as the overall goal of each cultural, social and economic project and initiative. Education cannot be reduced to schooling, training sessions, or information campaigns; instead, to educate means to introduce ourselves and one another to reality, to its meaning and to the value of things, thereby sustaining the individual’s responsible undertaking to better his/her life and the lives of others.

An education to reality entails sharing an experience, through a relationship, where the fulfillment of life and the awareness of meaning are already being lived.

With this ultimate goal and guided by the following principles, AVSI does not create dependency, but helps individuals and communities address their own present and future needs through education and building permanent and sustainable institutions.

Centrality of the person: The person is seen as a unique being in his or her fundamental relationships, family and society. The person cannot be reduced to a social category or a limitation such as poverty, disease or disability.
Starting from the positive: Every person and every community represents a potential resource, regardless of their vulnerability. This means valuing and strengthening all that has been made by people and also helping people to understand their own value and dignity.
Doing with: Starting from a relationship with the people to whom the project is directed and building with them on the basis of their development path.
Development of Civil Society and Subsidiarity: Development projects must favor associations, ackowledgment and must value the establishment of intermediate bodies along with responsible and engaged social fabric.
Partnership: Promotion of partnerships with all the actors in the field in order to favor synergies and optimize available resources.

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-Discussion on post 2015 Agenda
-EC communication and EP report on Private sector in development
-Corporate social responsibility
- Implementation of EC Communication and programming process of DCI thematic instrument for Civil Society Organizations
- Energy in Development
- Implementation of EC Nutrition Action Plan
- ECHO new Framework Partnership Agreement







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Dania TONDINI 11/02/2015 29/02/2016


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ACDI Argentina,
AVAID Switzerland,
AVSI Alto Adige-Italy,
AVSI Canada,
AVSI Brasil,
AVSI Polska,
AVSI San Marino,
Cardinal Otunga Charitable Trust Kenya,
CDM Brazil,
Cesal Spain,
CODESC Brazil,
COWA Kenya,
COWA Uganda,
DIJO Mexico,
EDUS-Educazione e Sviluppo Italy,
Fundacion Domus Chile,
Fundacion Sembrar Ecuador,
Famiglie per l'accoglienza Italy,
Fondazione del Sacro Cuore Italy
FDP Fundatia Desvoltarea Romania,
Khandlelo Mozambique,
La Libanaise Lebanon,
Maksora Russia,
MASP Kazakhstan,
Meeting Point Kitgum Uganda,
Meeting Point International Uganda,
LGHIE Uganda,
Salus - Cren Brazil,
SHIS Albania,
Shpresa e Jetes Kosovo,
Sotas Lithuania,
Support Germany,
The Seed Nigeria,
Vida Portugal


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01/2014  -  12/2014

< 9.999 €

26.738.705 €

12.097.954 €


7.136.000 €

ECHO - Development Program

1.777.292 €

205.920 €

2.808.171 €

170.571 €

14.640.751 €

14.180.231 €

137.200 €

323.320 €

The total budget managed in 2014 by AVSI by both headquarters in Italy and local branches is 46.735.976 Euros

Besides 132 natural persons, AVSI has 35 member organisations in 20 countries.


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