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Profiel van de inschrijver

Independent Academic Research Studies

Inschrijvingsnummer in het register 37786175225-56
Inschrijvingsdatum: 3-2-11 15:54:58

De gegevens van deze organisatie zijn voor het laatst aangepast op 21-1-15 13:19:43
De laatste jaarlijkse update vond plaats op 21-1-15 13:19:43

Inschrijver: Organisatie of zelfstandige

Naam of firmanaam: Independent Academic Research Studies
Acroniem: IARS
Rechtsvorm: Charity


Categorie IV - Denktanks, universitaire en onderzoeksinstellingen
Meer specifiek: Denktanks en onderzoeksinstellingen

Wettelijk verantwoordelijke

Achternaam en voornaam: Mijnheer  Theo Gavrielides
Functie: Executive Director

Vaste vertegenwoordiger voor EU-zaken

Achternaam en voornaam: Mejuffrouw  Andriana  Ntziadima
Functie: Promotions and Resources Manager


Gegevens van het hoofdkantoor Dock Offices Surrey Quays Road  14
SE16 2XU London
Telefoon: (+0044) 020 70644380
Faxnummer: (+) 
Overige contactgegevens:

Doelstellingen en taken

Doelstellingen en taken van de organisatie: IARS is a user-led and user-focused, UK-based international institute with a charitable mission to give everyone a chance to forge a safer, fairer and more inclusive society.

Led by its founder and Director, Professor Dr. Theo Gavrielides and staffed with a dedicated team of experts, interns and volunteers, IARS achieves it charitable aims by producing evidence-based solutions to current social problems, evaluating and researching social action, sharing best practice and by supporting communities to shape decision making. We help organisations to achieve change through the lived experiences of the communities they want to serve and by maximing their social impact.

We are acknowledged internationally for our expertise in justice, equality and youth, and have delivered projects in areas such as restorative justice, rehabilitation, human rights and inclusion, citizenship, public services and user-led research/ evaluation.

We also have a mission to transform young people’s lives by enabling them to have a better future, and participate equally and democratically in civic life. IARS' young people learn to inform policies and practices affecting them whether at a local, regional, national or international level. We are dedicated to helping deliver the EU Youth Strategy by "Investing and Empowering" our young people. To read some of their stories click here
Our constitutional arrangements

The IARS Articles of Association state that the charity is set up "To promote and contribute to the development and civic participation of young people, children and adult members of the community as individuals and members of society by:

Providing an infrastructure, training, guidance and support to enable them to undertake research, studies or other activities to investigate the issues which affect them and;
Encouraging, supporting and facilitating them to acquire a voice in democratic life, and use the useful results of that research and learning to increase awareness and understanding of the issues which affect them including amongst others decision makers, governments, policy makers, service providers and the public.

Delivering our charitable mission

We deliver our charitable mission:

By carrying out action research and evaluation that is independent, credible, focused and current
By acting as a network (locally, nationally and internationally) that brings people and ideas together, communicates best practice and encourages debates on current social problems
By supporting individuals and grass roots organisations to carry out their own initiatives to shape decision-making, and by helping them to maximise their social impact
By being an authoritative, independent and evidence-based voice on current social policy matters.

We are known for our robust, independent, evidence-based approach to solving current social problems, and we are considered a pioneer in user-involvement and the application of user-led research methods.
Schaal waarop de organisatie actief is:
  • Europees

Aantal personen dat zich bezig houdt met activiteiten die onder het toepassingsgebied van het transparantieregister vallen

Aantal personen: 10
Aanvullende informatie:

Geaccrediteerd voor toegang tot de gebouwen van het Europees Parlement

Geen accreditaties


Belangrijkste EU-initiatieven waarover in het afgelopen jaar activiteiten hebben plaatsgevonden die onder het register vallen:

Our day-to-day activities revolve around user-led, high quality research that is carried out through the direct involvement and empowerment of users with an emphasis on marginalised and excluded groups including but not limited to victims, offenders, young people, black and minority ethnic groups, abused women, refugee and asylum seekers and those facing financial barriers. Our key areas of work are: justice, young people and equalities.
We use our research to create new knowledge, change public opinion, to inform policy and legislation and to increase awareness. IARS functions at local, national and international levels and is funded by the European Commission to lead on several strategic programmes. We have a small in-house publishing house and hold Annual Conferences that act as platform of sharing research, best practice and encouraging national and international debates that feed into policy and practice.
Part of our activities is also the development and delivery of evidence –based (both face to face and online online) training programmes to individuals and organisations in our three areas of expertise: Justice - Equalities - Young People. Our training programmes aim to support them to introduce a user – led element into their way of thinking, research and policy work. All our training programmes have received CPD accreditation (Continuous Professional Development) by an international recognized training provider.
To find out more about our work and current programmes please follow the link

Onderwerpen waarover raadplegingen en roadmaps per e-mail worden aangekondigd

Interessegebieden van de organisatie:
  • Binnenlandse zaken
  • Cultuur
  • Jeugd
  • Justitie en grondrechten
  • Onderwijs
  • Regionaal beleid
  • Werkgelegenheid en sociale zaken


Totaal aantal aangesloten natuurlijke personen: 80
Aantal aangesloten organisaties: 0
Aangesloten organisatie (Aantal leden) :
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Informatie over het lidmaatschap van de organisatie van verenigingen, federaties of confederaties of, als zij al dan niet ad hoc bij een netwerk is aangesloten, over de netwerkrelaties.

Financiële gegevens

Boekjaar: 03/2013 - 03/2014
Totaalbudget: 513.961
waarvan gefinancierd door de overheid: 484.664
- EU:
- Aanbestedingen:
- Subsidies: 221.308
- nationale overheid: 261.075
- subnationale overheden:
Publications and fees : 2.281
waarvan uit andere bronnen: 29.297
- giften: 27.518
- contributies van de leden: 1.779
Schatting van de kosten die uw organisatie in dit boekjaar heeft gemaakt voor belangenbehartiging bij de Europese instellingen: >= 5000000  € en < 5250000  €
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