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Irish Funds Industry Association Ltd

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Irish Funds Industry Association Ltd


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II - Företagsegna lobbyister samt bransch-, näringslivs- och yrkesorganisationer

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Block A, 10th Floor
George's Quay Plaza
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Pat Lardner

Chief Executive

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Pat Lardner

Chief Executive

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Founded in 1991, the objective of the Irish Funds Industry Association is to support and complement the development of the funds industry in Ireland.

The Association represents investment fund managers/promoters, custodian banks, administrators, transfer agents and professional advisory firms involved in the international fund services industry in Ireland.

IFIA supports and complements the development of the industry through:

• Active and thoughtful engagement on policy and regulatory developments domestically and at EU level and globally, backed by the analysis and input from our 35 working groups.
• Working with the authorities in Ireland to ensure that the environment and infrastructure are supportive of the growth of our industry
• Developing industry policy and guidance papers to ensure high standards
• Designing and supporting the delivery of industry specific training programmes and seminars which support the professional and technical excellence of those working in the industry.
• A global programme of promotional activity.

The IFIA vigorously pursues the goals of enhancing and promoting Ireland as the location of choice for the domiciling and administration of investment funds.

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The IFIA follows and communicates those initiatives, policies and files which impact the establishment, operation and competitiveness of regulated cross-border investment funds and the activities of its members in supporting this important link in the creation of savings and the funding of the economy. The following are a sample of the topics/files being followed by the Association

• Undertakings for Collective Investments in Transferable Securities (“UCITS”) Directives
• Alternative Investment Fund Managers Directive
• Proposal for a Regulation of the European Parliament and of the Council on Money Market Funds
• Accounting Directive
• Audit Directive
• 4th Anti Money Laundering Directive
• MiFID II and MiFIR
• Financial Transaction Tax: proposal for a directive in enhanced-cooperation
• Capital Markets Union







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Member Organisations:

European Fund and Asset Management Association (http://www.efama.org/SitePages/Home.aspx)

International Investment Funds Association (http://www.iifa.ca/)

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IFIA is a not for profit organisation that is member funded.

The amount of estimated costs provided above includes 75.7% of IFIA's membership fee to EFAMA as per the calculation provided by EFAMA.


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