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Boulevard Franklin Roosevelt, 43
92500 Rueil Malmaison

(+33) 1 47 78 63 79

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pán  Julien Denegre

Business development manager Innovation & Technology

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pán  Julien Denègre

Business development manager Innovation & Technology

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Technip is a world leader in the fields of project management, engineering and construction for the oil & gas industry. With 40,000 employees and present in 46 countries, Technip has operating centers and industrial assets (manufacturing plants, construction yard) on the five continents.

It was always needed to understand and mitigate the risks to commercial and technical success, especially the technological risks to further successful project execution. Only companies that are able to be innovative with high financial and execution performance will succeed. We believe this can be achieved by having well defined and controlled processes, addressing innovation and technology development that are closely linked to business strategy and financial targets.

For that purpose, Technip inaugurated in june 2013 its Innovation and Technology Center (ITC) in Rueil-Malmaison. This center already brings together more than 65 managers and specialists of subsea technologies necessary to the development of underwater oil and gas fields.

One of its main missions is to drive the effort of our different worldwide dedicated R&D centers, ensuring that our prioritized R&D programs are structured in suitable portfolios aligned with the strategic market orientations that have been identified; focusing on ultra-deep water, difficult HT/HP reservoirs , subsea asset integrity management, smart pipelines, subsea processing or long tie back...


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Blue growth, EIP RM, Juncker plan







Deepsea mining

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Technip is a member of the European Technology Platform Sustainable Mineral Resources

The European Technology Platform Sustainable Mineral Resources (SMR) was established in November 2005 with the purpose to:

• reshape a ‘traditional‘ industry from a resource-driven to a knowledge-driven industry;

• foster new and better jobs, particularly at SME level and in the New Member States;

• supply and secure the mineral resources needed by the EU economy, while minimising the related environmental footprint (decoupling);

• strengthen world leadership and competitiveness in minerals sector technology;

• add value for customers and society.

The platform was officially recognised by the European commission in 2008. The platform has prepared a Vision 2030 document and a Strategic Research Agenda that periodically is updated, see The importance of the extractive industry for the well functioning European economy has been more and more evident, see e.g. The raw materials initiative — meeting our critical needs for growth and jobs in Europe COM (2008) 699. The ETP SMR is prepared to continue with fruitful discussions with the EU bodies to identify and implement vital R&D to meet the current and future challenges identified in the new EU2020 strategy for smart, sustainable and inclusive growth.

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