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Den registrerades profil

Young Friends of the Countryside

Id-nummer i registret: 26831242561-76
Registreringsdag: 2009-10-28 12:30:31

Uppgifterna om den här organisationen uppdaterades senast den 2013-10-07 10:22:31
Den senaste årliga uppdateringen gjordes den 2013-10-07 10:22:31

Registrerad: organisation eller egenföretagare

Namn eller företagsnamn: Young Friends of the Countryside
Förkortning: YFCS
Associationsform (rättslig ställning): AISBL
Webbplats: http://www.yfcs.eu


Sektion: III – Icke-statliga organisationer
och närmare bestämt: Icke-statliga organisationer, plattformar, nätverk och liknande

Juridiskt ansvarig

Efternamn, förnamn: Carl-Philipp von Croÿ
Befattning: president

Fast anställd med ansvar för EU-frågor

Efternamn, förnamn: Maximilian Seilern und Aspang
Befattning: coordinator


Huvudkontorets adress och telefon: Rue de Trèves  67
1040 Brussels
Telefon: (+32) 223520004
Fax: (+32) 223403009
Andra adressuppgifter: Secretary General
Francesco Kinsky

Maximilian Seilern und Aspang

Mål och uppdrag

Organisationens mål och uppdrag: YFCS is a European membership organisation for rural business people, rural entrepreneurs, future and young private landowners aged between 18 and 35 year old.

YFCS Objectives:
-To support the initiatives of our members in their fields of action.
-To represent our members at European Union level.
-To provide clarification on private inheritance processes linked to private estates and historic houses management.
-To create opportunities for our members to be involved in European processes.
-To develop a European network to share experiences, opinions, ideas and incentives.
-To raise awareness amongst future landowners and business managers to inform them about European environmental policies, inheritance processes and rural business opportunities.
Organisationens intressen är:
  • Europeiska

Antal personer som sysslar med verksamhet som faller under öppenhetsregistrets användningsområde

Antal personer: 2
Kompletterande upplysningar:

Personer med ackreditering till Europaparlamentets byggnader

Inga ackrediterade personer


De viktigaste EU-initiativen som omfattades av verksamhet inom öppenhetsregistrets användningsområde under föregående år::

As representatives of the future generation of land managers, we must be aware of actions taking part on the agricultural and forestry sectors, namely in the CAP, as well as drivers of our environmental and cultural heritage.

Since the future of Europe’s countryside is dependent on the individual management decisions of its millions of entrepreneurs and landowners. On one hand we need to prepare the future generations to be able to take over this challenge and to enable YFCS to become an influential organization, with the capacity to spread its vision in the political, economic and social spheres; at national and European level. On the other hand it is important to communicate this message, not only internally but also externally in the form of constructive debates with EU institutions, NGOs, the academic world and national representatives.

Therefore, the YFCS launched the “Young Entrepreneurs’ Award” in order to reward a personal or group project of YFCS members; launched the YFCS secured platform, which allows our members to keep in touch with each other and to have direct access to YFCS information; every month, our members receive a hard copy of the Countryside Magazine, published in five languages in cooperation with Friends of the Countryside, has the YFCS website “www.yfcs.eu” as an external communication tool; and YFCS organized and participate actively in various events, such:
- YFCS Financial Seminar: 23rd January in Paris (FR).
- 2nd Forum for the Future of Agriculture: 18th March in Brussels (BE), which was attended by over 500 delegates and speakers.
- Local YFCS's national activities: 18th May, Mezzana Bigli (IT). Aiming at recruiting new members, fostering the relationships between existing members and also promoting YFCS and its activities to external partners.
- Green Week 2009: 23rd to 26th June, Brussels (BE). Together with ELO and the FCS, YFCS attended various conferences and held an information stand. The winner of the “Young Entrepreneurs’ Award”, Tanguy du MONCEAU, was present with his project CO2logic.
- FCS General Assembly: 11th to 14th June, Prague (CZ).
- CLA Game Fair: 25th July, Belvoir Castle (UK).

Other achievements in 2009:
- focus was laid on structured communication. Improving visibility within the organisation was a crucial step for ensuring the commitment of our members. Therefore, members have access to a secured platform «https://yfcs.trustedfamily.net/», which allows them to keep in touch and to have direct access to YFCS information. Inter alia, they are able to consult the calendar, pay annual fees, and download presentations and pictures;
- the second challenge was to ensure further qualitative member growth. This was achieved thanks to the active involvement of the Board and ELC (European liaison Committee;
- the toughest challenge we are confronted with is financial growth. Our finances are promising thanks to the valuable support of BNP Paribas and our membership fee revenues that are increasing yearly. We are also in the process of obtaining financial support from the EU.

Intresseområden för meddelanden om samråd och färdplaner

Organisationens intresseområden:
  • Energi
  • Fiske och vattenbruk
  • Informationssamhället
  • Jordbruk och landsbygdsutveckling
  • Kultur
  • Miljö
  • Regionalpolitik
  • Ungdom
  • Utbildning


Antal medlemmar (”fysiska personer”): 191
Antal medlemsorganisationer: 13
Medlemsorganisationer (Medlemsantal) :
  • Land&Forst Betriebe Österreich (640 Medlemmar)
  • Landelijk Vlaanderen (700 Medlemmar)
  • WIRE (10 Medlemmar)
  • SVOL (530 Medlemmar)
  • Arbeitsgemeinschaft der Grundbesitzerverbände (1 600 Medlemmar)
  • Danske godser og herregarde (230 Medlemmar)
  • SAF-agriculteurs de France (1 000 Medlemmar)
  • CLA - Country Land and Business Association (1 907 Medlemmar)
  • AGRYA (3 000 Medlemmar)
  • Federazione Nazionale della proprieta fondiaria (1 946 Medlemmar)
  • Lithuanian Landowners Union (3 000 Medlemmar)
  • Latvian Forest Owner's Association (103 Medlemmar)
  • European Historical Houses Association (18 Medlemmar)
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Uppgifter om organisationens medlemskap i en eller flera föreningar/sammanslutningar/federationer eller nätverk, även informella och uppgifter om dessa kontakter.

Friends of the Countryside
ELO - European Landowners' Organization

Ekonomiska uppgifter

Räkenskapsår: 01/2012 - 12/2012
Total budget: 21 607
därav offentlig finansiering: 0
- från europeiska källor:
- Upphandling:
- Bidrag:
- nationella källor: 0
- regionala/lokala källor: 0
därav andra källor: 21 607
- gåvor:
- medlemsavgifter: 21 607
Uppskattning av utgifter med koppling till den direkta lobbyverksamheten vid EU:s institutioner under det räkenskapsåret: < 50000  €
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