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Brunswick Group LLP

Αριθμός μητρώου: 26255464458-25
ημερομηνία της εγγραφής: 02/11/2010 17:00:37

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Brunswick Group LLP


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I - Γραφεία συμβούλων/ εταιρείες νομικών/αυτοαπασχολούμενοι σύμβουλοι

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Lincoln's Inn Fields, 16
WC2A 3ED London

(+44) 2074045959

Avenue des Arts 27
1040 Bruxelles

(+32) 22356510

    Πρόσωπο νομικά υπεύθυνο

Κύριος  Andrew Fenwick


    Αρμόδιος για τις σχέσεις με την ΕΕ

Κύριος  Philippe Blanchard

Managing Partner

    Στόχοι και αποστολή

Brunswick is an international corporate communications partnership that helps businesses and other organizations address critical communications challenges. We started in London in 1987 and have grown organically into a private partnership of 23 offices around the world. Today we have around 120 Partners – senior professionals from a range of industry backgrounds – and a total staff of over 700.

We offer our clients a range of specialist capabilities – by issue, transaction, sector or audience – designed to deliver the desired outcome. Brunswick operates as a one-firm firm, offering a seamless service across international boundaries.

Brunswick in Brussels focuses on EU public and regulatory affairs, media relations and corporate reputation building. Our international and multilingual team has expertise in a broad number of areas of EU policy development and provides strategic advice and media relations for clients in sectors including financial services, energy and environmental policy, consumer industries, agriculture and food, transport, healthcare, digital & intellectual property and telecoms. Our in-house research team offers clients the opportunity to explore the opinions of key political and regulatory stakeholders and to identify trends and emerging issues impacting their business and sector. Brunswick Brussels works seamlessly with our offices in other major political centres, including London, Washington D.C., Paris, Berlin and Beijing.

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Brunswick Group follows EU policy developments for its clients across a number of policy areas, including financial services, energy, transport, infrastructure, technology, media, telecommunications, security, food, healthcare, environment, consumer goods and competition.







Brunswick’s team focuses on communications that are critically important to our clients’ businesses:

- Regulatory affairs & government relations: lobbying for legislative impact and change; promoting corporate reputation to address regulatory and political issues
- Corporate reputation: raising the profile, protecting and enhancing corporate reputation with key audiences internally and externally.
- Crisis management: defending a company’s integrity, business practices and assets, and developing effective responses.
- Ongoing investor & media communications: gaining insight, maintaining and building understanding among investors, analysts and the media.
- Opinion research & polling: research among elite stakeholders to identify reputation drivers, issues and opportunities

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Judith Susanne AY 09/06/2015 05/06/2016
Maeve BUTLER 06/10/2015 01/10/2016
Chiara TOMASI 06/10/2015 01/10/2016
Annalisa BARBAGALLO 06/10/2015 01/10/2016
Jesper KLEINGELD 11/02/2015 29/02/2016
Mikael ISAKSSON 11/02/2015 29/02/2016
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American European Community Association, Centre for European Policy Studies, British Chamber of Commerce in Belgium, American Chamber of Commerce to the EU.

    Οικονομικά στοιχεία

03/2013  -  02/2014

>= 1.000.000 € και < 1.249.999 €

>= 1.000.000 €

  • Royal Mail Group
  • Peabody Energy
  • BT Group
  • AT&T
  • Hutchison Whampoa Ltd.
  • Nord Stream
  • Yahoo!
  • Visa Inc.
  • Suez Environment
  • Fresenius
  • Amazon
  • Bell Helicopter
  • Morpho Detection Inc.
  • RBS Group
  • Federated Investors, Inc.
  • Metsä Group
  • Bank of America
  • ICE
  • Microsoft

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