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ECG - The Association of European Vehicle Logistics

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ECG - The Association of European Vehicle Logistics


International non profit association (aisbl)


II - In-huis-lobbyisten en handels-, bedrijfs- en beroepsverenigingen

Handels- en bedrijfsverenigingen


Boulevard Auguste Reyers, 80
1030 Brussels

(+32) 27068280

    Wettelijk verantwoordelijke

Mijnheer  Costantino Baldissara


    Contactpersoon voor EU-zaken

Mijnheer  Tom Antonissen

EU Affairs Adviser

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ECG is the association of the finished vehicle logistics sector in Europe. It represents over 80% of the European automotive outbound logistics industry, distributing vehicles by road, rail, sea and inland waterways. Member-companies are responsible for the movement and post-production modification of such vehicles after they leave the factory and before they arrive at the franchised dealership.

Today ECG members come from 28 countries accross Europe - including Georgia, the Russian Federation, Ukraine, Western Balkans and Turkey - and have an aggregate direct turnover of around €22bn, employing more than 105,000 people. They own or operate over 420 car carrying ships, some 19,700 purpose-built railway wagons, 85 river barges and 24,000 specialist road transporters.

ECG’s objective is to promote the interests of the finished vehicle logistics sector by highlighting its role as a vital and essential link in the automotive supply chain.
Its task is to monitor current and future EU policies, internally discuss with members important developments affecting the sector and, if deemed necessary, to lobby European institutions so that its needs are recognized and taken into account in the EU policy making process.

ECG also provides information, training and networking events to its members and liaises, on behalf of its membership, with vehicle manufacturers (OEMs), their trade associations and other EU and international organisations.

The ECG Secretariat is based in Brussels and is run by an Executive Director. From the membership a President and Vice-President are elected and are supported by a Board consisting of members representing the geographical spread of the membership. The ECG President is elected for a term of two years, whilst Board members are elected every year.

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The EU Transport White Paper and ensuing regulatory developments in the fields of Logistics, Road, Rail and Maritime Transport, as well as Environmental policy.
More specifically:
- Weights & Dimensions (Review of Directive 96/53)
- Secure Truck Parking Areas (ITS Directive & Action Plan)
- Internal Market for Road Freight
- TEN-T (Guidelines & CEF)
- Rail Freight Corridors & 4th Railway Package
- Low Sulphur in Marine Fuels Directive

Every year ECG organises a Dinner Debate in the European Parliament to enable our members, politicians and interested parties to come together and discuss views on topics of current interest or concern to our sector while dining within the European Parliament here in Brussels. Normally held during the month of March, these events are hosted on behalf of ECG by a Member of the European Parliament (MEP).

After an interval in 2014 due to institutional changes ECG held again its Dinner Debate on 24th March 2015. This time the event did not take place in the European Parliament due to security regulations but in the nearby Stanhope Hotel.

This annual event, kindly hosted by MEP Wim Van de Camp, EPP Co-ordinator for the TRAN Committee featured high-level representatives of ECG member companies as speakers. ECG President Costantino Baldissara and Sandro Santamato, Head of Unit Maritime Transport & Logistics at DG MOVE gave keynote speeches.

See for more information:

ECG occasionally publishes Briefing Reports and Position Papers, which can be found here:




DG MOVE Working Group on Aerodynamics (active)
DG MOVE Inland Ports Platform (passive)
European Sustainable Shipping Forum - ESSF (active)
DG MOVE Expert Group on Future Transport Fuels (passive)



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The EU Affairs Adviser is occasionally supported by the Executive Director when engaging in lobbying activities. 2 other ECG staff members currently hold EP access badges, though have not used them in the past year (they applied in anticipation of organising our Annual Dinner Debate in the EP, which did not take place in 2014 and in 2015 it was held outside of the EP as detailed above).

    Geaccrediteerd voor toegang tot de gebouwen van het Europees Parlement

Voornaam Achternaam Begindatum Einddatum
Oleh SHCHURYK 26/08/2014 20/08/2015
Tom ANTONISSEN 26/08/2014 19/08/2015
Szilvia KISS 02/09/2014 27/08/2015
Michael Guy STURGEON 26/08/2014 20/08/2015


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    Lidmaatschap en aangesloten organisaties

ECG has close to 100 member-companies active in the field of finished vehicle logistics, the list can be found here:

Mobility for Prosperity in Europe - MPE
In 2012 its operational secretariat (Brussels office) was moved to the European Union Road Federation (ERF)
2014 membership fee: €1.000

iMobility Forum
2014 membership fee: free of charge

European Logistics Platform - ELP
2014 membership fee: €1.000

Rail Forum Europe - RFE
2014 membership fee: €600

    Financiële gegevens

01/2014  -  12/2014

>= 100.000 € en < 199.999 €

Geen geld ontvangen van de EU-instellingen in het meest recente afgesloten boekjaar

ECG's main source of funding is via its membership fees, and the costs attributable to activities covered by the Register have been estimated according to its Implementing Guidelines as well as the SEAP Guidelines (of which the ECG EU Affairs Adviser is a member in his personal capacity).


Door zich in te schrijven heeft de organisatie ingestemd met de gedragscode van het transparantieregister.

De organisatie heeft verder verklaard zich te houden aan de volgende code:
The EU Affairs Adviser is a member of SEAP in his personal capacity, and is thus bound by their Code of Conduct as well.