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Profilo del soggetto registrato


Numero di identificazione nel Registro: 17429897118-54
Data d'iscrizione: 11/11/11 11.23.58

Le informazioni su questo organismo sono state modificate per l'ultima volta in data: 01/04/14 10.42.30
Data dell'ultimo aggiornamento annuale: 29/10/13 6.50.20

Entità registrata: organizzazione o lavoratore autonomo

Nome o ragione sociale: DTEK
Acronimo: DTEK
Forma giuridica: corporate
Sito Internet:


Categoria: II - Lobbisti interni e associazioni di categoria o professionali
in particolare: Imprese e gruppi

Responsabile legale

Cognome, nome: Signorina  Anna ZVOLIKEVYCH
Qualifica: DTEK Brussels Representative

Responsabile delle relazioni con l'UE

Cognome, nome: Signorina  Anna ZVOLIKEVYCH
Qualifica: DTEK Brussels Representative


Recapito della sede dell’organismo: Lva Tolstogo Business Centre 101 Tower 57
01032 Kyiv
Telefono: (+38) 0445814590
Fax: (+38) 0445814570
Altre informazioni sul recapito DTEK Brussels Representative
tel: +322 775 31 72
cell. +32 484 053 683
f. +322 771 41 04;
Avenue de Tervueren 168, Bte.11;
B-1150 Bruxelles

Obiettivi e compiti

Obiettivi e compiti dell’organismo: Our mission
We are working in the name of progress and social prosperity. Our energy brings people light and warmth.

Our vision
We are a dynamically developing Ukrainian Company which pursues leadership in the European energy markets. Our success is based on people, efficiency and advanced technologies.

Our values
Our employees possess extensive professional knowledge, carry out their duties responsibly and diligently, and accomplish their tasks in a timely and high-quality manner. We strive to achieve the best results while making the best possible use of human, natural and financial resources.

We are building our business on the understanding that all of our efforts should serve the interests of society. We bear responsibility for the quality of our work and the observance of corporate standards, for meeting our obligations, for using resources prudently, and for protecting the environment. We are also responsible for the people who make the success of our Company possible – our employees.

Pursuit of excellence
We create the right conditions to develop the talents and abilities of our employees, are introducing the latest technology, and are improving production and management processes. As we expand our business, we strive to instil confidence in our employees and contribute to the successful development of Ukraine.

We value team spirit, unity and solidarity. We can only achieve strong results as a team. We enjoy both working and socialising together. Our potential comes from the diverse experience and knowledge of each employee. Our unity comes from the common pursuit of the same idea and goal while understanding and supporting each other.

We are open and keep our employees, partners, shareholders and other external parties informed about important issues regarding our development, creating a foundation for working together in a spirit of trust. We conduct our business on the basis of principles that are clearly set out for employees and partners.
L’organismo ha interessi che si situano a livello:
  • europeo

Numero di persone che svolgono attività che rientrano nell'ambito di applicazione del Registro per la trasparenza

Numero di persone: 1
Informazioni complementari:

Persone accreditate che possono accedere ai locali del Parlamento europeo

Nessuna persona accreditata


Principali iniziative dell'UE coperte nell'anno precedente da attività che rientrano nell'ambito di applicazione del Registro per la trasparenza:

Europe 2020, Energy 2020,Energy Efficiency, European Infrustructure,International Cooperation
Multiannual Financial Framework 2014-2020, Horison 2020, Energy Strategy 2050, Green Book on energy and climate till 2030, Guidelines on RES support schemes, CRMs; Energy Community; ETS backloading and structural reform; preparations for multinational climate negotiations;
Energy Market Integrity and Transparency
Third Package for Electricity and Gas Market
On markets in financial instruments, MiFID
The conditions for access to the network for cross-border exchanges in electricity
An Energy Policy for Consumers, Citizens Energy Forum
Sustainable and responsible business, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)
Energy Efficiency Road Map 2020,
Strategic Energy Technology Plan,
EU Ukraine Assosiation Agreemeting, including DCFTA; EnC review including Ukraine; RES communication; EU industrial policy

Settori d'interesse per le segnalazioni via email sulle consultazioni e le tabelle di marcia

Centri d’interesse dichiarati dall’organismo:
  • Affari generali ed istituzionali
  • Allargamento
  • Ambiente
  • Azione per il clima
  • Commercio
  • Concorrenza
  • Energia
  • Imprese
  • Relazioni esterne
  • Reti transeuropee
  • Ricerca e tecnologia

Reti - Networking

Informazioni sull’appartenenza dell’organismo a una o più associazioni/federazioni/confederazioni o, se esso appartiene ad una rete, anche ad hoc, informazioni sui legami che la uniscono alla rete.

DTEK participate in the acitivites of the following organizations:
- Euracoal, Member
- Eurelectric, Associated Business Member
- CSR Europe, Member
- EFET, Member
- European-Ukrainian Energy Agency, Member
- European Business Association, EBA (Ukraine), Member
- The American Chamber of Commerce in Ukraine, Member
- The U.S.-Ukraine Business Council, Member
- The Global Compact Network in Ukraine,Member
- Center Corporate Social Responsibility Development (Ukraine), Member

Dati finanziari

Anno di riferimento dell’esercizio: 01/2013 - 12/2013
Stima dei costi associati all’attività diretta di rappresentanza di interessi esercitata dall’organismo presso le istituzioni dell’UE durante questo esercizio: >= 150000  € e < 200000  €
Importo e fonte dei finanziamenti ricevuti dalle istituzioni dell'UE nel corso dell'esercizio finanziario n-1 di registrazione
Appalti: 0 €
Sovvenzioni: 0 €
Altre informazioni finanziarie o precisazioni fornite dall’organismo nell’interesse della trasparenza:

In 2013, DTEK’s companies produced 41.4 million tons of coal (+4.3% YoY), its thermal power plants supplied 53 bln kWh (+3.1% YoY), and its distribution companies purchased 59.7 bln kWh of electricity from the wholesale market (+10.8% YoY).

2013 was a challenging year for the electricity sector of Ukraine. Industrial production declined by 4.7% YoY. This resulted in industry's demand for electricity decreasing by 4.4 billion kWh. Total electricity consumption in Ukraine went down by 3.4 bln kWh, leaving the coal market with a surplus of coal.

In 2012, DTEK’s enterprises generated 51.4 TWh and purchased 53.9 TWh of electricity for further supply to consumers; coal output equaled 39.7 mln tonnes and coal processing amounted to 27.7 mln tonnes. DTEK exports electricity to six countries and coal to 36 countries worldwide.

DTEK’s consolidated revenues in 2012 amounted to UAH 82.5 billion; the Company’s net profit totaled UAH 5.9 billion.

Codice di condotta

Registrandosi l'organizzazione ha sottoscritto il codice di condotta del Registro per la trasparenza.