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Microsoft Corporation

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Microsoft Corporation

Publicly Traded Corporation, incorporated in the State of Washington, United States of America

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II - Asutusesisesed lobiüksused ja äri-/kutseliidud

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Microsoft Way, One
WA 98052 Redmond

(+1) 425 8828080


Corporate Affairs Europe, Stephen Collins, Vice President Corporate Affairs,
Rue Montoyer 51, 1000 Bruxelles
Tel: +32 2 704 39 10

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Satya Nadella


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Stephen  Collins

Vice President Corporate Affairs

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Microsoft is the productivity and platform company for the mobile-first, cloud-first world. Our mission is to empower every person and every organization on the planet to do more and achieve more. Since the company was founded in 1975, we have worked to achieve this mission by creating technology that transforms the way people work, play, and communicate. We develop and market software, services, hardware, and solutions that deliver new opportunities, greater productivity, and enhanced value to people’s lives. Microsoft lights up digital work and digital life experiences in the most personal, intelligent, open and empowering ways. We do business throughout the world and have offices in more than 100 countries, including each of the EU28 countries.



The following is a list of the main lobbying activities performed by MS between 01.07.2013 and 31.06.2014. This list is subject to change as circumstances affecting the company evolve:

- Towards an EU Cloud Computing Strategy
- A new comprehensive legal framework for the protection of personal data in the EU
- Web accessibility Directive
- Single Telekom Market Package
- Digital Agenda for Europe – Next steps
- Shared use of spectrum
- Revised rules for the assessment of horizontal cooperation agreements under EU competition law
- Revision of public procurement directive 2004/17/EC (procurement in the water, energy, transport and postal services sectors) and 2004/18/EC (public works, supply and service contracts)
- European Strategy for Internet Security
- Review of Europe’s Standardisation System
- Network and Information Security Directive

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Sebastian Alexander GERLACH 04/11/2014 30/10/2015
Afke Schaart 06/11/2014 04/11/2015
Maciej Surowiec 28/03/2014 26/03/2015
Thomas Mark Lange 26/09/2014 24/09/2015


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    Liikmed ja liikmesus

The following is the list of associations/federations or other types of networks to which MS belonged in FY 2013:

Business Software Alliance (BSA)
Digital Europe
European Digital Media Association (EDIMA)
European Internet Foundation (EIF)
European Internet Services Providers Association (EuroISPA)
European Services Forum
Association of Competitive Technologies (ACT)
American Chamber of Commerce to the European Union (AmCham EU)
Business Europe
Junior Achievement
German Association for Information Technology, Telecommunication and New Media (BITKOM)
Trans-Atlantic Business Council
European e-skills Association
ICOMP, Initiative for a Competitive Online Marketplace
Interactive Advertising Bureau
ICC – BASCAP Business Action to Stop Counterfeiting and Piracy
Interactive Software Federation of Europe (ISFE)
SME Europe
Voice on the NET Coalition Europe - VON
CSR Europe

MS also participates in a number of and provides support to the following Think Tanks in Brussels:
European Emergency Number Association
Friends of Europe
Digital Interoperability Forum
Computer and Communications Industy Association (CCIA)
European Security Roundtable
Transatlantic Policy Network
Centre on Regulation in Europe (CERRE)
European Justice Forum


07/2013  -  06/2014

>= 4 500 000  € ja < 4 750 000  €

19 350 000 €

1 654 400 €

Consistent with the Agreement on the establishment of the Register, we have taken a broad view and have sought to capture all activities carried out with the objective of directly or indirectly influencing the formulation of EU policy. Our estimate includes expenses (salaries, but also related operating costs such as office space, IT and telecommunications and travel costs) for personnel in and outside of Brussels to the extent they are involved in outreach to the EU institutions – even where this outreach is not focused on particular EU policies. Our estimate also includes costs relating to a broad universe of outreach and promotional activities (such as responding to Commission consultations, but also white papers, media activities, blogs etc), conferences, sponsorships and other events – again even where those activities were not directly focused on specific EU policies.
We have also reported all fees paid to consultancies and law firms for advocacy activities on our behalf, even where those entities have themselves reported those amounts. Finally, we have also included fees paid to trade associations whom we understand have not registered themselves.

We also note that our estimate encompasses activities undertaken by Microsoft and by Skype, which Microsoft acquired in October 2011 and which is now a new business division within Microsoft.


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