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Den registrerades profil

Mobile Application&Innovation Engineering Dr. Riegelmayer

Id-nummer i registret: 07696568447-05
Registreringsdag: 2012-03-30 12:00:47

Uppgifterna om den här organisationen uppdaterades senast den 2014-03-14 19:17:33
Den senaste årliga uppdateringen gjordes den 2014-03-14 19:17:33

Registrerad: organisation eller egenföretagare

Namn eller företagsnamn: Mobile Application&Innovation Engineering Dr. Riegelmayer
Förkortning: W. Rm.
Associationsform (rättslig ställning): self-employed individual


Sektion: I – Professionella konsulter/advokatbyråer/oberoende konsulter
och närmare bestämt: Oberoende konsulter

Juridiskt ansvarig

Efternamn, förnamn: Wolfgang P. Dr. Riegelmayer
Befattning: self-employed

Fast anställd med ansvar för EU-frågor

Efternamn, förnamn: Wolfgang P. Dr. Riegelmayer
Befattning: self-employed


Huvudkontorets adress och telefon: Aschaffenburger Str.  34
D-64546 Mörfelden-Walldorf
Telefon: (+49) 6105951900
Fax: (+49) 6105951901
Andra adressuppgifter:

Mål och uppdrag

Organisationens mål och uppdrag: As successfully self-employed and real independent, I offer for the Commission and EU institutions my various/extended professional senior Consulting&Supporting services of individual low volume contracts; also interest - if tendered so - within Framework Contracting in transparent Cascade methodology incl. official subcontracting or composed/aggregated.

This majorly appeals to Knowhow Assistance (practical experience, cross-sectoral/transversal, science, research&development), Personal Support service on Decision Preparation (needs assessment, weighted matrices, options, scenario flow) and pre-evaluating Feasibility (consistency, relevance, challenges, risks identification, costs estimation) for sustainable success&value, Evaluating (individual reports)/Rapporteur (consensus reports), Reviewing, Monitoring, Validating, Studies&Analysis, Measurements, Investigations/Examinations ex ante&ex post Impact Assessments and Performance Control&Quality Assurance, interdisciplinary Auditing and Visualisation, conceptual Drafting&Editing and (requested) Commenting/Recommendations (on conformance, compliance/governance, testing procedures incl. interface approvals and use case utilisation/acceptance estimation), Coordinating test pilots/FOTs incl. exploitation and disseminating results (preliminary, interim, final), neutral Supervising demonstration&introductional and cooperative&cooperation Projects, Joints, etc.

In the focus: (real!) innovative content and (prospective!) competition, coherence measures and (de-/) regulated harmonisation, cross-border issues, (re-/) enforcement&enrichment and ensuring/fostering initiatives of policies, implementation actual activities/actions “roadmaps” and forward planing, also for short term applicability.

In the scope as qualified reflecting old, newest/latest and forthcoming enabling/emerging technologies (FET): ICT (wired&wireless), Telematic Appliances (incl. eHealth)for freight&passengers/drivers, Transport (road/automotive, avionic, maritime, rail, belt) and Mobility (cross-/intermodal&specific), Safety&Security” related (protection, tracing, infrengements follow-up, (inter-/) dependencies detection incl. considering human factors, fault tolerance), Crisis/Disaster/Emergency Management (prepardness, early warning, response, mitigation, relief, recovery), Civil Protection and Environmental networking, Embedded Sensor&(automated) Response pattern systems, ePayment, Critical Infrastructures and Protection (reliance/reliability, resilience, survivability surveillance, Interconnection&Interoperability), Space/GMES, "broadband", IPV6, routing, "Mobile Computing", radio channel characteristcs, ranges and capacity/bandwidth, MANET/VANET/MultiHop, Cars 21, eCall, Energy Awareness and pervasive trusted Metering, M2M, eIDENT/addressing schemes/tagging, pan-European "Corridor" approach, “Intelligence”-, “Efficiency”-, open “Platform”- and “Smart” (grid, cities)-subjects, Paradigma Shift towards Next Generation/Future Internet, Interoperability scenario;

Distributed algorithmic determination under uncertainty and calculation of probabilities, cellular coverage pattern and space geo-spatial information, all forms, techniques and methods in localisation, mobility tracing/tracking and navigation&orientation (particular "Trajectory" based), context signalling, transaction protocols and (real time) nodal processing&storage, jam avoidance and congestion resolving, dedicated robust QoS parameter and values, applied Cybernetics, Complexity and Graph Theories for prediction, “Sync”-mechanism, (capability proofed) Service-oriented Architectures and Integration. Access Variety, Competetive dynamic tiered Service Layout (for reachability), Crowd Sourcing for Sentinental Data, PPDR/others in-situ.
De intressen som organisationen företräder är:
  • Nationella
  • Europeiska
  • Globala

Antal personer som sysslar med verksamhet som faller under öppenhetsregistrets användningsområde

Antal personer: 1
Kompletterande upplysningar: Relevant CV data:

< 1975 Grammar-School and Funded by Helmholtz-Gesellschaft in Computer Engineering&Cybernetics
- 1980 Diploma-Degree in Computer Science ("Informatics") and Economics/OR (TU Darmstadt)
- 2005 Doctor-Degree in Communication Engineering (TU Dresden)

- 1980-1982 DATEMA (Swedish Network Operator and Hosting)Project Manager
- 1983-1987 Nortel Networks (formerly Canadian Northern Telecom) Product Manager/Support Department Officer
- Since 1988 self-employment, ongoing:
Independent consultant, expert and lecturer at carrier/provider, supplier, big enterprises (various branches)&public authorities, and universities for heterogeneous telecommunications in data/DC networking of highest requirements;

Books (2) author, articles and scientific publishments

Well familiar with EU bodies, instutions and procedures, policies, initiatives, "roadmaps" and programmes from working experience (see below);

Dto. the international and EU cooperations, liaisons, joints;

Availability to quickly explore and summarise complex problems, cope with stress and identify information gaps/further needs and suggest appropriate actions in order to brief others too;

High level in interpersonal communication skills in a international environment, positive-critical and constructive attitude, participate as team-player and highly motivated co-operation with various staff;

Habitual to work under time pressure and high sense of confidentiality, goal(s) achievement and overall consistency;

Recent knowledge of all relevant crossing legal, liability and certification issues.

Personer med ackreditering till Europaparlamentets byggnader

Inga ackrediterade personer


De viktigaste EU-initiativen som omfattades av verksamhet inom öppenhetsregistrets användningsområde under föregående år::

since 2005:
Individual Evaluator, appointed Rapporteur (consensus) and Reviewer (+lead) for Proposals and funded results as Independent/External Expert:
DG InfoSoc (IST), DG JLS/Justice&Internal_Affairs, Galileo JU, SESAR JU, ERA (European Railway Agency), ERA/DG Research (Marie Curie Programmes MAThematics&ENGineering)

Clients before:

Intresseområden för meddelanden om samråd och färdplaner

Organisationens intresseområden:
  • Allmänna och institutionella frågor
  • Energi
  • Folkhälsa
  • Forskning och teknik
  • Humanitärt bistånd
  • Informationssamhället
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  • Konsumentfrågor
  • Miljö
  • Näringsliv
  • Rättsliga frågor och grundläggande rättigheter
  • Transeuropeiska nät
  • Transporter 


Uppgifter om organisationens medlemskap i en eller flera föreningar/sammanslutningar/federationer eller nätverk, även informella och uppgifter om dessa kontakter.

IEEE (StandardAss, Vehicular Techn. Soc., Senior Member Communication Soc.; assoc. ITS Soc.), ACM, IETF, IEC/VDE

Contributions (personal/on behalf as employed) in Standardisation:
ISO (incl. “Joints”):

Further on companies´ behalf representation:

Personally required comments and public consultations:
DGs ENTR, MOVE, Internal_Affairs, InfoSoc

Joined Interest Groups at EU´s CIRCA/BC system

Initiator UN-ISDR EU "liaison"

Ekonomiska uppgifter

Räkenskapsår: 01/2013 - 12/2013
Omsättning med koppling till lobbyverksamhet som har utförts för kunders räkning vid EU:s institutioner:
0 €

Kunder som genererar en omsättning som är lägre än 50000 €.
  • EU Institutions (DGs, JUs, Agencies)

Belopp och källa för finansiering från EU-institutionerna under budgetåret n-1 för registreringen
Upphandling: 12 500 €
Bidrag: 0 €
Andra ekonomiska uppgifter eller kompletteringar som organisationen har uppgett ur öppenhetssynpunkt:

As engaged neutral expert and conflict free of interests to support and ensure the EU decision processes´ and activities´ sustainable success, I am acting on my own behalf, based on latest science maturity and reflecting/sourcing majorly global ICT profession organisations´ special knowhow subsidiarity.


Genom sin registrering har organisationen också undertecknat öppenhetsregistrets uppförandekod.

Organisationen har också uppgett att man följer följande uppförandekod eller etiska regler:
EU cross commissions´ Code ”Eligibility & Evaluation Criteria for Proposals”