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FONDACA - Fondazione per la cittadinanza attiva - Active Citizenship Foundation

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FONDACA - Fondazione per la cittadinanza attiva - Active Citizenship Foundation


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IV – Denkfabriken, Forschungs- und Hochschuleinrichtungen

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Vicolo del Bologna, 20-21
00153 Rome

(+39) 0636006173

(+39) 77201287

FONDACA is a European think-tank established in 2001 and based in Rome, Italy. It is engaged in citizenship-related issues, such as European citizenship-building process, organized civic activism, new forms of governance, corporate social responsibility, evolutions in democratic citizenship paradigm. It operates in theoretical and empirical research, advanced training, cultural dialogue, consultancy and policy advice.

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Herr  giovanni moro

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Herr  giovanni moro


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FONDACA, Active Citizenship Foundation, is a European think tank created in November 2001.

The FONDACA mission is focused on citizenship regarded as a plural and multiform phenomenon, where crucial changes of contemporary societies' democratic systems related to new status and roles of citizens in the public sphere take place and can be observed.

The Foundation aims at contributing to increase, share and making good use of scientific information and knowledge on this phenomenon, in cooperation with public, private and civic actors operating in the local, national, regional and global dimensions.

The Foundation’s activities revolve around an articulated research, advanced training, cultural and scientific dialogue, support and advice program in which knowledge, both existing and under construction, methodologies, know-how, processes of transmission and sharing of knowledge are systematized and integrated.

The FONDACA' research program has been established following three main directions which are respectively Civic Activism, Governance and Corporate Citizenship.

Civic Activism Area

In this area are included all the Foundation activities that regard the phenomenon of civic activism and its characteristics in the national and international dimensions. In particular the activities belonging to this area are focused on the main peculiarities of the phenomenon, the issues connected with the civic organizations management and the analysis of the relations that civic organizations forge with their stakeholders. The aim of this area is filling the lack of information about civic activism that exist in spite of its public relevance and its recognized role, in protecting rights and developing democracy.To these programs may be added research and cultural activities regarding the different aspects of Italian civil society.

Governance Area

This area deals with phenomena linked to the role of citizens and active citizenship organizations in the new forms of governance promoted by public institutions, from the local to the global level. The main topics of this working field are the one of participatory governance initiatives convened by public administrations, with a critical appraisal of them; the one of the civic resources for governance, for example in safety policies and in evaluation of services; the one of Citizens in Europe, focusing on the European Union as a multilevel and policentric governance system, that recognizes the citizenry as actor of Community-building. The engagement in this area aims at overcoming the usual consideration of participation as inclusion of citizens in administrative processes rather than as an outcome of their autonomous initiative that interacts in a non obvious way with the institutions.

Corporate Citizenship Area

Although corporate citizenship has been a very debated issue in the last few years both by academics and practitioners, it doesn't exist jet a shared knowledge on it.The Foundation research program on corporate citizenship is focused on the question of definitions of corporate citizenship, the stakeholder engagement, the terms of integrating responsibility concepts in company culture, the processes of social reporting. Theoretical and empirical research programs as well as training initiatives, dialogue events and advice to companies are developed with the purpose to build a more in-depth knowledge of the phenomenon and to grow companies' and their stakeholder awareness on the importance of the role they play in the local and global context.

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La Fondazione non esercita una attività di rappresentanza di interessi specifica, ma promuove la sua attività in un contesto europeo attraverso la collaborazione con università, centri di ricerca, istituzioni e organizzazioni della società civile

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