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Reuse and Recycling European Union Social Enterprises

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Reuse and Recycling European Union Social Enterprises


non profit (asbl de droit belge)

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III - Organizzazioni non governative

Organizzazioni non governative, piattaforme e reti e simili


Edimbourg, 26
1050 Brussels

(+32) 2 8944612

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Signor  Michal LEN


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Signor  Michal LEN


    Obiettivi e compiti

RREUSE is the European network of social environmental enterprises whose members are national and regional networks with activities in reuse, repair and recycling. RREUSE represents approximately 70,000 Full Time Equivalent (FTE) workers and over 150,000 volunteers from 30 member organisations.

RREUSE is a very specialised platform focusing primarily on reuse, recycling and waste prevention. The organisation proactively participates in the process of shaping the European environmental legislation on sustainable management of resources, prevention of waste, reuse, repair, high-quality recycling, sustainable product policy and consumption patterns. Our mission is to lobby at European level for stronger policies in favour of repair and reuse of end-of-life products so to avoid that products become waste too early. In addition RREUSE also participates on social economy legislation with a specific focus on green employment linked to social inclusion and training initiatives for those most removed from the mainstream labour market.

Operationally, the following three actions are carried out by RREUSE to expand and develop reuse and repair activities across Europe:

1. Representing and promoting the sector and its activities at all relevant European and international levels. We lobby to ensure that future directives, regulations and other EU legislation take our environmental and social objectives into account. We particularly collaborate with the European Commission, the European Parliament, representations of national governments, but also with other social and environmental organisations active at the EU level.

2. Encouraging and strengthening collaboration between RREUSE member organisations to promote good practice, research and development activities and partnerships in waste management. Additionally, we carry out international projects in cooperation with universities and research centres on both environmental and social issues and develop training material aimed at making our sector perform in a more professional way.

3. Enabling member organisations to exchange information concerning national and local policy and legal and fiscal frameworks. This occurs between members but also with other stakeholders at both European and international levels. Our success also depends on the influence our members can exercise over national decision-makers. Through them, we are able to address Member States in areas of our interest. In this respect there is a regular coordination between the Brussels’ Secretariat and our 22 national members.

Through its actions, RREUSE promotes a true model of sustainable development at local, regional and national levels, because the three pillars of sustainability, environmental protection, social equity and economic viability are equally taken into account.

RREUSE is a non-bureaucratic, results-oriented structure. Members meet 3 times a year. Their work is organised around working groups addressing specific waste management streams. Currently these include working groups on WEEE, bulky items, textiles, biowaste, resource consumption and product policies/use

A major achievement of RREUSE over the last few years has been to play a major role making reuse recognised as a separate and sustainable waste management option with its own definition and the obligation for Member States to promote reuse and repair activities


    Attività specifiche che rientrano nell'ambito di applicazione del Registro

Circular Economy Package
Waste Framework Directive
Revision WEEE Directive
Public Procurement
Social Inclusion

Lawpret Project (small electronic appliances)
Event on revision of WEEE directive
Event on secod hand textile





Social Economy


Waste Framework Directive
Recast of WEEE Directive
EU Social Agenda
Structural Funds
Education and Vocational Training
Social inclusion

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Nome Cognome Data d'inizio Data di conclusione
Lilian Ojeda Sadhwani 06/09/2014 04/09/2015

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    Appartenenza e affiliazione


Repanet (Austria)(2),
Komosie (Belgium)(60),
Ressources (Belgium)(60),
Netser (Finland)(10),
Tramel (Finland)(2),
Federation Envie (France)(30),
Reseau des Ressourceries (France)(60),
Ecological Recycling Society (Greece)(1),
Associazione Orius (Italy)(5),
Rehab Recycle (Ireland)(5),
Environmental research Institute (Slovenia)(1),
AERESS (Spain)(20),
Furniture Recycling Network (UK)(50),
Community Recycling network (UK)(50),
Community Resources Network Scotland (UK)(20),
London Community Resource Network (UK)(10),
Community Compost Network (UK)(20),
Community Reuse Network (Ireland)(5),
Emmaus (France)(50),
Humusz (Hungary)(10),
Ateliere Fara Frontiere (Romania)(10),
Community Reuse Network (Ireland)(15),
Rete ONU (Italy)(30),
Macken (Sweden)(3),
EKON (Poland)(5),
Farsi Prossimo (Italy)(10),
Humana Nova(6)


Member of ECOS - European Citizens Organisations for Standardisation

    Dati finanziari

01/2013  -  12/2013

>= 50.000 € e < 99.999 €

119.398 €

76.270 €


76.270 €

Dg Environment - EU Commission

0 €

0 €

43.128 €

41.500 €

1.628 €

Major sources of funding:
Membership fees 41.500 EUR
Life+ programme DG ENV Op. grant - 61.662,52
Other EU programmes - 14.607,25

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