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Registreredes profil

Professional Yachting Association

Identifikationsnummer i registret: 01788508225-66
Registreringsdato: 01-03-12 20:24:12

Seneste ændring af oplysningerne om denne organisation 03-02-14 09:50:20
Seneste årlige opdatering 03-02-14 09:47:22

Registrerede: Organisation eller selvstændig

Organisationens navn: Professional Yachting Association
Forkortelse: PYA
Retlig form: Not for Profit Association = French Law 1901


Kategori II – Internt ansatte lobbyister og brancheforeninger
og mere præcist: Brancheforeninger

Juridisk ansvarlig

Efternavn, Fornavn: Andrew Schofield
Stilling: President

Fast ansvarlig for forbindelser med EU

Efternavn, Fornavn: Joey Meen
Stilling: Office Manager


Organisationens hovedadresse: Avenue Mirabeau  8
06600 Antibes
Telefonnr.: (+33) 493 34 91 16
Faxnummer: (+33) 493 34 21 83
Andre kontaktoplysninger:

Mål og opgaver

Organisationens mål og opgaver: As a professional organisation for yachts, the PYA's mission is to represent the interests of Professional Yacht Captains and Crew and to encourage and maintain the highest professional standards. The PYA provides its' members with the information necessary to progress in their chossen career
Organisationen har interesser på:
  • verdensplan

Antal personer, der udfører aktiviteter, der falder ind under åbenhedsregistrets anvendelsesområde

Antal personer: 22
Supplerende oplysninger: Since its inception in 1991, PYA has continuously consulted with policy makers who are tasked with writing legislation affecting the construction, operation and manning of large yachts. Over the years PYA has participated in numerous working groups and steering committees to ensure that the point of view of those that actually work on board is known and understood. The consultancy work puts PYA in a unique position because it is aware at an early stage of changes in regulations that will affect the yacht sector. Much of this information is not in the public domain. Yet it is the background of this awareness and knowledge that allows PYA to provide its members with up to date, accurate advice.

The expansion of yachting in recent years means that many international conventions written for the merchant marine now impact on yachts and those that work on board them. Very often, there is no easy fit for yachting. Therefore it is vitally important that the voice of the people actually manning yachts is heard by policy makers. As the professional body for yacht crew, PYA fulfills this roll.

Personer akkrediteret ved Europa-Parlamentet

Ingen akkrediterede


De vigtigste EU-initiativer, der blev dækket af aktiviteter, der falder ind under registrets anvendelsesområde, foregående år:

Constant revue of EU initiatives and implementation by EU Flagstates - and appropriate distribution of information to our members

Interesseområder for e-mails med underretning om høringer og køreplaner;

Organisationens interesseområder:
  • Energi
  • Klima
  • Miljø
  • Skat
  • Told
  • Transport


Information om foreninger eller sammenslutninger, organisationen er medlem af, og/eller netværk, den indgår i .

Member of European Boating Association -
Member of Royal Yachting Association
Associated with:-
Mediterranean Yacht Brokers Association
Association of Yacht Support Services

Finansielle oplysninger

Regnskabsår: 01/2013 - 01/2014
Anslåede omkostninger forbundet med organisationens direkte lobbyvirksomhed i EU-institutionerne i det pågældende regnskabsår: 50.000 €
Beløb og finansieringskilde ved støtte fra EU's institutioner i regnskabsåret n-1 i forhold til registreringtidspunktet
Offentlige kontrakter: 0 €
Tilskud: 0 €
Eventuelle andre finansielle oplysninger og yderligere relevant information:

The PYA is funded soley by its membership. The governing council serve on a voluntary basis. The office is run by 3 full time employees


Organisationen har ved registrering accepteret åbenhedsregistrets adfærdskodeks.

Organisationen har desuden oplyst at være bundet af følgende kodeks:
ISO 9001 Quality Assurance Procedures