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Profil der Organisation

Paralleli - Istituto Euromediterraneo del Nord Ovest

Registriernummer: 00455884363-84
Anmeldungsdatum: 18.10.10 16:57:17

Die letzte Änderung der Angaben zu dieser Organisation datiert vom 24.09.13 13:51:42
Das Datum der letzten jährlichen Aktualisierung war: 24.09.13 13:51:42

Eingeschriebene Organisation oder Einzelperson

Name oder Firmenname: Paralleli - Istituto Euromediterraneo del Nord Ovest
Akronym: Paralleli
Rechtlicher Status: No profit cultural association


Bereich: III – Nichtregierungsorganisationen
… oder genauer gesagt: Nichtregierungsorganisationen, Plattformen und Netzwerke o. ä.

Person mit rechtlicher Verantwortung

Vorname, Name: Herr  Giancarlo Chevallard
Funktion: President

Dauerhaft mit EU-Beziehungen beauftragte Person

Vorname, Name: Herr  Marco Alfieri
Funktion: Project Manager


Adresse des Sitzes der Organisation: Via La Salle  17
10152 Torino
Telefonnummer: (+39) 0115229839
Faxnummer: (+39) 0115229841

Ziele und Aufgaben

Ziele und Aufgaben der Organisation: Paralleli is a non-profit institute based in Turin. It was established - on the initiative of former MEP Rinaldo Bontempi - in July 2005 by seven associations and with the support of Compagnia di San Paolo, the Piedmont Region, the Municipality and Province of Turin and other major regional institutions.
Its main objective is to promote dialogue at cultural, social and political level between the societies of the Mediterranean countries, with the aim of encouraging and improving economic relations between them, with a particular focus on the dimension of sustainability and codevelopment.
For this reason, the institute has decided: involve civil society in the development of Euro-Mediterranean relations, create and to support networking in the Mediterranean area, increase the value of research in order to suggest truly effective policies to local, national and international actors.
Turin, Piedmont and, more generally, North-West Italy are situated in a strategic geographic area that represents a central hub of connections and trade links between the European Union and the Mediterranean Sea basin.

The activities of the Institute fall within the process of Euro-Mediterranean partnership initiated by the European Union with the 1995 Barcelona Process and currently undergoing a major relaunch through the “Union for the Mediterranean”, since July 2008. Paralleli intends to contribute to the reinforcement of political relations, economic cooperation, cultural exchange and human flows between the European and the South-East Mediterranean countries.


Paralleli's mandate is to contribute to the creation of a Euro-Mediterranean area of freedom and of economic and social development.
The institute acts at the local, national and international level with the aim of meeting the needs of the North-West region of Italy concerning its relations with the other sides of the Mediterranean Sea.

Its main activities are in the following domains:

•Euro-Mediterranean policies at the local and global levels;
•culture and intercultural dialogue, in order to create a common area of peace, freedom, economic and social development;
•economy and development, ranging from human capital and financial investments between the two sides of the Mediterranean to achieve sustainability in terms of the economy, the environment and tourism;
•migration, exploiting the opportunities arising from the flows of people from Mediterranean countries outside the EU, to enrich cultural, political and economic relations between the societies of the Northern and Southern sides;
•information and promotion of intercultural dialogue, towards the production of correct and fair information able to represent the complex societies of the Mediterranean area.
•youth policies, moblity, youth information, youth active participation
Paralleli acts at three levels:

•networking: it encourages political dialogue at local and regional level, through the implementation of networking strategies with other institutes and organisations from both sides of Mediterranean Sea. In particular, on the Northern side, Paralleli belongs to the RIM Network, together with the Institut de la Méditerranée - Marseille, IeMED – Barcelona, Las Tres Culturas – Seville, the European University Institute – Fiesole Florence, the Centre for International Political Studies, CESPI – Rome;
•raising awareness and project management: it promotes public events in order to raise awareness about themes and subjects linked with the Mediterranean area, and takes part in the creation and development of projects to connect the Institute with civil society, the region and the international network. Participating in a shared process of cultural growth is at the core of Paralleli's strategy;
•research: it carries out research activities in collaboration with national and international institutes, which are closely linked with training, information and project management.
Die Interessen der Organisation sind auf folgender Ebene/auf folgenden Ebenen anzusiedeln:
  • regional
  • national
  • europäisch
  • weltweit

Anzahl der Personen, die an Tätigkeiten im Rahmen des Transparenzregisters beteiligt sind

Anzahl der Personen: 2
Zusätzliche Informationen:

Personen, die für den Zugang zu den Räumlichkeiten des Europäischen Parlaments akkreditiert sind

Keine akkreditierten Personen


Wichtigste EU-Initiativen, die im Vorjahr durch Tätigkeiten im Rahmen des Transparenzregisters abgedeckt wurden :

Nessuna attività

Interessengebiete für E-Mail-Benachrichtigungen zu Konsultationen und Fahrplänen („Roadmaps“)

Von der Organisation angegebene Interessenschwerpunkte:
  • Audiovisuelle Medien
  • Außenbeziehungen
  • Außen- und Sicherheitspolitik
  • Beschäftigung und Soziales
  • Bildung
  • Entwicklung
  • Erweiterung
  • Informationsgesellschaft
  • Jugend
  • Justiz und grundrechte
  • Kultur
  • Regionalpolitik
  • Sport
  • Transeuropäische Netze
  • Umwelt
  • Wirtschaft und Finanzen


Gesamtzahl der Mitglieder, die „natürliche Personen“ sind: 15
Anzahl der Mitgliedsorganisationen: 8
Mitgliedsorganisationen (Anzahl der Mitglieder) :
  • Centro d'Iniziativa per l'Europa del Piemonte - CIE Piemonte (4 Mitglieder)
  • Centro Piemontese di Studi Africani - CSA (5 Mitglieder)
  • EuPolis (8 Mitglieder)
  • Fondazione Fitzcarraldo (10 Mitglieder)
  • Istituto Superiore sui Sistemi Territoriali - SiTI (30 Mitglieder)
  • Conservatoria delle Cucine Mediterranee del Piemonte (5 Mitglieder)
  • Dislivelli (5 Mitglieder)
  • Centro In Europa (5 Mitglieder)
Die Organisation hat Mitglieder oder Vertretungen in folgenden Ländern:

Zusätzliche Informationen:


Angaben zur Mitgliedschaft der Organisation in Verbänden, Dachverbänden oder Netzwerken, wenn auch nur gelegentlich, Beschreibung der Verbindungen.

Paralleli is member of the following network:

Anna Lindh Foundation
The Euro Mediterranean Anna Lindh Foundation for dialogue between cultures (ALF) is the first common institution created and funded by the 35 Mediterranean partners (25 EU and 10 Mediterranean countries). The idea of this was launched formally at the Euro-Mediterranean Conference of Foreign Ministers in Naples in December 2003, a year later, its establishment was ratified by the Aja’s Conference of Foreign Ministers. The mission given to the Foundation is to bring together people and organizations from both shores of the Mediterranean and to start a partnership between the EU and the Med countries, in the social, cultural and human fields and in particular in developing human resources, promoting mutual understanding between cultures and encouraging exchanges between members of civil society.
The Foundation operates as a network of networks: each of the 35 participating States representatives, are working to develop the dialogue in the framework of Mediterranean societies, and has therefore created its national network and its national coordinator. The national contact point for Italy is the Mediterranean Foundation, which is based in Naples. The members of the Italian network are 223.

RIM Network
The project PARM / RIM (Plan d'Action des Régions Méditerranéennes / Reseau d'Instituts Méditerranéens) involves regions (Andalusia, Catalonia, PACA, Piedmont, Tuscany and Lazio) and "Mediterranean" research institutes (Las Tres Culturas, Seville ; IEMED, Barcelona, Institut de la Méditerranée, Marseille; Parallel Institute, Turin, European University Institute, Florence; CESPI, Rome). These two networks was created in March 2007. The network aims to develop projects and policy proposals and to work together to identify the medium-long term scenarios of the Euromediterranean policies.

Earth - European Alliance for Responsible Tourism
It was officially funded October 16, 2008, in Brussels by 20 organizations dedicated to sustainable and responsible tourism, from six European countries (Italy, France, Germany, Spain, England, Belgium). E.a.r.t.h. will give voice at European level to the organizations involved in responsible tourism, facilitating the networking between stakeholders and promoting a sustainable tourism that respects nature and cultural heritages.

System TRES Piedmont
System TRES Piedmont (Social and Responsible Tourism) is a network of Piedmont organizations that promotes awareness and implementation of Social and Responsible Tourism.

Euromed Youth Platform
The Euro-Med Youth Platform which was officially launched in September 2003 contributes to the implementation of the Youth in Action Programme.
It aims to bring NGOs from the European and Mediterranean regions together in an environment of tolerance and mutual understanding by assisting them in networking and capacity building, increasing their participation and exchanging good practice.

Angaben zu den Finanzen

Geschäftsjahr: 01/2010 - 12/2010
Gesamtbudget: 610.725
davon öffentliche Finanzierung: 498.792
- aus EU-Mitteln:
- Öffentliches Auftragswesen:
- Zuschüsse: 212.792
- aus nationalen Mitteln: 46.000
- aus subnationalen Mitteln: 240.000
davon aus anderen Quellen: 111.933
- Zuwendungen:
- Mitgliedsbeiträge:
Da gestioni commerciali accessorie : 49.833
Altri proventi e ricavi : 61.700
Proventi straordinari : 400
Geschätzte Kosten der direkten Lobbyarbeit der Organisation bei den EU-Organen für dieses Geschäftsjahr: < 50000  €
Weitere Angaben der Organisation zu den Finanzen im Sinne der Transparenz:


Mit der Registrierung hat die Organisation den Verhaltenskodex des Transparenzregisters unterzeichnet.