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Energy Efficient Buildings Association

Identification number in the register: 65181795720-05
Registration date: 22/04/2011 16:53:41

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Energy Efficient Buildings Association



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Rue d'Arlon, 63-67

(+33) 4 93 95 64 00

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The construction industry is a large contributor to CO2 emissions, with buildings responsible for 40% of the total European energy consumption and a third of CO2 emissions. To help address climate change the European Commission has set specific targets to be achieved by 2020, known as the 20/20 targets. These targets are to reduce energy consumption by 20%, reduce CO2 emissions by 20% and provide 20% of the total energy share with renewable energy.

In order to help the construction industry reach the 20/20 targets and achieve energy neutral buildings and districts by 2050 the European Construction Technology Platform has set up the Energy Efficient Building European Initiative (E2B EI), steered by the Energy Efficient Buildings Association (E2BA) founded in November 2008.

This is a Europe wide industry driven research and demonstration programme for energy efficient buildings and districts, with the ambitious vision that all European buildings will be designed, built or renovated to high energy efficiency standards by 2050.

The overall vision of the Energy Efficient Buildings European Initiative (E2B EI) is to deliver, implement and optimise building and district concepts that have the technical, economic and societal potential to drastically decrease energy consumption and reduce CO2 emissions in both new and existing buildings across the European Union (EU).

The E2B EI will increase the level of research into key technologies and develop a competitive industry in the fields of energy efficient construction processes, products and services. With the outcomes of this research we will be equipped to address climate change and improve EU energy independence.

The E2B EI will work to achieve the following objectives:

- deliver high quality, cost effective research that secures confidence from industry, public and private investors, decision-makers and other stakeholders
- leverage further industrial, national and regional RTD investment
- build close cooperation with research being carried out at national and regional levels
- enable the market entry of energy efficiency technologies, allowing commercial market forces to drive the associated public benefits
- place Europe at the forefront of energy efficient buildings and district technologies worldwide
- focus on achieving long-term sustainability and industrial competitive targets for cost, performance and durability aimed to overcome critical technology problem areas
- stimulate innovation and the emergence of new value chains including SMEs
- facilitate the interaction between industry, universities and research centres
- encourage the participation of the new Member States and candidate countries
- perform broadly conceived socio-techno economic research aimed to assess and monitor technological progress
- target non-technical barriers to leverage markets and carry out research modes to support the development of new regulations
- review existing standards to eliminate artificial barriers to markets
- provide reliable information to the general public on the benefits of new technologies to the environment, security of supply, energy costs and employment


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Horizon 2020




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Horizon 2020

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Luc BOURDEAU 21/11/2014 19/11/2015
Anne-Claire STRECK 21/11/2014 19/11/2015

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The Energy Efficient Building European Initiative (E2B EI) is steered by the Energy Efficient Buildings Association (E2BA) founded in November 2008, under the umbrella of the European Construction Technology Platform.

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01/2014  -  12/2014

200,000 € - 299,999 €

No funding received from the EU institutions during the last closed financial year.

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