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Profile of registrant

Edward Someus

Identification number in the register: 239501011544-78
Registration date: 11/07/13 08:36:03

The information on this organisation was last modified on 16/06/14 10:04:05
The date of the last annual update was 16/06/14 10:04:05

Registrant : Organisation or self-employed individual

Name/company name: Edward Someus
Legal status: Professional Consultant
Website address:


Section: I - Professional consultancies/law firms/self-employed consultants
and more precisely: Self-employed consultants

Person with legal responsibility

Surname, Name: Mr  Edward Someus
Position: director

Permanent person in charge of EU relations

Surname, Name: Mr  Edward Someus
Position: director

Contact details:

Contact details of organisation's head office: 59 Szechenyi 
Budapest 1222
Telephone number: (+20) 2017557
Fax number: (+) 
Other contact information: The REFERTIL consortium is an FP7 project (2011-2015, EU contract No. 289785) for application oriented RTD of Phosphorous and Nitrogen recycling and reuse.

The key REFERTIL issue is the reducing mineral fertilizers and chemical use in agriculture by recycled biochar and compost products in SME farmer operations for safe and nutritious food production and affordable cost for the Consumers.

In this context we are enhancing the environmental, ecological and economical sustainability of food crop production; reducing the negative footprint of the cities and contributing to climate change mitigation.

The objective driven goal of the REFERTIL is to develop an EU28 standardized advanced and comprehensive bio-waste treatment and nutrient recovery process with zero emission performance, resulting a virtuous nutrient cycle, and safe, economical, ecological and EU28 standardized compost and bio-char combined natural Phosphorous/Nitrogen fertilizers and soil amendment agricultural products.

The most important objective of the REFERTIL is the closing the nutrient loop by application added value nutrient recycling (N, P and organic) compost and/or biochar production strategy and technology for creation of virtuous cycle between urban and rural areas. In order to implement this objective soonest improvement and new definition of common compost and biochar quality standards required for the EU28.

Modern industrial agriculture relies on continual inputs of mined non renewable phosphor. Reserves of the phosphate rock PR used to make such fertilizers are finite, and concerns have been raised that they are in danger of exhaustion. It has been argued, for example, that data from the US Geological Survey point to the available low Cadmium/Uranium content PR supplies peaking in as little as 25 years time. Because there is no substitute for phosphate in agriculture, this might present an urgent and substantial problem.

The REFERTIL project will make high attention and also developing solutions to human impacts on the Phosphorous cycle.

One of the important solutions of the REFERTIL is the recycling of high concentrated Phosphorous from the apatite mineral based animal bone byproducts by 3R zero emission pyrolysis processing, resulting >30% high P2O5 content natural bone-biochar (bone charcoal). The natural bone-biochar is having an substitution potential of the Cadmium content phosphate rock synthetic fertilizer >20% in EU28 use base/year.

REFERTIL coordinator and key technology scoence and technology designer: Edward Someus

Goals / remit

Goals / remit of the organisation: The REFERTIL is an application oriented science and technology development project contributing to the cost efficient transformation of the organic waste streams from the agriculture and food industry. The key objectives of the REFERTIL project are to improve the currently used compost treatment systems and develop zero emission performance biochar industrial production technologies towards safe and economical nutrient recovery process. Beyond the industrial compost and stabile carbon based biochar technology development, the REFERTIL project provides a strong legislation support to the European Commission for the new EU27 fertiliser regulation, and standardization of the compost/biochar technologies and safe products. The compost and biochar policy support work elements will be completed by September 2013.
Level of interests represented:
  • European
  • global

Number of persons engaged in activities falling under the scope of the Transparency Register

Number of persons: 1
Complementary information: Mr. Edward Someus: Swedish environmental engineer with core competence of organic waste added value recycling and valorization by pyrolysis, carbon processing and reuse applications. Born 1951; education: University of Lund in Sweden (1972 - 1978), graduated in 1978, M.Sc., Natural and Environmental Sciences. Sectors of Personal Expertise: renewable energy/clean technology/environment/organic waste management/bio-energy. Combining high level of scientific knowledge with industrial engineering and field applications, specializing in the: research, technical development, engineering, permitting, industrial applications and implementation of the zero emission carbon refinery, low temperature carbonisation and pyrolysis technology, for recycling and reuse of carboniferous materials by integrated thermal/biotechnological means.
Specializing in the indirectly heated rotary kiln technique and auxiliary installations, such as off gas treatment and bio-fuel refinery. Inventor of the 3R zero emission carbon refinery pyrolysis technology and formulated carbon applications for soil improvements, including pyrolysis syngas processing, solid state fermentation and formulation.

Persons accredited for access to European Parliament premises

No accredited persons


Main EU initiatives covered the year before by activities falling under the scope of the Transparency Register:

Legislation support to the European Commission for the new EU28 fertiliser regulation, standardization and law harmonization of the compost/biochar technologies and safe products.

Fields of interest for e-mail alerts on consultations and roadmaps;

Fields declared by the organisation:
  • Agriculture and Rural Development
  • Climate Action
  • Education
  • Energy
  • Environment
  • Food Safety
  • Regional Policy
  • Research and Technology


Information on (i) organisation's membership of any associations/federations/confederations or (ii) relationships to other bodies in formal or informal networks.

Financial data

Financial year: 10/2011 - 09/2012
Share of turnover related to representing interests to EU institutions on behalf of clients:
1000000  € - 1250000  €

Clients generating a turnover of 4000000 € - 4250000 €.
  • European Commission

Amount and source of funding received from the EU institutions in financial year n-1 of registration
Procurement: 0 €
Grants: 210,000 €
Other (financial) information provided by the organisation:

Code of conduct

By its registration the organisation has signed the Transparency Register Code of Conduct.