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Identification number in the register: 96724945332-74
Registration date: 17/02/2011 16:37:01

The information on this entity was last modified on: 14/05/2015 10:03:09
The date of the last annual update was: 14/05/2015 10:03:09
Next update due latest on: 14/05/2016

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Registered charity in England and Wales, No: 1136629

    Section of registration

III - Non-governmental organisations

Non-governmental organisations, platforms and networks and similar

    Contact details

Roger Street, 12
London WC1N 2JU


    Person with legal responsibility

Mr  John Robinson

Chairman of the Board of Directors

    Person in charge of EU relations

Mr  Matthew Hatchwell

Chief Executive

    Goals / remit

WCS Europe is an independent, UK-based affiliate of the Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS). WCS’s purpose, in Europe and beyond, is to save wildlife and wild places by understanding critical issues, crafting science-based solutions, and taking conservation actions that benefit nature and humanity.

WCS-E achieves this through two broad objectives:

1. The conduct and support of programmes of and efforts for (i) scientific, conservation and veterinary research regarding wildlife and wild places, and (ii) conservation, preservation, protection, management and care of wildlife (including veterinary care and breeding of endangered and other species) in wild places or in parks, reserves, gardens, protected areas or other locations; and the provision of education, advice and training in relation to means of pursuing human livelihoods which are compatible with the conservation and protection of the natural environment and its fauna and flora.

2. The education and instruction of the public in respect of: the protection and conservation of the natural environment and its fauna and flora; the sciences and methods of zoology, conservation, veterinary medicine and related subjects; and the impact of human livelihoods on the natural environment and its fauna and flora and means of pursuing human livelihoods which are compatible with the conservation and protection of the natural environment and its fauna and flora.

  • European
  • global

    Specific activities covered by the Register

WCSE's work is in line with EU initiatives on international cooperation and development, in particular, the EU Biodiversity for Life initiative (B4Life), which aims to help protect biodiversity and ecosystems with a focus on critical ecosystems and biodiversity hotspots, weak institutions, food insecurity and illegal wildlife trafficking. WCSE work contributes to meeting the Millennium Development Goals.WCSE works to support Sustainable Fishing Partnership Agreements (distant water fishing fleets) in geographies that overlap with our mission (Central Africa, Western Indian Ocean).







1. Integration of EU biodiversity and development assistance policies
2. EU biodiversity strategy in support of CBD and developing country targets
2. Forest policy and climate change (REDD+, FLEGT, illegal logging, biofuels)
3. EU foreign policy related to multilateral environmental conventions (CBD, UNFCCC, CITES, CMS, etc.)
4. Species conservation (e.g. sharks)
5. Ensuring sustainability of natural resource extraction policies, FPAs

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75%: 2  



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No accredited persons

    Fields of interest

  • Climate Action
  • Environment
  • Fisheries and Aquaculture

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07/2013  -  06/2014

400,000 € - 499,999 €

510,000 €

0 €

No funding received from the EU institutions during the last closed financial year.

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510,000 €

510,000 €

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    Code of conduct

By its registration the organisation has signed the Transparency Register Code of Conduct.