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Sea First Foundation vzw

Identification number in the register: 64240975155-58
Registration date: 29/01/2011 20:23:03

The information on this entity was last modified on: 06/02/2015 21:18:32
The date of the last annual update was: 06/02/2015 21:18:32
Next update due latest on: 06/02/2016

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Sea First Foundation vzw

SFF vzw


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III - Non-governmental organisations

Non-governmental organisations, platforms and networks and similar

    Contact details

Zone Kamp C 2, B11
Westerlo 2260


    Person with legal responsibility

Ms  Anke Teigeler


    Person in charge of EU relations

Mr  Dos Winkel


    Goals / remit

The Sea First Foundation (SFF) informs and educates the general public and children in particular about the importance an threats of the Ocean and its vulnerable inhabitants.By creating awareness SFF tries to reduce or (preferrably) stop the detrimental human influence on the Oceans and all the life, underwater and topside (like seabirds). SFF is founded by people who were, each in their own way, involved in the Ocean, through work, training, hobby or any other way. SFF has no profit intention.Oceans absorb more than 50% of all (man made) carbon dioxide and produce more than 70% of all the oxygen that we breath.

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    Specific activities covered by the Register

Ban op warrelnetten

Beach Clean Up
Ocean week
Boek : Het Alfabet van de Zee







European fisheries & aquaculture

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50%: 1  




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No accredited persons

    Fields of interest

  • Environment
  • Fisheries and Aquaculture

    Membership and affiliation



Seas at Risk, OCEAN2012, Shark Alliance, Eurogroup for Animals, Bond Beter Leefmilieu, Kust en Zee

    Financial data

01/2013  -  12/2013

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No funding received from the EU institutions during the last closed financial year.

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By its registration the organisation has signed the Transparency Register Code of Conduct.