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Open Knowledge Foundation Deutschland e.V.

Identification number in the register: 15301356478-87
Registration date: 25/08/2011 13:08:32

The information on this entity was last modified on: 05/08/2014 10:20:05
The date of the last annual update was: 05/08/2014 10:20:05

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Open Knowledge Foundation Deutschland e.V.


Registered non-for-profit Organisation

    Section of registration

IV - Think tanks, research and academic institutions

Think tanks and research institutions

    Contact details

Schlesische Str. 6, 24
Berlin 10997

(+4930) 577036660

(+4930) 577036669

Office Berlin
Singerstraße 109
10179 Berlin

    Person with legal responsibility

Mr  Daniel Dietrich

Chairman of the executive board

    Person in charge of EU relations

Mr  Daniel Dietrich

Chairman of the executive board

    Goals / remit

OKF DE promotes the release, use and re-use of open knowledge from various domains, in particular that of government data. We work on technologies that enable greater transparency in public life and new spaces for citizen participation. OKF DE combines expertise from various disciplines and institutions such as academia, civil society, private business, and public sector among others. This interdisciplinary approach enables OKF to work on complex topics and find easy solutions for citizens to achieve an open government in Germany.

Our focus is not only on technology, but supporting communities of practice, whether they're working on public finance, transparency or politics classical literature. For us successful projects are driven by their users. Only projects addresses a real need an added value for citizens can become sustainable.

The OKF DE is the german chapter of the Open Knowledge Foundation (OKF). The OKF DE is a decentralised organisation run primarily by volunteers. The OKF DE has a Board that is responsible for the financial and legal integrity of the Organisation, and a distinguished Advisory Board.

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Mission Statement

We seek a world in which open knowledge is ubiquitous and routine. We promote open knowledge because of its potential to deliver far-reaching societal benefits. For example:

• Better democracy: openness improves governance through increased transparency and engagement
• Better culture: openness means greater access, sharing and participation.
• Better science: for science to effectively function, and for society to reap the full benefits from scientific endeavours, it is crucial that public scientific information be open.
• Better economy: openness permits easier and more rapid reuse of material and open data and content are the key raw ingredients for the development of innovative tools and services

What is Open Knowledge?

‘Open’ knowledge is any material – whether content, data or general information – which anyone is free to use, re-use and redistribute without restriction. We promote the creation, dissemination and use of open knowledge in all its forms, from genes to geo data , sonnets to statistics. For more details see

Our Goals

• Make open knowledge ubiquitous and routine
• Create open knowledge of use to ourselves and others
• Help others create open knowledge of use to themselves and others
• Build a sustainable and vibrant community
• Develop tools and services in relation to the above
• Increase “user freedom” for content and data

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    Fields of interest

  • Information Society
  • Research and Technology
  • Trans-European Networks

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01/2013  -  12/2013

250,000 €

230,000 €


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50,000 €

50,000 €

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20,000 €

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200,000  € - 250,000  €

    Code of conduct

By its registration the organisation has signed the Transparency Register Code of Conduct.