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DATAJOCKEY: Aktionsforschung & Dialog

Identification number in the register: 23326339299-51
Registration date: 07/08/2012 16:40:38

The information on this entity was last modified on: 05/02/2015 18:19:43
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DATAJOCKEY: Aktionsforschung & Dialog


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IV - Think tanks, research and academic institutions

Think tanks and research institutions

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Ostbahnhofstr., 7
Kempten 87437

(+49) 1781471497

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Mr  Simon Schnetzer

Founder & CEO

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Mr  Simon Schnetzer

Founder & CEO

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DATAJOCKEY: is an Institute for Youth Research and Youth Participation

We design and implement small and grand scale youth research and youth participation projects based on the scientific methodology of participatory action research.

Our philosophy is:
We bring statistics to life!

How do we do that?
We meet the people behind statistics and tell their stories as part of the big picture. And we do that with enthusiasm, because we love what we do.

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Horizon 2020
Youth in Action / Erasmus+







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Check out our website for a current description of our team.

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  • Information Society
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  • Youth

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34,000 €

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