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Profile of registrant

Médecins Sans Frontières

Identification number in the register: 38497857515-11
Registration date: 21/12/11 10:31:42

The information on this organisation was last modified on 31/12/13 17:42:22
The date of the last annual update was 31/12/13 17:42:22

Registrant : Organisation or self-employed individual

Name/company name: Médecins Sans Frontières
Acronym: MSF
Legal status: not-for-profit association in the medical and humanitarian field
Website address:


Section: III - Non-governmental organisations
and more precisely: Non-governmental organisations, platforms and networks and similar

Person with legal responsibility

Surname, Name: Mrs  Joanne Liu
Position: International President

Permanent person in charge of EU relations

Surname, Name: Mr  Edouard Rodier
Position: Representative to the European Union

Contact details:

Contact details of organisation's head office: 78 Rue de Lausanne 
P.O. box: 116
Geneva 21 1211
Telephone number: (+41) 228498400
Fax number: (+41) 228498404
Other contact information: MEDECINS SANS FRONTIERES
Representation to the EU
c/o MSF Belgium
Rue Dupré 94
1090 Bruxelles
+32 2 4747 474

Goals / remit

Goals / remit of the organisation: Médecins sans Frontières is a private international association. The association is
made up mainly of doctors and health sector workers and is also open to all other
professions which might help in achieving its aims. All of its members agree to honour
the following principles:
Médecins Sans Frontières provides assistance to populations in distress, to victims
of natural or man-made disasters and to victims of armed conflict. They do so
irrespective of race, religion, creed or political convictions.
Médecins Sans Frontières observes neutrality and impartiality in the name of universal
medical ethics and the right to humanitarian assistance and claims full and unhindered
freedom in the exercise of its functions.
Members undertake to respect their professional code of ethics and to maintain
complete independence from all political, economic, or religious powers.
As volunteers, members understand the risks and dangers of the missions they carry
out and make no claim for themselves or their assigns for any form of compensation
other than that which the association might be able to afford them.
The organisation's fields of interests are:
  • global

Number of persons engaged in activities falling under the scope of the Transparency Register

Number of persons: 2
Complementary information:

Persons accredited for access to European Parliament premises

First name Surname Start Date End Date
Helle Rosborg Aagaard 13/01/15 09/01/16
Edouard RODIER 24/01/15 21/01/16
VITTORIA MORETTI 11/11/14 07/05/15


Main EU initiatives covered the year before by activities falling under the scope of the Transparency Register:


Fields of interest for e-mail alerts on consultations and roadmaps;

Fields declared by the organisation:
  • Customs
  • Development
  • External Relations
  • Foreign and Security Policy and Defence
  • Home Affairs
  • Humanitarian Aid
  • Justice and Fundamental Rights
  • Public Health
  • Research and Technology
  • Trade


Total number of members that are natural persons: 31,820
Number of member organisations:
Member organisations (Number of members) :
The organisation has members/is represented in the following country(countries):

Complementary information:


Information on (i) organisation's membership of any associations/federations/confederations or (ii) relationships to other bodies in formal or informal networks.

Financial data

Financial year: 01/2012 - 12/2012
Total budget: 937,646,000
of which public financing: 171,709,000
- from European sources:
- Procurement:
- Grants: 82,668,000
- from national sources:
- from local/regional sources:
Private institutions : 89,041,000
from other sources: 765,937,000
- donations: 749,872,000
- contributions from members:
Other income : 16,065,000
Estimated costs to the organisation directly related to representing interests to EU institutions in that year: < 50000  €
Other (financial) information provided by the organisation:

Code of conduct

By its registration the organisation has signed the Transparency Register Code of Conduct.