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Profile of registrant

ZBW - Leibniz Information Centre for Economics

Identification number in the register: 65947576406-40
Registration date: 10/08/11 12:04:50

The information on this organisation was last modified on 17/07/14 15:22:23
The date of the last annual update was 17/07/14 15:22:23

Registrant : Organisation or self-employed individual

Name/company name: ZBW - Leibniz Information Centre for Economics
Acronym: ZBW
Legal status: foundation under public law
Website address:


Section: IV - Think tanks, research and academic institutions
and more precisely: Academic institutions

Person with legal responsibility

Surname, Name: Mr  Klaus Tochtermann
Position: Director

Permanent person in charge of EU relations

Surname, Name: Mrs  Anna Maria Koeck
Position: Leiterin der Abteilung Soziale Medien

Contact details:

Contact details of organisation's head office: 120 Düsternbrooker Weg 
Kiel 24105
Telephone number: (+49) 431 8814 555
Fax number: (+49) 431 8814 520
Other contact information:

Goals / remit

Goals / remit of the organisation: The ZBW – Leibniz Information Centre for Economics ( is the world’s largest information centre for economic literature. The ZBW enables access to millions of online documents in economics. EconStor, the digital publication server, currently gives free access to 75,000 articles and working papers. EconBiz, the search engine for international economic information, allows students and researchers to search among nine million datasets. The ZBW edits two journals in economic policy, Wirtschaftsdienst and Intereconomics. The ZBW is a research-based scientific library. Three professorships and an international doctoral group transdisciplinary deal with the topic Science 2.0. The ZBW networks internationally. The main cooperation partners come from Leibniz Research Alliance “Science 2.0” and the EU-project EEXCESS. For its achievements in the field of Social Media and Science 2.0 ZBW has been awarded “Library of the Year 2014” by the German Library Association (Deutscher Bibliotheksverband).
The organisation's fields of interests are:
  • national
  • European
  • global

Number of persons engaged in activities falling under the scope of the Transparency Register

Number of persons: 3
Complementary information:

Persons accredited for access to European Parliament premises

No accredited persons


Main EU initiatives covered the year before by activities falling under the scope of the Transparency Register:


Fields of interest for e-mail alerts on consultations and roadmaps;

Fields declared by the organisation:
  • Development
  • Information Society
  • Research and Technology


Total number of members that are natural persons: 255
Number of member organisations:
Member organisations (Number of members) :
The organisation has members/is represented in the following country(countries):

Complementary information: 255 = no. of ZBW's employees (223.69 full time equivalents)


Information on (i) organisation's membership of any associations/federations/confederations or (ii) relationships to other bodies in formal or informal networks.

Please find the list of partners here:

* cooperations:
* affiliations:

Financial data

Financial year: 01/2013 - 12/2013
Total budget: 23,011,000
of which public financing: 230,000
- from European sources:
- Procurement:
- Grants:
- from national sources: 230,000
- from local/regional sources:
from other sources: 22,781,000
- donations: 21,452,000
- contributions from members:
Sonstige Mittel : 1,329,000
Estimated costs to the organisation directly related to representing interests to EU institutions in that year:
Other (financial) information provided by the organisation:

Code of conduct

By its registration the organisation has signed the Transparency Register Code of Conduct.