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Diehl Stiftung & Co. KG

Identification number in the register: 92127312521-05
Registration date: 19/10/2009 17:47:14

The information on this entity was last modified on: 03/08/2015 10:33:05
The date of the last annual update was: 02/04/2015 11:56:42
Next update due latest on: 02/04/2016

    Registrant : Organisation or self-employed individual

Diehl Stiftung & Co. KG


Stiftung & Co. KG

    Section of registration

II - In-house lobbyists and trade/business/professional associations

Companies & groups

    Contact details

Stephanstraße, 49
Nürnberg 90478

(+49) 9119470

Diehl Stiftung & Co. KG
Brussels Representation
Rue du Trône 98
Bruxelles 1050

(+32) 25000841

    Person with legal responsibility

Mr  Thomas Dr. Diehl

Vorsitzender des Vorstandes

    Person in charge of EU relations

Mr  Michael Langer

Senior Vice President

    Goals / remit

Die Diehl Stiftung & Co. KG gehört zu den großen deutschen Industrieunternehmen mit internationaler Ausrichtung. 14.000 Beschäftigte in mehr als vierzig selbstständigen Unternehmenseinheiten, zusammengefaßt in den fünf Teilkonzernen Metall, Controls, Defence, Aerosystems und Metering, erwirtschaften einen Umsatz ca. 3 Milliarden Euro. Das Unternehmen ist seit seiner Gründung vor mehr als 100 Jahren vollständig im Familienbesitz.

The Diehl Stiftung & Co. KG is one of the bigger German industrial enterprises with international orientation. 14.000 employees in more than fourty independant business units, centralized in five subgroups, Metall, Controls, Defence, Aerosystems and Metering, achieve a turnover of ca. 3 Billion Euro. Since its foundation more than 100 years ago Diehl has been a family entreprise.

  • European
  • global
  • national
  • regional/local

    Specific activities covered by the Register

Transposition/monitoring of Defence Package, European Fund for Strategic Investment, regional policy/Structural Funds, Energy Efficiency Direktive, Energy Union, Internal Market for Energy, ETS reform, Smart Grids/Smart Metering, Horizon 2020, Preparatory Action on CSDP research, SESAR





Sky and Space Intergroup


    Number of persons involved in the activities described in the box above

100%: 0   75%: 0   50%: 2   25%: 1



fixed: 1 Head of Representation, also in charge of NATO, one additional employee in part-time; flexible: one from national representation office

    Persons accredited for access to European Parliament premises

First name Surname Start Date End Date
Uta SCHNEIDER 12/09/2014 10/09/2015
Michael LANGER 02/04/2015 31/03/2016

    Fields of interest

  • Budget
  • Climate Action
  • Competition
  • Consumer Affairs
  • Customs
  • Economic and Financial Affairs
  • Employment and Social Affairs
  • Energy
  • Enterprise
  • Environment
  • External Relations
  • Foreign and Security Policy and Defence
  • General and Institutional Affairs
  • Home Affairs
  • Information Society
  • Internal Market
  • Justice and Fundamental Rights
  • Regional Policy
  • Research and Technology
  • Taxation
  • Trade
  • Trans-European Networks
  • Transport

    Membership and affiliation

Aerospace and Defence Industries Association of Europe (ASD), Kangaroo Group, German European Security Association (GESA), BusinessEurope

    Financial data

01/2014  -  12/2014

200,000 €


1,706,249 €


The numbers concerning funding correspond to the financial year 2013 as the European Commission has not yet updated its Financial Transparency System for the previous year (due July 2015).
Funding received:
Diehl Aerospace GmbH: 1.617.309,00 EUR (ASHLEY project)
Diehl Aircabin GmbH: 88.940,00 EUR (FP7-608746-INCOM)
Concerning membership in associations etc.: Diehl Stiftung & Co. KG is a member of several national associations which are also present in Brussels either themselves or through their European associations (i.e. BDI, BDLI, BDSV, Wirtschaftsvereinigung Metalle). The membership fees for these have not been included in the cost calculation of Diehl Stiftung & Co. KG's Brussels representation office in order to avoid double counting.

    Code of conduct

By its registration the organisation has signed the Transparency Register Code of Conduct.

The organisation has also declared to be bound to the following other Code:
Allgemeine Geschäftsgrundsätze des Diehl-Konzerns, ASD Code of Conduct