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DSW (Deutsche Stiftung Weltbevoelkerung)

Identification number in the register: 32018754890-28
Registration date: 04/01/2011 13:45:45

The information on this entity was last modified on: 14/07/2015 09:16:55
The date of the last annual update was: 05/03/2015 14:01:44
Next update due latest on: 05/03/2016

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DSW (Deutsche Stiftung Weltbevoelkerung)



    Section of registration

III - Non-governmental organisations

Non-governmental organisations, platforms and networks and similar

    Contact details

Goettinger Chaussee, 115
Hannover D-30459


Place du Luxembourg, 2/3
Bruxelles 1050


    Person with legal responsibility

Ms  Renate Baehr

Executive Director

    Person in charge of EU relations

Ms  Cécile Vernant

Head of EU Advocacy

    Goals / remit

DSW (Deutsche Stiftung Weltbevoelkerung) is an international development and advocacy organisation. Our focus is on achieving universal access to sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR), which is fundamental to improving health and fighting poverty. With headquarters in Hannover, Germany, DSW maintains four country offices in Ethiopia, Kenya, Tanzania, and Uganda, as well as liaison offices in Berlin, Germany, and Brussels, Belgium.

OUR MISSION is to empower young people and communities in low- and middle-income countries by addressing the issue of population dynamics and by improving health as key to sustainable development.

DSW promotes advocacy dialogue and raise awareness of SRHR issues, and on the linkages between sustainable development, poverty, global health, environmental management, and demographic trends. In addition, we monitor and influence political decision-making in areas relating to SRHR. DSW is partner of the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) and has consultative status with the United Nations Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC).

  • European
  • global

    Specific activities covered by the Register

EU policies, initiatives, legislation linked to:
- EU development, international cooperation and external relations with low and middle-income countries particularly Africa
- health, research, sciences innovation, gender/human rights

EU policies, initiatives, legislation linked to:
- EU development, international cooperation and external relations with low and middle-income countries particularly Africa
- health, research, sciences innovation, gender/human rights







depending on request/invitation, DSW sometimes takes part in expert groups or consultative processes related to its areas of expertise

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100%: 5   75%: 1   50%: 1  



    Persons accredited for access to European Parliament premises

First name Surname Start Date End Date
Andreia CLAUDIO B 27/01/2016 25/01/2017
Anna DAHLMAN 09/01/2016 08/01/2017
Lisa GOERLITZ 28/08/2015 27/08/2016
Sandrine REMY 09/01/2016 08/01/2017
Cécile Marie Madeleine VERNANT 09/01/2016 08/01/2017
Eoghan WALSH 28/08/2015 27/08/2016

    Fields of interest

  • Budget
  • Development
  • Environment
  • External Relations
  • Humanitarian Aid
  • Justice and Fundamental Rights
  • Public Health
  • Research and Technology
  • Youth

    Membership and affiliation



DSW and the United Nations
DSW is the German partner of UNFPA, the United Nations Population Fund. On behalf of the UNFPA, DSW annually releases the German version of the State of the World Population Report. In addition to that, DSW attends important UN conferences and meetings on family planning and reproductive health issues. In June 1999, DSW was awarded Special Consultative Status by the UN Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC).

Reproductive Health Supplies Coalition: Meeting the Need
The Reproductive Health Supplies Coalition is a global partnership of public, private, and non-governmental organizations (NGOs) dedicated to ensuring that all people in low- and middle-income (LMI) countries can access and use affordable, high-quality supplies to ensure their better reproductive health.

A European Network - EuroNGOs
DSW is both an active member and has a seat on the Steering Committee of EuroNGOs, a network of European NGOs active in the field of sexual and reproductive health, population and development.

Countdown 2015 Europe
Along with 9 other consortium partners, DSW is a member of Countdown 2015 Europe, a partnership of European SRH organisations campaigning for increased funding for reproductive health supplies and the acheivement of the health MDGs. Karen Hoehn, DSW's Director of International Advocacy, sits on the Steering Committee.

The Partnership for Maternal, Newborn & Child Health was launched in September 2005, representing an unprecedented collaboration of the world's leading maternal, newborn and child health advocates. Around 80 organisations belong to the partnership, including the World Health Organisation (WHO) for example.

VENRO, the Association of German Development non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs), is the umbrella organisation of independent and faith-based NGOs working in the fields of development co-operation, emergency assistance, development education, and advocacy. Currently, the Association has 100 member organisations.

The European NGO confederation for relief and development - DSW works quite closely with Concord Europe. CONCORD is the European confederation of Relief and Development NGOs. We are made up of member organisations: 28 national associations, 18 international networks and 2 associate members that represent over 2,400 NGOs, supported by millions of citizens across Europe.

    Financial data

01/2013  -  12/2013

500,000 € - 599,999 €

5,716,648 €

1,013,993 €


337,599 €


168,308 €

63,838 €

444,248 €

4,702,655 €

1,950,671 €

188,076 €

2,563,908 €

579,800 €

    Code of conduct

By its registration the organisation has signed the Transparency Register Code of Conduct.