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Profile of registrant


Identification number in the register: 1298286943-59
Registration date: 08/01/09 15:56:46

The information on this organisation was last modified on 05/01/15 10:59:52
The date of the last annual update was 05/01/15 10:59:52

Registrant : Organisation or self-employed individual

Name/company name: EuropaBio
Legal status: AISBL
Website address:


Section: II - In-house lobbyists and trade/professional associations
and more precisely: Trade, business & professional associations

Person with legal responsibility

Surname, Name: Mrs  Nathalie Moll
Position: Secretary General

Permanent person in charge of EU relations

Surname, Name: Mrs  Nathalie Moll
Position: Secretary General

Contact details:

Contact details of organisation's head office: 6 avenue de l'Armée 
Brussels 1040
Telephone number: (+32) 27350313
Fax number: (+32) 27354960
Other contact information:

Goals / remit

Goals / remit of the organisation: EuropaBio's mission is to create an innovative and dynamic biotechnology industry in Europe by communicating the benefits of biotech to all corners of society. The association works in all of the application fields of modern biotechnology, including healthcare, agriculture and food production, and industrial biotechnology.

Members of EuropaBio are involved in research, development, testing, manufacturing and commercialisation of biotechnology products and processes. Our corporate members have a wide range of activities: human and animal health care, diagnostics, bio-informatics, chemicals, crop protection, agriculture, food and environmental products and services.

EuropaBio also welcomes associate members such as international commercial, financial, asset management and other service-providing companies, regional biotechnology development organisations and scientific institutes. The common denominator among all our members is the use of biotechnology at any stage of research, development or manufacturing.

We stand for free and open markets and the removal of barriers to competitiveness with other areas of the world.

We are committed to open, informed communications with all stakeholders and the general public about the ethical, social and economic aspects of biotechnology and its applications.

We champion the responsible use of biotechnology to ensure that its potential is fully used to the benefit of the environment and mankind.

Sectors of particular interest include: agricultural, food, healthcare, environmental, industrial and innovation policy. As biotechnology is strongly based on innovation developed in start-up and small companies, policies related to the promotion of SMEs in the EU are a focus of attention. Biotechnology is a knowledge-based sector, and policies related to intellectual property rights are another important focus of attention.
The organisation's fields of interests are:
  • European

Number of persons engaged in activities falling under the scope of the Transparency Register

Number of persons: 9
Complementary information: 9 persons are not on full time basis but calculated on the basis of staff time ( prorata in percentage)

Persons accredited for access to European Parliament premises

First name Surname Start Date End Date
Joanna Dupont-Inglis 23/10/14 21/10/15
Violeta Georgieva 25/10/14 23/10/15
Beat SPATH 07/08/14 05/08/15
Riccardo Mezzasalma 23/09/14 18/09/15
Nathalie Moll 07/08/14 05/08/15
Antoine Peeters 21/10/14 16/10/15


Main EU initiatives covered the year before by activities falling under the scope of the Transparency Register:

Main policy areas of interest in the last year:


• All EU policy tracks related to pharmaceuticals, their regulation and access, and to the development of an innovative EU healthcare biotech sector.


• All EU policy tracks related to regulation affecting the use of modern biotechnology in agriculture, environment and food

Industrial biotechnology:

• All EU policy tracks related to the development of the bio-based economy (e.g. agricultural policy, research and innovation, industry and competitiveness, environment, climate change, trade, energy and transport, etc.).

Horizontal issues:

• SME policy
• All policy developments related to intellectual property rights

Fields of interest for e-mail alerts on consultations and roadmaps;

Fields declared by the organisation:
  • Agriculture and Rural Development
  • Competition
  • Consumer Affairs
  • Economic and Financial Affairs
  • Enterprise
  • Environment
  • Food Safety
  • Internal Market
  • Public Health
  • Research and Technology
  • Trade


Information on (i) organisation's membership of any associations/federations/confederations or (ii) relationships to other bodies in formal or informal networks.

Croplife International

Financial data

Financial year: 01/2013 - 12/2013
Estimated costs to the organisation directly related to representing interests to EU institutions in that year: 200000  € - 250000  €
Amount and source of funding received from the EU institutions in financial year n-1 of registration
Procurement: 0 €
Grants: 65,000 €
Other (financial) information provided by the organisation:

EuropaBio is involved in one FP7 project with Eu funding and 97% income comes from membership fees.

Code of conduct

By its registration the organisation has signed the Transparency Register Code of Conduct.

The organisation has also declared to be bound to the following other Code:
EuropaBio's Core Ethical Values Charter: