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Parentstop Ltd

Identification number in the register: 97053306288-47
Registration date: 25/07/2011 14:17:27

The information on this entity was last modified on: 29/04/2015 15:11:28
The date of the last annual update was: 29/04/2015 15:11:28
Next update due latest on: 29/04/2016

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Parentstop Ltd


Company Limited by Guarantee with no share capital with CHY recognition from Irish Revenue Commissioner

    Section of registration

III - Non-governmental organisations

Non-governmental organisations, platforms and networks and similar

    Contact details

Castle Street, Off Market Square
Letterkenny, Co Donegal


    Person with legal responsibility

Ms  Patricia Lee


    Person in charge of EU relations

Ms  John Coleman


    Goals / remit

Parentstop is a voluntary charity offering a free and confidential parent support service. Based in Co Donegal parents access the service on a self referral basis and are offered a listening ear to support them in any parenting challenges they are facing. Parents find here a safe space to talk out their concerns, to get information and help on other supports available and have an opportunity to put in place actions that can help address those challenges. Parentstop works on an inter-agency basis both in letting parents know the service is available to all parents and on developing a referral pathway that meets their current needs.

Whatever the parenting challenge - early years routine/behaviour; youth and teen attitudes and coping skills; experimentation in substance use; partner conflicts; managing families while separated/divorced; coping with grief/locc; etc. Parentstop offers supports to help parents voice their concerns, talk it over, hold that concern, agree a plan and put that plan into action.


    Specific activities covered by the Register

Peace programme; Interreg







Attending EU funded conferences and events - Peace III; Interreg IVA; International Fund for Ireland.
Expressed interest in being partner on EU funded projects

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50%: 4  



Parentstop Ltd is a voluntary company set up to offer support to parents. This is a universal service where parents do not feel any associated or perceived stigma and where information shared is treated confidential. Parents do not pay for this service. The service is funded from a range of sources including Health (HSE); Drugs Task Force (NWRDTF); local development companies (IDP); local authorities (DCoCo); Family Support projects (NISCP); national lottery funding; private funding and fundraising efforts.

    Persons accredited for access to European Parliament premises

No accredited persons

    Fields of interest

  • Development
  • Education
  • Employment and Social Affairs
  • Justice and Fundamental Rights
  • Public Health
  • Research and Technology
  • Youth

    Membership and affiliation



Member of Inishowen Family Action Network (IFAN) which is a good link to other agencies/organisations offering family support in Inishowen, Co Donegal where we have an outreach service. Also member of the Co Donegal Children's Services Committee and lead organisation for the Area Based Response to Child Poverty Consortium.

    Financial data

12/2013  -  12/2014

< 9,999 €

105,400 €

81,400 €

No funding received from the EU institutions during the last closed financial year.

5,400 €

76,000 €

24,000 €

24,000 €

Not-for -profit with all income invested into the specific and identified needs of the organisations service users.

    Code of conduct

By its registration the organisation has signed the Transparency Register Code of Conduct.

The organisation has also declared to be bound to the following other Code:
Parentstop Ltd