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Why register your organisation?

Registering your organisation in the Transparency Register and committing it to ensure a full respect of the code of conduct by yourself, your employees, your members or representatives will be a public indication that your organisation accepts to "play by the rules" and to interact with the European institutions in full transparency. It will also make public the fact that you are active in contributing to the EU processes, thus ensuring that your views, your interests or those which you represent are made known to the EU decision makers.

Agents and Members of the European institutions will be able to ensure, when you contact them or when you communicate with them, that they are interacting with an organisation which respects democracy and accepts to provide a minimum amount of information for all citizens to know who is participating in the EU processes.

  • When registered, you'll receive an alert each time the Commission publishes a new roadmap or launches a public consultation in the field where you have an interest.
  • As foreseen by article 22 of the inter institutional agreement on a Transparency Register: "The issuing and the control badges offering long-term access to the European Parliament's buildings will remain a process operated by this institution. Such badges will only be issued to individuals representing, or working for, organisations falling within the scope of the Transparency Register where those organisations or individuals have registered. However registration shall not confer an automatic entitlement to such a badge."