Meetings of Commissioner Virginijus Sinkevičius with organisations and self-employed individuals

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03/11/2020 virtual European Chemical Industry Council (Cefic)
To discuss Chemicals Strategy, with the focus on innovation, safe and sustainable-by-design, regulation of chemicals based on hazardous properties, enforcement and stakeholder’s participation.
27/10/2020 Virtual Ignitis grupė
To discuss European Green Deal and sustainable energy development
26/10/2020 virtual Greenpeace European Unit
To discuss deforestation and forest degradation – European Commission initiative for reducing the impact of products placed on the European Union market
14/10/2020 virtual OCEANA
Funding Fish
The Pew Charitable Trusts (Pew)
Sciaena - Marine Sciences and Cooperation Association (Sciaena)
Fundació ENT (ENT)
Seas At Risk (SAR)
To discuss the upcoming Commission proposals for fishing opportunities for the North Sea/ Atlantic and for the Deep Sea.
13/10/2020 Virtual Danone
To discuss the Biodiversity Strategy and its implementation, also the regenerative agriculture as a way to address climate change and biodiversity, as well as the circular economy.
08/10/2020 Virtual Hazardous Waste Europe (HWE)
To discuss the implementation of the Waste Framework Directive and the forthcoming Chemicals strategy
02/10/2020 Virtual Water Europe (WE)
To discuss how the water sector can contribute to the achievement of the Green Deal objectives.
02/10/2020 Virtual International Platform of Insects for Food & Feed Association (IPIFF)
To discuss the contribution of insect producers sector in the consultations on the future Strategic Guidelines for EU Aquaculture and Farm to Fork Strategy.
10/09/2020 Virtual The Conference of European Justice & Peace Commissions (Justice&Peace Europe)
To discuss the protection of seas and oceans, including the role of faith-based actors, and the future of EU Arctic Policy.
09/09/2020 Virtual Federation of Associations for Hunting & Conservation of the EU (FACE)
To discuss hunting under the Birds Directive
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