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Expert Group on Civil Protection - Permanent Network of National Correspondents (E00473)
Group which operates on a permanent basis
Policy Area:
Civil protection
Lead DG:
ECHO - DG Humanitarian Aid and Civil Protection
Informal, Permanent
Expert group Civil Protection DIRECTORS-GENERALS of countries which participate in the Civil Protection Mechanism. Meets informally twice a year in the country holding the presidency to discuss policy issues. BACKGROUND: The Commission created this working group on 27/6/1995 (Press Release Ref.: IP/95/673) and the first meeting was hosted by the French Civil Defence authorities at the Château de Nainville-les-Roches as part of the French Presidency's programme, as agreed at the Council of Ministers meeting on Civil Protection, which led to the adoption of the Resolution of 31 October 1994 on strengthening Community cooperation on civil protection. Among the main items in the agenda were the topics of crisis-management training for professionals and volunteers, information, awareness-raising and education initiatives aimed at the public. At the extraordinary meeting in Knokke, Belgium on 11-12 October 2001 following the 9/11 attack in the USA, measures were proposed by the Commission in agreement with the Member States in response to the terrorist attacks and its consequences, transmitted to the Council in view of immediate implementation. Since then, the DGs meetings were organised twice a year with high level representation under each Presidency with the Commission chairing, to discuss civil protection policy issues in detail. The subgroup TRAINING POLICY GROUP (TPG): Expert group Civil Protection administrators responsible for Training. The group was set up in 2010 to discuss future policy options for training in the field of civil protection covering reinforced networking and broadening the scope of the training programme .Considering the need for expert advice in the implementation of the training activities, the Training Programme Group (TPG) was established as a working group under the Civil Protection Committee (CPC) to support the development of the Union civil protection training programme, providing guidance on its strategic orientation, including courses and curricula and reports to the CPC. For those Member States participating in the EU Disaster Management Training Network (EU DM-TraiNet), the TPG will contribute to the technical development of EU DM-TraiNet. The TPG is chaired by the Commission and is composed by experts with an in-depth expertise on disaster management training related issues, nominated by each national civil protection authority of the participating states to the Mechanism. The expert group concluded works by January 2013.
Coordinate with Member States, exchange of views
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06 Sep 2006
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31 May 2017
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