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C2020 CPG/073 - Common risk management-based control strategy targeted at detection of IPR infringements (E03184)
Group which operates on a permanent basis
Policy Area:
Lead DG:
TAXUD - DG Taxation and Customs Union
Informal, Temporary
Determining the most appropriate place for effective customs controls on IPR in the supply chain, improving cooperation between risk analysis and IPR specialists within the MSs Customs adminstrations. The information obtained should be analysed afterwards to identify risk criteria and standards; Prepare and share threat assessment in the field of IPR; Identification of possible areas within the IPR field that might be liable to different treatment followed by an evaluation of the degree of risk in each area; Preparation and implementation of Priority Control Areas, combined with Joint Customs Operations, so as to ensure the optimal complementarity between Customs controls and Customs investigations; Analysis of the Customs Risk Management System data, AFIS data, infringement data included in the COPIS system, data and analysis coming from key action 1 of the action plan concerning EU-China customs cooperation on IPR (Joint analysis of seizure statistics to detect general trends and risks) and existing statistical data to detect trends on IPR infringements and to identify risk criteria; Analyse and suggest options concerning the most appropriate method for effective Customs controls in the supply chain; Preparation of a methodology to (1) report results of the effectiveness of the risk management strategy in IPR enforcement and (2) structure the use of the results obtained.
Coordinate with Member States, exchange of views
Type D - Member State Authority
Publication in RegExp:
04 Jul 2014
Last updated:
19 Dec 2014
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