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Commission Expert Group on Transfers of Business (E02840)
On Hold
Group which does not operate on a permanent basis
(Published the Study on Evaluation of the Implementation of the 2006 Commission Communication on Business Transfers with the help of the group)
Policy Area:
Lead DG:
ENTR - Enterprise and Industry DG
Informal, Temporary
Develop a clear picture of the present situation for business transfers across the European Union, building on existing information in the public and private sectors in a practical way; > Assess the scope for positive contributions to jobs and growth in Europe if business transfers can be more smoothly and successfully handled. The work should contribute to a study being done in parallel which will gather data about each phase of the business transfer timeline, e.g. Awareness Planning Transfer Procedures Post-Transfer The same group will, in the following year, be asked to contribute to a Phase II of work on this subject which will aim to: > generate a portfolio of 'good practices' in this area, addressing both removal of barriers to smooth business transfers and provision of appropriate support services for successful business transfers; and > develop recommendations for implementation of these 'good practices' across participating countries.
Coordinates with Member States, exchange of views
Third Country (Economy, Finance, Energy), Candidate country (Economy, Customs), National administrations
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14 Feb 2013
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04 Apr 2014
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