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C2013 B_103 - Customs Actions to protect Health, Cultural Heritage, the Environment and Nature (E02833)
This group no longer exists
Policy Area:
Lead DG:
TAXUD - DG Taxation and Customs Union
Informal, Temporary
The overall objective of the Working Group is to increase the level of protection of citizens and the environment through enhanced customs controls and better collaboration with other enforcement authorities.This covers the following aspects: - To achieve increased attention by customs on the responsibilities related to the control of non-fiscal policies. - To improve co-ordination between Customs administrations and between Customs administrations and competent national authoritie responsible for the different policy areas at stake by encouraging exchanging experiences, knowledge and best practices. - To develop risk criteria for customs controls. - To ensure the proper implementation of the Guidelines for import controls in the area of product safety and compliance. - To implement the actions of the roadmap developed in the project "Import controls in the area of product safety and compliance" that has been endorsed by the Customs DGs of the MSs. - To immediatly address crisis situations together with MSs customs experts where necessary. This can take the form of ad hoc meetings based on own initiatives or resulting from demands by other services or international institutions (such as the WCO). - To inform the relevant services of the customs administrations of the Member States at an early stage about upcoming legislative initiatives from other Commission services with an impact on customs. - To explore the possibility of introducing an EU online service for issuing export licences for cultural goods.
Coordinate with Member States, exchange of views
Publication in RegExp:
03 Jul 2014
Last updated:
02 Oct 2014
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