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Group Details - Commission Expert Group
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Expert Group on Corruption (E02725)
Group which operates on a permanent basis
Policy Area:
Justice and Home Affairs
Lead DG:
HOME - DG Migration and Home Affairs
Formal, Temporary
(a) to advise the Commission on matters related to the EU Anti-Corruption Report, including the working methodology, as well as on matters related to EU anti- corruption policy, by means of oral and written contributions, as appropriate and agreed with the Commission; (b) to help the Commission assess the evolution of anti- corruption policies at national, European and international levels and to assist the Commission in identifying EU trends in corruption; (c) to assist the Commission in identifying relevant standards for the fight against corruption, as well as measurable indicators against which the assessments of the EU Anti- Corruption Report may be carried out; (d) to assist the Commission in identifying ways of streamlining relevant information on the nature, extent and causes of corruption in the Member States, as well as on the effectiveness of efforts against corruption; (e) to assist the Commission in identifying cross-cutting and country-specific anti-corruption issues, of relevance for the Union and for the Member States, as well as possible recommendations to be made in the EU Anti-Corruption Report; (f) to advise the Commission on developing methodologies for assessing anti-corruption efforts in the EU-27; (g) to assist the Commission in identifying and defining possible relevant measures and actions at Union and national level across the range of anti-corruption policies; (h) to assist the Commission in identifying best practices and ways of experience sharing and peer learning which can be further developed at Union level.
Assist the Commission in the preparation of legislative proposals and policy initiatives
Publication in RegExp:
14 Dec 2011
Creating Act:
COMMISSION DECISION of 28 September 2011 setting up the Group of Experts on Corruption (2011/C 286/03)
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Last updated:
15 Nov 2016
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